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be thou my good, 186
do him good and not, 451
from seeming, 160
goodness in things, 160
justified in doing, 117
lost half its, 424
love of money is the root of all, 267
manners live in brass, 34
money, the root of, 266
news rides post, 281
no man means, 88
obscures the show of, 213
or extremely, 25 I
round, thou wilt not with predes-

tined, 365
side, for the good or, 83
sign, an, 25
soul producing holy witness, II
spirit, an, at his birth, 283
thence ensue, if, 452
turn, wants but one more, 173

we fear nae', 19
Evils, 116
Ewe bleat for the lamb, made the, 448
Ewigkeit, afay in de, 297
Exact man, and writing an, 326

shade of Julius Cesar's hair, 58
Exactness, with, grinds he all, 262
Exalted sat, Satan, 107
Examination, 't will be found upon, 87
Examine Venus and the moon, 306

well his milk-white hand, 36
Example, by Christian, 197

by the same, 315
may profit by their, 414

you with thievery, I'll, 402
Exceeds all earthly bliss, as far, 262
Excel, of all those arts in which the

wise, 467
Excellence a fair divided, 168

it cannot reach, and hates that, 114
Excellent, oh, it is, 151
Excess, better the, 28

of blood, perish through, 447
of ill-got, ill-kept pelf, 300
of it, give me, 273

wasteful and ridiculous, 152
Exchange a peaceful word, nor to, 229

joy is an, 198
Exchequer of the poor, thanks, the,

Exclusive heaven, a sole, 176
Excommunicated, nor, 64
Excrement, stolen from general, 402
Excuse for the glass, she'll prove an,

2 IO
the worse by the, 128
Excuses, not forced to frame, 250
Excusing of a fault, 128
Execute, a hand to, 173

I will, 197
laws which the people have made,

Executes a freeman's will, 144

blow which while it, 81

Execution in the morn, that wait for.

like a pardon after, 59
Executors, 117
Exercise depend, on, 172
Exercises, to such preposterous, 210
Exhalation in the evening. 122
Exhaled, had sparkled as a dewdrop,

was, 378
she sparkled, was, 378
Exile, hooting at Coriolanus', 43

return with her from, 319
Exist and to be glad, I manage to, 61
Existence, called the New World into,

is a merry treat, 147
secured in her, 191
the things misnamed death and, 369
time wasted is, 407

't is woman's whole, 232
Exits, they have their, 383
Expatiates in a life to come, 186
Expectancy and rose, the, 263
Expectation, u17

every day beguiled, 92
rise, bids, 185

to bury them, in, 254
Expects his evening prey, 470

every man to do his duty, 104
Expediency, 117

party courage is party, 297
Expedient, to pursue the, 141
Expenditure, annual, nineteen nine-

teen six, 192
Experience, u7

my, tell ye wut it's ben, 40
old, but his, 198

to make me sad, than, 261
Expire, persons died before they, 91
Explain his explanation, 117

it, by trying to, 323
Explained, is easily, 329
Explanation, 117
Exploits and mighty enterprises, ripe

for, 470
Exposed he lies, 86
Expound, and argue, he could plead,

Express, even its minted coins, 157
Expressed, but ne'er so well, 447

in fancy, but not, II
Exquisite to last, joys too, 198
Extension of domain, no
Extent of your treasures, you learn

the, 366
proud of a vast, 353

to any great, 340
Extenuate, 117
External parts, agree with our, 456
Extracting sunbeams out of cucum-

bers, for, 393
Extreme gusts will blow out, 132

hate in the like, 237

in love or hate, in good or ill, 449
Extremes, 117

in, 324


is such, the fate of all, 259

of passion, 'twixt two, 297
Extremity, a daring pilot in, 304
Exulting, the people all, 43
Exults and sings, in youth the heart,

