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our cry, let the nations, 143 peace wun't keep house with, 299 preoccupateth it, 77

that men should, 80

the Arch, 78

thee, ancient mariner, I, 253 thee not, I, 395

the farthest from the, 127 the littlest doubts are, 238

there is not a word of, 78 thy skinny hand, I, 253

't is time to, 419

to lament or, 65

to speak, they are slaves who, 368 to tread, where angels, 138

to tread, wheels rush in where horses, 439

to wet a widow's eye, is it for, 442 we'll come to harm, I, 267 Feared, 128

that what he, 394 Fearful night, 'tis a, 304

summons, upon a, 57 thing, it is a, 376 trip is done, 43 Fearing to attempt, by, 97

Fear's as bad as falling, the, 371 Fears grow great, where little, 238 he that but, 394

his fate too much, he either, 126 it, t' avoid misery, 422 its joys and, 404

may be liars, 391

my hopes for half thy, 409

not danger's post, breast that, 145 our hopes belied, 105

saucy doubts and, 41
to plunge with all your, 79
with hope, twining subtle, 186
Fear'st thy death, grossly, 80
Feast, 129

as you were going to a, 99
at any good man's, 23
bare imagination of a, 191
chief nourisher in life 's, 370
is set, the, 167

of Crispian, is called the, 66

of reason and the flow of soul, 327 one, one house, 170

upon her eyes, and, 238

Feasted thus, since we have, 380
Feasts, compared to public, 253
Feather, a wit's a, 183

care as light as a, 361

is wafted downward, as a, 282
of his own, espied a, 106

of the blue, a, 403

on the fatal dart, 106

so lightly blown, was ever, 271
the, whence the pen, 301
to waft a, 377

will turn the scale, a, 351 Feathers plucked, their own, 106

to thy heels, set, 171
when fowls have no, 142

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this life which seems so, 461
thoughts be your fair pillow, 304

to no purpose, 462

to see, a maiden, 24

woman, never a, 119
Fairer, 120

Fairies, none but, here are seen, 304
Fairly bound, so, 30

Fairy gifts fading away, like, 47
hands their knell is rung, by, 34
ring, or to tread our, 304
tales of science, with the, 352
Faith, 120, 121

almost mak'st me waver in my, 378
and hope, two cardinal virtues, 315
and love, works of, 267

and morals hold, the, 412

and pride, glows with, 173
and unfaith can ne'er be equal
powers, 241
an' truth, wut's words to them
whose, 19

fought for queen and, 105
have, and struggle on, 391
have thine own, 312

I build my, 155,

in all, is want of, 241

in God and nature, 156

in honest doubt, more, 97

in the Christ, thou who hast, 242

is but the flower, 327

itself be lost, 376

law, morals, all began, 269

many in sad, 416

perplexed in, 97

shall make a clearer, 466

Faithful, 121

so long as, 219

teaches us little, 179

than Norman blood, simple, 148
that right makes might, let us have,

they had denied, of the, 34
they have in tennis, 401
true, and ready hands, 259
upon, such as do build their, 329
woman's, 450

I would be so, 97


dost mark the sparrow's, 84
ere we come to, 260
full well he may, as, 308

half to rise and half to, 462

he that is down need fear no, 97

I fear to, 55

if we must, 259

in Adam's, 2

into Charybdis, I, 353

into sin, man-like is it to, 365

it had a dying, 273

lest we, 313

like a bright, 122

like men, let us, 259

no lower, can, 97

no use buildin' wut's a-goin' to, 40 of a sparrow, providence in the, 320 one of them shall not, 320

of thy word, 124

wife, without debate, the, 442
Faithless, among the, 121
is party
party, 297
Faith's pure shrine, they sought a, 464
Falcon, 121

in our glove, our, 344

soar her swing, let the wild, 344
Fall, 121

and her bay-tides rise and, 32
and some by virtue, 365
and their shackles, 368
another thing to, 400
back into my chair, 284
by dividing, we, 420
divided we, 420

or a sparrow, 38

out with a tailor, didst thou not, 322 out with dirt, to, 361

startles thousands with a single, 81
successive, they, 250
take them as they, 309
the blossoms, 154
the curtains, let, 116
the weak that, 312
they must stand or, 202
together by the ears, 111
to rise, held we, 337

to sin, impute my, 365

upon the sod, as snow-flakes, 144 with gentlest, 18

wha' last beside his chair shall, 201

when Egypt's, 322

when their leaders, 271

where fall it may, 10 Fallen, 121

and the weak, for the, 368

arise, or be for ever, 15
cold and dead, 43,

from high, rich china vessels, 362

from his fellow's side, 90

head, to trample round my, 76
on evil days, though, 116
sadly off, have, 469
Falling, 121

a star was, 384
prone, so that, 313
star, like a, 122

the fear's as bad as, 371

to the prompter's bell, slow, 70 with soft slumbrous weight, 370

Falling-off, 121
Falls, 121, 122

as I do, 164

asunder at the touch of fire, 38
before us, 17
from a steady heart, 265

- from the wings of night, 282
the Coliseum, when, 57
the great man never, 164
with the leaf, 372

False, 122

again, proved, 95

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

the lips we press in sparkling, 55 Fancy's child, sweetest Shakespeare,


Fane of God, the, 114

Fanged with murderous stones, 387
Fangs, beware my, 95

Fantasies that apprehend, such shap-
ing, 243
Fantastic if too new, alike, 126
round, in a light, 409
toe, on the light, 409
tricks, plays such, 251
Fantasy, nothing but vain, 99
Fantasy's hot fire, it is not, 237
Far and near, from, 52

as springs will, as, 173

away, and o'er the hills and, 463
away, and was it, 176

away, over the hills and, 180
between, few and, 9
between, short and, 9
from gay cities, 68

from home was he, 182

from the madding crowd, 68 see ever so, 178

that little candle, 42

til that hit be so. 53

Far-blazing from the rear of Philip's house, 25

Far-called our navies melt away, 139
Fardels bear, who would, 79
Fare like my peers, 78

thee well, and if for ever, 125

thee well, beloved, 125

the well, Isle of Beauty, I
worse, one might go farther and,

321 Farewell, 124, 125

a long farewell, 164

and looks around to say, 70

and mercy sighed, 142

goes out sighing, and, 438

hope, and with hope farewell fear, 186

[blocks in formation]
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