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[blocks in formation]


yellow of two hard-boiled, 349
Egotism wrong side out, apology is
only, II
Egotist, 108

Egypt, I am dying, 105,
Egypt's dark sea, loud timbrel o'er,


fall, when, 322

Eight, may lie abed till, I

times to-day, that 's, 286

to-morrow morn, I'm off at, 132
trumps in his hand, a man with, 415
with three times, 73

years, he had been, 393

years together, I'll rhyme you so,


Eighteen pence, offered twelve for, 326
hundred pounds, or even, 42
hundred years' profession, after, 42
shillings a week, for, 42

those, upon whom the tower, 193
thousand pounds, 42

Eighth day of March, on the, 348
Either, how happy could I be with,


Elate with a dream, 97

Elbow chair, played around her, 450
Elbow chairs, convenience next sug-
gested, 279
Elbow-room, now my soul hath, 377
Elder, 108

race, a type of the true, 308
than herself, the woman take an,
Electricity, love, heat, 237
Elegy, swan sings her own, 273
Element, burning and consuming, 4
in luck, one constant, 307
one law, one, 322

Elements so mixed in him, and the,

[blocks in formation]

Embers, 108

spent of ashes and of, 4
Emblem of untimely graves, 88
Embrace, 108

me, as to, 98

take your last, 118
thee, sour adversity, 3
then pity, then, 425
Embraced from the ends of op-
posed winds, 409
Embraces met, that ever since in
love's, 294

Embracing clouds in vain, 369
Emetics, 109

and sicker of, 363
Emigrated, 109
Eminence, kings climb to, 202
raised to that bad, 107
Eminent, for being, 46
Emperor, this Czar, this, 80
without his crown, an, 73
Empire, 109

in thee, contend for, 25
of the sea, the, 354

on, builds what empire far out-
weighs, 317

to found a great, 361
Emotion, when the heart is so full of,
Employ, how fit to, 229
Employed, on selfish thoughts alone,

Employment, hand of little, 70
Employments' wishing, of all, 446
Empress, sits, crowning good, 385
Emptiness of ages in his face, the, 180
Empty, and fells her place is, 442

boxes, a beggarly account of, 33
glass, turn down an, 152
hell is, 178

quite, but as, 49

wells, dropping buckets into, 39
Emulation, shouting their, 43
Enchant thine ear, 93
Enchantment, 't is no spell of, 72
to the view, distance lends, 93
Enclose, and no cell, 262
Encompass the tomb, 163
Encounter darkness as a bride, 90
in a free and open, 415
Encumbered, galled, but what, 76
End, 109

and sans, 103

and there an, 90
artful to no, 462
attempt the, 14

dares send a challenge to his, 221
day, come, night, 282

death, a necessary, 80

death the journey's, 77

have not money enough in the, 434
he makes a swan-like, 273

in love of God, all, 269

in lovers' meetings, 198

in what all begins and ends in, 411
is purposed, whose, 157

[blocks in formation]

Endures, guards her or with her the
worst, 443

Enduring forces, opposing and, 60
Enemies, 110

have left me naked to mine, 357
overthrown more than your, 465
Enemy, 110

his own worst, 249
men should put an. 33

ship alongside that of an, 360
to weigh the, 84

Enemy 's dog, mine, 95
Energy sublime, as the. 143
Enfeebled, which is already, 425
Enfold, gilded tombs do worms, 410
Enforced ceremony, it useth an, 238
who much, 209

Enforcement be, let gentleness my
strong, 23

Engaged, art more 377
Engendered in the eyes, 124
Engine well, to treat his, 329
Engine-driver of broad-gauge mail
train, 315
Engineer, 110
Engines, O you mortal, 125
England, 110-112

a labourer in Christian, 208
expects every man to do his duty,

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

dared not hate, who, 434
of less happier lands, 112
that decried him, 122
Epaulets worn't the best mark of a

saint, 431

Ephesian dome, that fired the, 123
Epics in each pebble underneath our
feet, 460

Epicure, dish that tempts an o'er-
gorged, 92

would say Fate cannot harm me, 349
would say, live while you live, 227
Epicurus' sty, in, 181
Epitaph, 114

believe a woman or an, 67
none wrote his, 145
Epitaphs, of worms and, 164
Epithet, 114

suffer love, a good, 239
Epitome, 114
Equal eye, who sees with, 38
feet are trod, by, 464

good produce, 117

made, and in the dust be, 103
in full-blown powers, 318
powers, can ne'er be, 241
to all things, though, 141
where all are, 114
Equalized, 114, 115