Eye, 117, 118
a blue and sunken, 239
a lightsome, 403
all of fire, the, 246
and a tear in her, 371
and listless, 274
and pride in her, 316
and the love-light in your, 387
begets occasion, his, 196
closed her bright, 142
could never see, a friendly, 128
dares not lend his, 312
defiance in their, 316
fruitful river in the, 448
has danced to see, many an, 114
hath not seen it, 209
heaven in her, 161
heaven of her delightful, 452
her, lost its light, 153
he taks the mother's, 469
hide her shame from every, 136
is it for fear to wet a widow's, 442
like Mars, an, 250
looks yellow to the jaundiced, 195
more peril in thine, 302
of heaven, as the great, 119
of heaven, the beauteous, i 52
of him who made us, if we offend
of newt and toe of frog, 179
quick-glancing. whose, 410
requires, the closing. 35
repose, where may the wearied, 434
seems wrong to man's blindíold, 337
shoots darts from her merry black,

shuts up sorrow's, 370
squints the, 135
the poet 's, 308
the postern of a small needle's, 42
there was lustre in his, 351
to guide the seaman's, 245
tongue, sword, 263
what eye but such an, 3 2 2
what immortal hand or, 405
when Douglas wets his manly. 398
which hath the merriest, 213
which would forget to wake, 10
who sees with equal, 38
will mark our coming. there is an,

Eyes, 118
all my mother came into mine, 399
and feast upon her, 238
and his temples about, sported his,

and with rainy, 164
are heavy and dim, till the, 460
a stain, what looks to thy dim, 198
because thou hast hazel, 322
buried in thy, 174
close up his, 8o
dear as these, 443
drink to me only with thine, 99
engendered in the, 124
grow dim, that made your, 176
hath not a Jew, 197
have dulled their, 155
hooded, shafts from, 23
hood mine, 372
I could play the woman with mine,

I could weep my spirit from mine,

I dared not close, my fevered, 369
I'll drink the words you send, with

mine, 466
I strain my, 313,
kindling her undazzled, 277
knowledge from others', 394
left the flushing in her galled, 399
lies deeply buried from human, 186
light that visits these sad, 443
love looks not with the, 69
make thy two, 380
might sometimes see, our, 321
mine, have seen the glory, 153
no speculation in those, 29
not a friend to close his, 86
of flame, in he can with, 87
of the ignorant, 2
of the sleepers waxed deadly, 77
revengeful, fix, 28
sans, 49
saw with his own, 106
sees with larger, other, 261
severe, with, 199
shall be turned to behold, when my,

sights of death within mine, 102
smell onions, mine, 438
soft, looked love, 334
tears in his, 307
that death bandaged my, 78
that shone, the, 258
that would not shrink, with, 420
that you could turn your, 355
the cynosure of neighbouring, 70
the mind has a thousand, 281
the night has a thousand, 281
the steady keel, while follow, 43
thet tell o' triumph, 299
they strike mine, 364
those cunning waters of his, 426
through another man's, 170
try to shut their saddening, 384
were closed, thy dying, 139

the, 107


with its soft black, 148
Eyebrow, made to his mistress', 242
Eyelids closed, her quiet, 105
Eyelids down, weigh my, 370
heavy and red, with, 360
if ever from your, 23
inclines our, 370
to kiss thine, 293

Eyes were drawn to him, our, 244 with air, mock our, 56 with coin-weights shut, two, 208 with his half-shut, 57 with streaming, 76 with the meek, brown, 246

yawns before our, 178 Eyesight, not with blinded, 350 Eye-witness, against thine own, 150


Fabric of this vision, the baseless, 428 Face, 118, 119

and limb, 418 and may the cherubs on its, 68 as a nose on a man's, 285 a stone is on her, 388 counsel in his, 85 day's disasters in his morning, 93 familiar with her, 425 full of woe, with a, 246 give me a, 364 grows old, the, 211 he had a broad, 24 his council and his, 154 his furrowed, 225 it, let him fearlessly, 461 look on her, 128 looks the whole world in the, 292 must hide, false, 122 my, is my fortune, 246 my ten commandments in your, 59 o' fire, her, 71 of the dead, gazed on the, 313 of the dead, on the, 311 of the foe, breathed in the, 77 looks the strong world in the, 410 shade my lifeless, 75 shuddering on thy. 377 sometimes in a dead man's, 225 spit in my, 218 that can be given to a man's, 219 that sages have seen in thy, 373 that smiles in yeer, 212 the climber-upward turns his, 7 the flash, and, 227 the mist in my, 78 the emptiness of ages in his, 180 the public stare, can stand and, 449 there is a garden in her, 343 there, you find one, 290 to face, talked with us, 308 to face, when two strong men stand,

Fact, the crowning, 144

to put a, 218
Factions, and cherish, 101
Factories with blood, build, 413
Facts, 119

of guilty acts, unknown, 99.

