An Inquiry Into the Share: Which King Charles I. Had in the Transactions of the Earl of Glamorgan, Afterwards Marquis of Worcester, for Bringing Over a Body of Irish Rebels to Assist the King, in the Years 1645 and 1646

A. Millar, 1756 - 343 Seiten

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Seite 261 - I must command you two things — first to obey all my wife's commands, then not to obey any public commands of mine, until I send you word that I am free from restraint. Lastly, be not startled at my great concessions concerning Ireland, for that they will come to nothing.
Seite 285 - God requirea that we should endeavour to unite them : And i do not esteem it a greater honour to be descended from so great princes, than to imitate them, in the zeal of their piety, in which it helps me very much to have known the mind and will of our thrice honoured lord and father, and the holy intentions of his catholick...
Seite 293 - Roman catholic subjects to the king, for the carrying on the war against the Scots •; which drew upon them the rage of that nation, with little devotion and reverence to the queen herself; as if she desired to suppress the protestant religion in one kingdom as well as the other, by the arms of the Roman e catholics. To conclude, they carried themselves so, as if they had been suborned by the Scots to root out their own religion.
Seite 291 - ... to the law. They were looked upon as good subjects at court, and as good neighbours in the country; all the restraints and reproaches of former times being forgotten.
Seite 26 - Somerset to you and your heirs male for ever; and from henceforward to give the garter to your arms, and at your pleasure to put on the George and blue ribbon...
Seite 243 - ... is as dear to me as my own. If you can raise a large sum of money by pawning my kingdoms for that purpose, I am content you should do it ; and if I recover them, I will fully repay that money. And tell the nuncio, that if once I...
Seite 291 - I am perfuaded their numbers increafed not, their pomp and boldnefs did to that degree, that, as if they affected to be thought dangerous to the State, they appeared more publicly, entertained and urged conferences more avowedly, than had been before known : they...
Seite 293 - They had likewise, with more noise and vanity than prudence would have admitted, made public collections of money to a considerable sum, upon some recommendations from the queen, and to be by her majesty presented as a free-will offering from his...
Seite 271 - I will have you suspend the execution of any sentence against him, until you inform me fully of all the proceedings. For I believe it was his misguided zeal, more than any malice, which brought this great misfortune on him and on us all.
Seite 287 - For let occasion be never so handsome, unless a man were resolved to fight on the parliament side, which, for my part, I had rather be hanged, it will be said without doubt, that a man is afraid to fight. If there could be an expedient found to salve the punctilio of honour, I would not continue here an hour. The discontent that I, and many other honest men receive daily, is beyond expression.

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