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of men, Eve upon the, 2
of men, richest, happiest, 402
passion woman loves her lover, in
her, 232
rank of these, in the, 114

requisite, the, of a good citizen, 54
returns the, 159

rude sketch, 13

salmon, and the, 32

sight, that loved not at, 242
sight they loved, but at, 242
that came away, I was the, 189
that ever burst, we were the, 353
the, in loftiness of thought, 309
the good die, 91

they are the, 328
to welcome, the, 176
when Britain, 37
which mates him, 82

who with best meaning have in-
curred the worst, 464
Fir-trees dark and high, the, 331
Fish, 132

as is the osprey to the, 278
hangs in the net, here's a, 214
have no fin. 142

this, will bite, 16

what cat's averse to, 44
wild-fowl, or venison, 36

Fishers, 132

Fishes, 132, 133

all sorts of, 32

gnawed upon, men that, 102
Fish-hook, 133

Fishified, how art thou, 134
Fish-like smell, ancient and, 371
Fit. 133

for treasons, stratagems, and spoils,

the reason to the rhyme, hard to,

to employ, how, 229

Fitful fever he sleeps well, 223
Fitness comes by fits, a woman's, 453
Fits, 133

all her children, nature, 67

a woman's fitness comes by. 453
them all, the handle which, 218
Fitter being sane, it's, 159
Fitting of self to its sphere, rest is the,

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Flatteries. 134

damn his treacherous, 259
Flattering unction, lay not that, 419
Flattery, 134

a stranger to, 197
soothe, or, 421

whom 't were gross, 66

Flavour of mild decay, a general, 82
that gives it all its, 423

Flaw in right, or. 356

to expel the winter 's, 421
Flaws congealed, sudden as, 161
Flax, is severed as the, 38

seeketh the wool and the, 451
to scorch them up like, 347
Flea, 134

[blocks in formation]


thence up he, 63
Flibbertigibbet, 135

Fliers, your comrades chase e'en now
the, 391
Flies, and in a moment, 233
every fault, 231

from pole to pole, it, 262

from woe, 370

of estate and sunneshine, 3
shoot folly as it, 136

will crowd, the buzzing, 184
with swallow 's wings, 186
Flieth to it, grief, 77
Flight, an eagle in his, 282

brighten as they take their, 27
not attained by sudden, 177
of ages past, once in the, 228
of years began, since first the, 75
O time, in your, 340
thy certain, 387

Fling away ambition, 7

her old shoe after, shall, 244
Flings it a bone, if he, 461
Flint, 135

bears fire, as the, 209
being incensed he's, 161

weariness can snore upon the, 437
Flirt and flutter, with many a, 325

[blocks in formation]

Flowers, 135

and fruits of love, the, 223
and play with, 359

no fruits, no, 285
strews with fresh, 452

that only treads on, 406

the young, are blowing toward the
west, 469

was it full of, 176

Flowery food, crops the, 27
Flowing asunder, swerving and, 339
Flown, an English flag has, 113

black bat night has, 148
the day's last beam is, 429
Flung magic o'er my way, 148
to the heedless winds, 441
up dead, some, 35

Flush of a new-born sun, 13

the east hath confessed a, 225
Flushing in her galled eyes, left the,
Flutter, bird of time has but a little
way to, 406

Fluttered by the wings of Cherubim,


Flunked, 135
Fly, 136

as high as metaphysic wit can, 261
at his heels, 't will, 461
away, as an eagle, 336
betimes, then, 234

by change of place, 178
I. I mount, 163
immortal scandals, 351
like thought, 171
nor hurt a, 271

or to drown a, 377

soon as granted, 237

that sips treacle, the, 395
those that, may fight again, 130
to others that we know not of, 79

to the desert, fly with me, 85
turn and, 28

up, my words, 313

which way shall I, 177

Flying, borne down by the, 83
fast, and we are, 344
feet, with, 71

fishes play, where the, 252
her white wings, 436

old time is still a-, 343
set the wild echoes, 382

while nights and larks are, 151
Flying-chariot, bear the, 386
Fly-wheel in our modern civilization,