upon his imagination for his, 291 Fade away, the stars shall, 191

may flourish or may, 399
no more, the love that shall, 240

or sorrow, 77
Faded and gone, are, 342

flower, but a little, 135

till the night of earth is, 429 Fades o'er the waters blue 2

the glimmering landscape, 209
the last long streak of snow, 372

youth, 221
Fading away, like fairy-gifts, 47

in music, 273 Fail, 119

but if you, 150
ef we do n't, 320
or land or life, if freedom, 143
rather than, 3 2 2
swell out and, 52
with me, my purpose should not,

Failed him, one word for ever, 283

till language quite, 389

who strove and who, 61 Failings, 119 Fails, one sure if another, 71

to see a bad one, never, 70 Fain die a dry death, 80

have all men true, 150

would I climb, 55 Faint, 120 and yield, where thou would'st

only, 198
know all words are, 459
now, as farewells, 52
praise, damn with, 71

weary and, 182
Fainting spirit fell, ere my, 439
Fair, 120

all thet's honest, honnable and, u
and free, come, thou goddess, 264
and young, ever, 16
and young, was she very, 200
are kind, still the, 141
arms are, 13
deserves the. 34
forms, and hoary seers, 334
hand that writ, 169
house built another man's

ground, 187
if women could be, 455
most divinely, 94
lady, ne'er won, 120
learned and, 180
looks, but love, 189
loved the brightest, 185
or foul, be, 221
the, the chaste, and unexpressive

she, 358



too roughly, visit her, 243
truth has such a, 425
which all men knew, honest, 171

voice, or form, or, 274 Faces, 119

all are gone, the old familiar, 307
full of kindly, 182
one of those, children loathe, 176

stern defiance, in their, 130 Facing fearful odds, 89


this life which seems so, 461
thoughts be your fair pillow, 304
to no purpose, 402
to see, a maiden, 24

woman, never a, 119
Fairer, 120
Fairies, none but, here are seen, 304
Fairly bound, so, 30
Fairy gifts fading away, like, 47

hands their knell is rung, by, 34
ring, or to tread our, 304

tales of science, with the, 352
Faith, 120, 121

almost mak'st me waver in my, 378
and hope, two cardinal virtues, 315
and love, works of, 267
and morals hold, the, 412
and pride, glows with, 173
and unfaith can ne'er be equal

powers, 241
an' truth, wut's words to them

whose, 19
fought for queen and, 105
have, and struggle on, 391
have thine own, 312
I build my, 155
in all, is want of, 241
in God and nature, 156
in honest doubt, more, 97
in the Christ, thou who hast, 242
is but the flower, 327
itself be lost, 376
law, morals, all began, 269
many in sad, 416
perplexed in, 97
shall make a cloarer, 466
so long as, 219
teaches us little, 179
than Norman blood, simple, 148
that right makes might, let us have,

they had denied, of the, 34
they have in tennis, 401
true, and ready hands, 259
upon, such as do build their, 329

woman's, 450
Faithful, 121

I would be so, 97
of thy word, 124

wife, without debate, the, 442
Faithless, among the, 121
Faithlessness is party

party, 297
Faith's pure shrine, they sought a, 464
Falcon, 121

in our glove, our, 344
soar her swing, let the wild, 344
Fall, 121

and her bay-tides rise and, 32
and some by virtue, 365
and their shackles, 368
another thing to, 400
back into my chair, 284
by dividing. we, 420
divided we, 420

dost mark the sparrow's, 84
ere we come to, 260
full well he may, as, 308
half to rise and half to, 462
he that is down need fear no, 97
I fear to, 55
if we must, 259
in Adam's, 2
into Charybdis, I, 353
into sin, man-like is it to, 365
it had a dying, 273
lest we, 313
like a bright. 122
like men, let us, 259
no lower, can, 97
no use buildin' wut's a-goin' to, 40
of a sparrow, providence in the, 320
one of them shall not, 320
or a sparrow. 38
out with a tailor, didst thou not, 322
out with dirt, to, 361
startles thousands with a single, 81
successive, they, 250
take them as they, 309
the blossoms, 154
the curtains, let, 116
the weak that, 312
they must stand or, 202
together by the ears, III
to rise, held we, 337
to sin, impute my, 365
upon the sod, as snow-flakes, 144
with gentlest, 18
wha' last beside his chair shall, 201
when Egypt's, 322
when their leaders, 271

