The Shawnee Prisoner: A Borderer's Story

American Sunday-School Union, 1877 - 329 Seiten

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Seite 227 - He did not think all mischief fair, Although he had a knack of joking ; He did not make himself a bear ; Although he had a taste for smoking ; And when religious sects ran mad, He held, in spite of all his learning, That, if a man's belief is bad, It will not be improved by burning.
Seite 147 - ... marriage was to take place in the course of a few weeks. Archie was glad to hear it, for he thought" that the young wai-rior was the only man in the place in any way worthy of his pretty sister.
Seite 226 - Archie was treated rather as a member of the family than as a servant.
Seite 244 - Florian could teach him as much as he would be likely to learn at college.
Seite 316 - A man, on the contrary, seta the foot down straight. took him severely to task for asserting that it was possible for a man to be at the same time a true disciple of Christ and a member of the Roman Catholic- Church.

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