Economic Geology of the Beaver Quadrangle, Pennsylvania (southern Beaver and Northwestern Allegheny Counties)

U.S. Government Printing Office, 1906 - 132 Seiten

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Seite 139 - Brooks, with a section on climate, by Cleveland Abbe, jr., and a topographic map and description thereof, by RV Ooode. 1905. 327 pp., 34 pis. B 273. The drumlins of southeastern Wisconsin (preliminary paper), by WC Alden.
Seite 133 - The classes numbered 2, 7, and 8 are sold at cost of publication; the others are distributed free. A circular giving complete lists can be had on application. Most of the above publications can be obtained or consulted in the following ways : 1. A limited number are delivered to the Director of the Survey, from whom they can be obtained, free of charge (except classes 2, 7, and 8), on application. 2. A certain number are delivered to Senators and Representatives in Congress for distribution. 3. Other...
Seite 23 - In describing these folds the upward-bending arch is called an anticline and the downward-bending trough is called a syncline. The axis of a fold is that line which at every point occupies the highest part of the anticline or the lowest part of the syncline, and from which .the strata dip in an anticline or toward which they dip in a syncline.
Seite 140 - The Juneau gold belt, Alaska, by AC Spencer, and a reconnaissance of Admiralty Island, Alaska, by CW Wright.
Seite 93 - BEAVER QUADRANGLE. BEAVER, WEST ALONG HIGHWAYS, VIA DAWSON TRIANGULATION STATION, TO BLACK HAWK, THENCE SOUTH, VIA FAIRVIEW TO INDUSTRY. Beaver, Pittsburg and Lake Erie Railroad bridge over Ohio river, land pier on right shore of river, 3 inches below top of nineteenth course of stone from top of pier and 3 feet east of west side of pier; seat an southwest end of land pier marked thus: "USBM...
Seite 66 - Lower Kittanning horizon. Average sample. NW Lord, analyst. 4. Shale and fire-clay mixture, from the AO Jones Company, Zanesville, Ohio ; Kittanning horizon. NW Lord, analyst. 5. Shales used by Bucyrus Brick and Terra Cotta Company, mined at Glouster, Ohio ; horizon of Cambridge (near Ames) limestone.
Seite 133 - Documents at the prices stated. 4. Copies of all Government publications are furnished to the principal public libraries throughout the United States, where they can be consulted by those interested. The maps whose price is stated are sold by the Geological Survey and not by the Superintendent of Documents. On an order amounting to $5 or more at the retail price a discount of 40 per cent is allowed.
Seite 76 - Gray and white sandstone 25 6 8. Black rock, hard 15 9. Fire clay and shales 5 10. Black slate (gas) 6 11. Shale (gas and oil) 13 12. Coal 1 13. Fireclay 10 14. Slate and shale 25 15. Hard, white sandstone 61 16. Black shale 10 17. Fine-grained sandstone 19 18.
Seite 18 - ... Allegheny County, where it has been extensively mined, but in the Beaver quadrangle it occurs very irregularly. It is best developed in a reported 2 to 7 foot bed of cannel and bituminous coal in the river bank southeast of Georgetown, where it was mined about 1875 on the property of Mr. Peters. Here "the upper half is an impure cannel, while the lower half approaches more nearly to semicannel."« It is reported that oil was made from this coal before the discovery of petroleum.

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