Congressional Parliamentary Reference Sources: An Introductory Guide

Nova Publishers, 2004 - 134 Seiten
This book describes the official parliamentary reference sources governing House and Senate procedures. It also discusses the relationship among the standing rules, precedents, points of order and parliamentary inquiries in both chambers. House sources described include the Constitution, Jefferson's Manual, the House Rules and Manual, Procedure in the US House of Representatives (Descheler's and Brown's Procedure), Descheler's Precedents, Cannon's Procedures and Hinds' and Cannon's Precedents. Senate sources described are the Constitution, the Senate Rules and manual, the Standing Orders of the Senate, and Senate Procedure (Riddick's Procedure). A complete and thorough reading is guaranteed to all. Contents: Introduction; Parliamentary Reference Sources: An Introductory Guide; Parliamentary Reference Sources: Senate; Parliamentary Reference Sources: House of Representatives; Index.

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Parliamentary Reference Sources An Introductory Guide
Parliamentary Reference Sources Senate
Parliamentary Reference Sources House Of Representatives

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