Equals the king to the shepherd, 369
this, what blessed ignorance, 370
Equivocation will undo us, 43
Era, 115

Erased, nor be, 465

Erebus, his affections dark as, 273
Erect, who stands, 248

Erecting a grammar school, in, 317
Erin, 115

Err is human, to, 140

[blocks in formation]


Error, wounded, writhes in pain, 415
Errors fail, some female, 128
Eruptions, breaks forth in strange, 277
Escape a work so sad, 450

calumny, thou shalt not, 42

not the thunderbolt, innocents, 193
whipping, and who should, 440
Escaped my recollection, almost, 89
Escapement, the clicking of the terri-
ble, 403

Espied a feather of his own, 106
Essence, his glassy, 251

pure, so soft and uncompounded is
their, 381

Established law, thet slow critter, 212
Estate and sunneshine flies of, 3

fallen from his high, 121

of very small, 175

who had an old, 149

Esteem and love were never, 158
to love, to know, to, 221
Esteemed above thy life, are not with

me, 223

Esteems your merit, how he, 405
Eternal beadroll, on Fame 's, 47

day, and a new morning brings, 13
in the human breast, 186
Night, Chaos and, 46

peace, earnest of, 298

Eternal's wrath appeased, by peni-
tence the, 301

Eternities, peaks of two, 222

two, the past, the future, 222
Eternity, that wander through, 90
the clock tells of, 280
through nature to, 89
to feel the passion of, 402
when time unveils, 411
Ethereal sky, all the blue, 132
Euchred, 115

Euclio said and sighed, 91
Euphrosyne, in heaven ycleped, 264
Europe, better fifty years of, 45.
Evade, human power which could. 467
Eve, 115

brought woe to all mankind when,


close at the ear of, 408

from noon to dewy, 122
span, and, 149

the bugbears of a winter's, 401

the first of dupes, 103

the son of Adam and of, 317

upon the first of men, 2


fantastic visions of the, 428
skies, the dusk in, 246
star, sunset and, 17
Event, one far-off divine, 322
to himself, the final, 340

Events, coming, cast their shadows be-

fore, 358

in the course of human, 356
of every day, the, 352
stride on before the, 358
Ever, 116

and a good jest for, 196

and ever the curse shall be on thee
for, 69

and for ever, 125

Even, 115

measure of immortal hope, 115
was weary and old, which at, 442
Evening, 116

bell, twilight and, 18

bells, those, 23

by the waters, many an, 226
care, housewife ply her, 175

come in the, 59

dusk of, 4

each, sees it close, 410
exhalation in the, 122

be friends, we must, 146

for, and for ever, 334

for, float that standard sheet, 17
for, never, 55, 280
independence for, 192

still for, 125

we parted for, 296
Ever-heightening life, every phase of,


Everlasting farewell take, our, 125
the, had not fixed, 134
Evermore, adieu for, 3

and shall be for, 289

from his grey hairs gone for, 121
shall be Yes for, 468
Every bush, misdoubteth, 25
day, dying thus around us, 75
day, the rain it raineth, 325
day they live, something, 138
ducat in six thousand ducats, 103

heart best knoweth, 163

hour, groaning, 56

inch a king, 202

man after his desert, use, 440

man thy ear, give, 428

man to do his duty, expects, 104
minute, sighing, 56

moment dies a man, 69
one I knew, to, 320

tongue brings in a several tale, 61
word a reputation dies, at, 332
word, church, church at, 52
Everything by starts, 114

else, in, 187
good in, 3

is for the best, 24

we meet, there's fun in, 147
which now thou art, being, 236
who has not a conscience in, 62
Everywhere, Be bold, 28

I am with thee, 207

out of the, 16

Evidence against us, in bearing heavy,


to give in, 289

Evil, 116

all partial, 338

and the good, warfare 'twixt the,

behaviour, her, 351

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