Abbildungen der Seite

true, honest; IV. ii. 46.
trumpets, trumpeters; IV. v. 9.
tub, sweating-tub, see note, III. ii. 59
tun-dish, funnel; III. ii. 182.

unable, impotent; II. iv. 21. ungenitur'd, sterile; III. ii. 184. unhappily, unfortunately; I. ii. 160. unpitied, unpitiful; IV. ii. 14. unpregnant, unready; IV. iv. 23. unshapes, confounds; IV. iv. 23. unshunn'd, not to be shunned; III. ii. 62. unsisting, unresisting; IV. ï. 92. untrussing, unlacing the hose from the doublet, undressing;

III. ii. 190.

vail, lower; see note, V. i. 20. vastidity, vastness; III. i. 69. visitation, priestly visit; III. ii. 256.

wear, fashion; III. ii. 78.
weary, tedious; I. iv. 25.
wilderness, wildness; III. i. 142.
worm, serpent; III. i. 17.

yare, ready; IV. ii. 61.

zodiacs, years; II. ii. 172.


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