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Forgiven, 140

by Christ in Heaven, the sin, 366
hories to be, 176

little to be, 312
Forgi ees8, 149
For ives, for who, 335
Forgi?',ng, 140
Forkot as soon as done, 407

by the world, 140
his own griefs, and, 125
loved accents are soon, 209
should auld acquaintance be, 14

was Britain's glory, 241
Forgotten, 140
nor must Uncle Sam 's web-feet be,

not one of them is, 320

what the inside of a church, 53
Fork, adder's, 179
Forked mountain, a, 56
Forlorn, that would make me less, 293
Form, 140

a combination and a, 250
and bearing fruit, taking, 461
and feature, in, 418
a state, scarce serve to, 385
doth take, the bodie, 377
from off my door, take thy, 19
for soule is, 377
his vacant garments with his, 165
let thy future give colour and, 127
in a visible, 78
in perfect rest, a perfect. 302
of prayer can serve my turn, 313
of success, that highest, 389
or face, 274
shall hail him at the gates of death,

so fair, a, 176
that sleen reveals, a late-lost, 442

the mould of, 263
Forma pauperis to God, in, 388

to God, sue in. 312
Formation of a demeanour, in the, 85
Formeri the whole, who, 233
Forming, and swittly, 271
Forms, all, all pressures past, 331

decay, though the, 256
moods, shapes of grief, 448
no, Or Crosses, 220
of government, for, 161
of hairs, to observe the. 458
of party strife, ancient, 339
of things unknown, the, 308
the common mind, education, 107
to his conceit, with, 307

unseen their dirse is sung by. 34
Forsake him, his favourite sins all, 366

its languid melancholy frame, 428
Forsaken his sins, thinks he has, 366

when he's, 4
Forsakes, the wretched he, 370
Forswore, a woman I, 157
Fortress, 140

as a warrior storms a, 392
built by Nature, 112


I can march up to a, 283

of storming some airy, 409
Fortunate, as he was, 7
Fortune, 141

fair or fatal, for, 461
hath given hostages to, 442
joy for his, 7
leads on to, 405
led, by wit or, 214
of outrageous, 19
sent me, 137
smiles, where, 370,
the last effort of decayed, 171
to, and to fame, 257
to be a well-favoured man is the

gift of, 466
to dispose, for, 89
to prey at, 168
what is your, 246

while he whose, 266
Fortune's power, I am not now in, 97
Fortunes, 141

lest it may mar your, 380
our, and our sacred honour, 307

strong, women are not in their best,
Forty, a fool at. 1,7

centuries look down upon you, 322
flags with their silver stars, 134
knows it at, 251
minutes, in, 152
pounds a year, passing rich with,

thousand men, with, 202
Forty-odd befell, at, 22
Forty-parson power to chaunt thy

praise, 190
Forty-second Foot, and the, 138
Fossils, 141
Fousht all his battles, 19

and bled in freedom's cause, 58
and prayed, the men that, 181
each of us, 113
each other for, what they, 425
for queen and faith, 105
for, that heroes, 416
for her, 416
he, he conquered, and he fell, 130
not with fifty of them, if l, 324
so well, they that had, 80
throughout a weary life, has, 32 I

with outright, met and, 219
Foul. 141

and don't shirk, don't, 222
be fair or, 221
deeds will rise, 83
fall him that blenches first, 114
his days are, 101

murder most, 272
Foul-tongue fanatic, you, 108
Found his work, he who has, 459

it, most of us have, 405
myself famous, 124
out the limit of my capacity for

work, never, 460



the foaming grape of Eastern, 344

the king of, 202 Francis C-lies, here, 87 Frantic clutch, denying to his, 115 Fraud, his heart as far from, 29 Fraught with menace, more, 165 Fray, in arms and eager for the, 12

of such a bloody, 308

Free, 142

Found that life was duty, 104

that means not to be, 355
thee a way, 140
them air, and I, 302
't will be, 87
when, make a note of, 285

you, when I, 137 Foundation, no sure, set on blood, 27

the frame and huge, 277 Foundations lie, the strong, 267 Founder, meant to, 115 Fount about to stream, there's a, 225 Fountain of all human frailty, the, 452

spouting through his heir, 248 Fountains, large streams from little, 2 Four acts already past, the first, 109

days, those, 37
summers after, we met again, 296
things greater than all things are,

times the spoon, 349

hundred nobodies were ruined, 379 Four-square to all the winds that

blew, 413 Fourteen hundred years ago were

nailed, 67 Fowl by hatching the egg, sooner have

the, 108
Fowler, is the net of the, 280
Fowls, 142
Fox, 142
Fractious indeed, and was very, 198
Fragment of his blade, 47
Fragments lie, and painted, 362

on the broken and dishonoured, 420 Fragrant, with Sappho, 410 Frail, it may be, 44