Foam, 136

chafe and break into, 138
of his gasping, the, 386
too full for sound and, 18

[blocks in formation]

Foe, 136

an Arab chieftain treats a, 12
a pitying, 142

as soon for a trampled, 173
breathed in the face of the, 77
but debt, dread no, 184
could quell thy soul, no foreign, 112
each I judge thy, 71
furnace for your, 136

in one red burial blent, 40
mauls some feline, 44
my dearest, 73

of peace and law, 143

one common, 409

overcome but half his, 139

the avowed, the erect, the manly,


to let in the, 84

where breathes the, 17

who never made a, 145
with some infernal, 377
Foeman should scowl, if the brow of
he, 226

will find neither coward nor slave,


Foemen worthy of their steel, 433
Foes, if there were no, 101

make friends of, 24

never from her, 436

of all the, 21

routed all his, 19

who hate, with a pardon for the, 363
Fog in my throat, to feel the, 78
Fold, like a wolf on the, 14

their tents, shall, 44

Folded in the same encircling arms,

Folio, for I am for whole volumes in,
Folks, and looks arter his, 356

are in their beds, while, 44

never understand the folks they
hate, 171

on shore now, them unhappy, 285
Folks 's corns out, new ones hunt,

Follies and misfortunes of mankind,

of such a book of, 449

that themselves commit, 243
Follow, and then let virtue, 266

as the night the day, it must, 415
him, bids men, 390
him, I will, 196

make the body, 142

mine own teaching, twenty to, 397
out his plan, 321

so fast they, 448

some must, 55

thee and make a heaven, 169
thee to the last gasp, 243
the funeral car, 433

this and come to dust, 103

where my feet have trod, 207
you, unworthy as I am, to, 378
you the star, 338

[blocks in formation]

Footsteps he hath turned, 65
in the sea, his, 154

roam, howe'er thy, 182
Fop their passion, a, 462
Forage for herself alone, to, 106
Forbade to wade through slaughter,
Forbear, 138

for Jesus sake, 29
Forbearance, 138
Forbid, but that I am, 380
it, almighty God, 217

my tears, therefore I, 399
why was Caty not. 200
Forbidden tree, fruit of that, 93
Forbore, and, 78
Force, 139

but this twofold, 260

from all her men, drawing, 277
however great, there is no, 389
in the decrees of Venice, no, 213
it out, to, 398

my ramparts, to, 284

of nature, the, 309

of temporal power, the, 260
of the crown, to all the, 44

or skill, who thinks by, 450
shall have spent its novel, 297

upheld the truth, by tradition 's, 416
Forced by Fate, 13

gait, 't is like the, 309

me out of thy honest truth, 399
those waters from me, 399

till it be, 422

Forces, all his, dare not cross the
threshold, 44

opposing and enduring, 60

Fordoes me quite, makes me or, 247
Forefathers had no other books, our,

of the hamlet, 108

Fore-foot, there he put his dear, 372
Forego it, this single life. 366
Foregone conclusion, a, 60
Forehead, did not with unbashful, 356
is wrinkled, because his, 309
kiss from my, 340

of our faults, the teeth and, 289
of the morning, than with the, 282
there was glory on his, 351
Foreheads, carried so long beneath our
wrinkled, 403
Foreign, 139

foe could quell thy soul, no, 112
land, to what it is in a. 133
levy, nothing, 223

nations, intercourse with, 65
rivals, through fear of, 110
strand, from wandering on a, 65
troops, in my country, 8
Foreman smiles, the, 92
Foremost captain of his time, 43
fighting, fell. 131

man of all this world, 36
to defend, 176

Foreseeing man, brave, 8

[blocks in formation]
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