The Cambridge guide, or A description of the university and town of Cambridge


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Seite 207 - Here lies old Hobson. Death hath broke his girt, And here, alas! hath laid him in the dirt; Or else, the ways being foul, twenty to one He's here stuck in a slough, and overthrown. 'Twas such a shifter that, if truth were known, Death was half glad when he had got him down; For he had any time this ten years full Dodged with him betwixt Cambridge and The Bull.
Seite 201 - Unconquer'd powers the immortal mind display'd, But worn with anxious thought, the frame decay'd : Pale o'er his lamp, and in his cell retired, The martyr student faded and expired. Oh ! genius, taste, and piety sincere, Too early lost 'midst studies too severe ! Foremost to mourn, was generous Southey seen, He told the tale, and show'd what White had been, Nor told in vain.
Seite 57 - MUSEUM. 1. The Museum shall be open for inspection every day on which the Public Library is opened, from ten o'clock in the morning till two in the afternoon, and from four o'clock till six in the evening, during the months of April, May, June, July, August, and September ; and from eleven in the morning till three in the afternoon, during the remainder of the year. 2. Any member of the Senate may introduce two persons in statu pupillari at one time, or any strangers...
Seite 41 - Our royal master saw, with heedful eyes, The wants of his two universities : Troops he to Oxford sent, as knowing why That learned body wanted loyalty : But books to Cambridge gave, as, well discerning, That that right loyal body wanted learning.
Seite 16 - BA may be considered under the three heads of Natural Philosophy, Theology and Moral Philosophy, and the Belles Lettres. On these subjects, independently of the public lectures which are delivered by the several Professors in the University, the Students attend the lectures of the Tutors of their respective colleges ; and the instructions comprehended in the three general heads above named may be thus stated.
Seite 3 - The Chancellor, Masters, and Scholars of the University of Cambridge.' The frame of this little commonwealth standeth upon the union of seventeen colleges, or societies, devoted to the study of learning and knowledge, and for the better service of the Church and State. All these...
Seite 6 - A PUBLIC ORATOR, who is the voice of the Senate upon all public occasions, writes, reads, and records the letters to and from the body of the Senate, and presents to all honorary degrees with an appropriate speech. This is esteemed one of the most honourable offices in the gift of the University.
Seite 207 - Death hath broke his girt, And here alas, hath laid him in the dirt, Or else the ways being foul, twenty to one, He's here stuck in a slough, and overthrown. 'Twas such a shifter, that if truth were known, Death was half glad when he had got him down; For he had any time this ten years full, Dodg'd with him, betwixt Cambridge and the Bull.
Seite 13 - COMMONERS, who are generally the younger sons of the nobility, or young men of fortune, and have the privilege of dining at the Fellows' table, from whence the appellation possibly originated.
Seite 59 - Dollond, a Mural Circle of 8 feet diameter, by Troughton and Simms, which was graduated on its pier ; and an Equatoreal of 5 feet focal length with Declination Circle of 3 feet diameter, and Hour Circle of 2 feet Diameter, by Jones. The Transit Clock is by Hardy. There are also two other clocks, one by Molyneux and Cope, and one by Graham, with several smaller instruments, of which some have been purchased by the Plumian Professors according to the regulations of their foundation, and others have...

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