where fall it may, 10
Fallen, 121

and the weak, for the, 368
arise, or be for ever, 15
cold and dead, 43
from high, rich china vessels, 362
from his fellow's side, 90
head, to trample round my, 76
on evil days, though, 110
sadly off, have, 469
Falling, 121

a star was, 384
prone, so that, 313
star, like a, 122
the fear's as bad as, 371
to the prompter 's bell, slow, 70

with soft slumbrous weight, 370
Falling-off, 121
Falls, 121, 122

as I do, 164
asunder at the touch of fire, 38
before us, 17
from a steady heart, 265
from the wings of night, 282
the Coliseum, when, 57
the great man never, 164

with the leaf, 372
False. 122

again, proved, 95


and friendly be, both, 24
and hollow, all was, 12 2
any other thing that's, 67
as dicers' oaths, as, 287
creation, a, 70
in friendship, 385
Latin, I smell, 211
of heart, never say that I was, 2
pride in place and blood, 54
prints, credulous to, 453
to God, while we are doubly, 213
to any man, canst not then be, 415

we are by nature, 83
Falsehood, 122

no, 416

strife of Truth with, 83
Falsehood's honey it disdained, 411
Falsehoods, 122

for a magazine, furnish, 245
Falstaff sweats to death, 210
Falter, to, would be sin, 337
Faltering feet, often, 324
Fame, 122-124

again increasing, and, 421
and gives immortal, 272
and light is thy, 423
and not to, 53
and profit, ere her cause bring. 34
be mine, could, 275
fresh and gory, from the field of his,

he sought be just as fleeting yet, 62
is shrewdly gored, my, 332
I would give all my, 6
love, wine, ambition, 274
name shall yet warrant thy, 226
nor too fond of, 46
nor yet a fool to, 466
out to wealth and, 214
sang of love and not of, 241
shall twine for me, 104
the deck it was their field of, 288
the speaking-trump of future, 274
to his dead, 121
unknown, and to, 257
use gave me, 421
wade in wealth or soar in, 104
wealth, and honour, what are you,

well secured our, 89
were thine, that, 275
what once had wealth and

Fame's eternal beadroll, on, 47

eternal camping-ground, 26
Familiar, 124

as his garter, 161
in his mouth as household words,

with her face, 425
Familiarity, I hope upon, 238
Family, 124

glee, full of, 441
my, think it indispensable, 382
one of Eve's, 115


wants of a young. 48
Famine drew the bolt, till, 110
Famous, 124

victory, 't was a, 425
Fanatic, foul-tongued, 108
Fancies are more giddy and unfirm,

our, 454
Fancy. 124

bids, if so your, 153
but not expressed in, il
feigned, sweet as those by hope-

less, 205
free, in maiden meditation, 257
her, is so flexible, 319
is some men's, 187
makes me more than king, 402
now my sere, 223
of most excellent, 468
paints, if our conduck is n't all your,

still my sense in Lethe, 98

the lips we press in sparkling, 55
Fancy's child, sweetest Shakespeare,

Fane of God, the, 114
Fanged with murderous stones, 387
Fangs, beware my, 95
Fantasies that apprehend, such shap-

ing, 243
Fantastic if too new, alike, 126
round, in a light, 409
toe, on the light, 409

tricks, plays such, 251
Fantasy, nothing but vain, 99
Fantasy's hot fire, it is not, 237
Far and near, from, 52

as springs will, as, 173
away, and o'er the hills and, 463

ay, and was it. 176
away, over the hills and, 180
between, few and, 9
between, short and, 9
from gay cities, 68
from home was he, 182
from the madding crowd, 68
see ever so, 178
that little candle, 42

til that hit be so, 53
Far-blazing from the rear of Philip's

house, 25
Far-called our navies melt away, 139
Fardels bear, who would, 79
Fare like my peers, 78

thee well, and if for ever, 125
thee well, beloved, 125
thee well, Isle of Beauty, i
worse, one might go farther and,

Farewell, 124, 125

a long farewell, 164
and looks around to say, 70
and mercy sighed, 142
goes out sighing, and, 438
hope, and with hope farewell fear,


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