Published Octr. 20th. 1796, by T. Heptinstall, 1796 - 232 Seiten

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Seite 2 - Discern you gen'rous, mild, and kind ; They see you grieve to hear distress, And pant already to redress. Go on, the height of good attain, Nor let a nation hope in vain. For hence we justly may presage The virtues of a riper age. True courage shall your bosom fire, And future actions own your sire. Cowards are cruel ; but the brave Love mercy, and delight to save.
Seite 90 - Poor honest Puss, It grieves my heart to see thee thus; Be comforted, relief is near; For all your friends are in the rear.
Seite 33 - To bloom restor'd the faded maid ; He gave each muscle all its strength; The mouth, the chin, the nose's length; His honest pencil touch'd with truth, And mark'd the date of age and youth. He lost his friends, his practice fail'd ; Truth should not always be revcal'd : In dusty piles his pictures lay, For no one sent the second pay. Two bustos, fraught with every grace, A Venus...
Seite 127 - Some at the sounding anvil glow; Some the swift-sliding shuttle throw, Some, studious of the wind and tide, From pole to pole our commerce guide: Some (taught by industry) impart With hands and feet the works of art: While some, of genius more...
Seite 19 - From courtiers' tricks, and lawyers' arts, The fox might well improve his parts. The lion, wolf, and tiger's brood, He curses, for their thirst of blood : But is not man to man a prey ? Beasts kill for hunger, men for pay.
Seite 89 - And ev'ry creature was her friend. As forth she went, at early dawn, To taste the dew-besprinkled lawn, Behind she hears the hunter's cries, And from the...
Seite 89 - And from the deep-mouth'd thunder flies: She starts, she stops, she pants for breath ; She hears the near advance of death ; She doubles to mislead the hound, And measures back her mazy round, Till, fainting in the public way, Half-dead with fear she gasping lay. What transport in her bosom grew, When first the Horse appear'd in view ! ' Let me, (says she) your back ascend, And owe my safety to a friend.
Seite vii - The daily labours of the BEE Awake my soul to industry. Who can observe the careful ANT, And not provide for future want ? My DOG (the trustiest of his kind) With gratitude inflames my mind. I mark his true, his faithful way, And in my service copy TRAY.
Seite 66 - I'll read my Fable." Betwixt her swagging panniers' load A Farmer's Wife to market rode, And, jogging on, with thoughtful care, Summ'd up the profits of her ware ; When, starting from her silver dream, Thus far and wide was heard her scream. " That Raven on yon left-hand oak (Curse on his ill-betiding croak !) Bodes me no good.
Seite v - A deep Philosopher (whose rules Of moral life were drawn from schools) The Shepherd's homely cottage sought, And thus explor'd his reach of thought. Whence is thy learning ? Hath thy toil O'er books consum'd the midnight oil...

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