SO, SO strong. 374
that err, weep for the, 312

too, women are, 453 Frailty, 142

from the organ-pipe of, 273

the fountain of all human, 452 Frame agree, while souls and bodies in

one, 378 a ladder, we can, 170 a shock of pleasure to the, 435 and huge foundation, the, 277 a shining, 132 forsake its languid melancholy, 428 like the grosser, 381 my face to all occasions, u18 the law unto my will, 213 thy fearful symmetry, could, 405 unequal laws, 115 when my whole, 331 with rapture-smitten, 274

with this goodly, 419, Framed, equal laws which it had, 59

their iron creeds, and, 155

to make women false, 122 France, 142

England, Germany, 135
fair gentlemen of, 179
the deadly Waterloo, the grave of,


and open nature, 183
and strong, 247
as air, love, 233
as aught but the, 133
as nature, I am as, 350
both open and both, 84
deeds, turnpikes leading to, 31
even to the uttermost, 412
for who are so, 286
from faults, not, 46
himself from God he could not, 39
his people are, 405.
in the country of the, 469
I shall be, 78
let us die to make men, 225
o'er the land of the, 17.
only, he soars, 233
principles, refuge of, mu
proud fathers slumber at thy side,

thy, 128
quill, Britons have a tongue and,

IIO ring in the valiant man and, 422 so cleanly I myself can, 296 souls, we that have, 195 speech, turnpikes leading to, 31 that moment they are, 308 the blue, the fresh, the ever, 354 thought, turnpikes leading to, 31 till thou at length art, 376 to make thy music, 10 to prove all things, 320 to think and act, men are, 220 we must be, or die, 412 whom the truth makes, 144

who would be, 29 Freed, Ned Purdon from misery, 168 Freedom, 142-144

and then glory, 18 and whiskey gang thegither, 440 deed is done for, 143 in all the pride of, 217 of the press and quill, ITO reigns, faith with, 219 ring, let, 65 shall awhile repair, and, 34 shall have a new birth of, 276 stand in the Old South Church, 32 the kingliest act of, 144 the nation's later birth of, 276

to worship God, 464 Freedom's banner streaming o'er us,

17 cause, in, 58 ensign, 'neath the shade of, 64 soil beneath our feet, 17


Freedom's tomb, vampire which from,

Freeman, 144
Freemen, we call you as, 286
Free-will, and that sort of thing, 330
Freeze, there's nothing can, 372

thou bitter sky, 24

thy young blood, 380
Freezing the marrow with too late,
Freight, built for, 66
Freight-train of conversation, upset a,

Frémont and victory, 142
French crown, a fairer name than, 332
Frenchman, 144,
Frenzy rolling, in a fine, 308
Fresh and simple, hearts are, 156

wild thrill, 33

woods and pastures new, 458
Fresh-blown roses washed in dew, 343
Freshness, a dewy, 268
Fret, 144

me, though you can, 305
Frets his hour, that struts and, 411

thy sight, that, 377
Fretted vault, long-drawn aisle and,

Fretting, her stately bosom was, 316
Friar, 145
Fridays when they fasted, on, 267
Friend, 145

a brute, 38
and I've a, 167
and who lost no, 385
becomes her lover, when Psyche 's,

both itself and, 31
both leal and tried, and a, 57
death, good friend, 78
foe, in one red burial blent, 40
for a soul-bound, 173
found not a generous, 142
her lover has become her, 242
his own best, 249
indeed, be very much his, 405
in life the firmest, 176
in need, may we never want a, 285
is such a, 405
i' the court, a, 65
I trusted, but when the, 125
my guide, philosopher and, 167
no man is without a, 464
old without a, 462
cne, not quite a hypocrite, 462
one common, 409
plain blunt man that love my, 291
remembered not, 24
save honour, seek no, 184
say Welcome, 221
severe, a, 91
shall be a, 38
take note of thy departure, and no,

that loved her, if I had a, 363
the Devil thought of his old, 11


their best and dearest, 322
then think of the, 125
the world is not thy, 463
the wretched has no, 465
to close his eyes, 86
to truth, statesman yet, 385
with her took my, 57

yet think of my, 378
Friendly be, both false and, 24

eye could never see, 128
grasp, never shall in, 97

love perfecteth, 232
Friends, 145, 146

and visitors, denied to, 345
are dear, when, 220
are many, be glad and your, 152
are wanted most, when, 145
boun' to be good, III
but served our, 89
dearer, caress thee, 331
eat and drink as, 214
gut to be fas', u
in sable weeds appear, 448
in youth they had been, 412
I would not enter on my list of, 463
like summer, 3
nature teaches beasts to know their,

of foes, make, 24
Romans, countrymen, 341
sisters and, 129
still as kind and constant, 345
troops of, 223
we may live without, 63

were poor but honest, my, 310
Friendship. 146

all a-two, a tonge cutteth, 412
false, in, 385
love and peace combine, when, 442
of all who offer you, 146

O summer, 3
Friendship's solid mason-work below,

needs, 242
Friendships, 146

honest with all nations, 6
Fright the souls, to, 432
Frighted thee, how have I, 370
Frightened when a madman stares, 50
Frightful when one's dead, 75
Fringed with fire, bastion, 19
Frisky, should be so gay and, 440
Frith, intersected by a narrow, 110
Frizzled like celery tips, their blunt

ends. 437
Frog, and toe of, 179
Frogs went hop, the, 372
Frolic and fun, 197
Frolics, a youth of, 462
Fronded palms in air, lift their, 43
Front, 146

engraven, deep on his, 85
hath smoothed his wrinkled, 432
now his honest, 288
of heaven, the, 277
of Jove himself, the, 250

Fun, 147

frolic and, 197

the mirth and, 264
Function suiting, and his whole, 307
Funeral, 147

car, follow the, 433
marches to the grave, 163

note, not a, 102
Fungi gather, the mosses and, 425
Funnel and a mast, just a, 54
Furious close, intestine shock and, 54
Furled, and the battle-flays were, 433
Furnace crammed rosin and pine, 340

from the hottest, 41
heat not a, 136
I manage the, 386
red like a fiery, 87
sighing like a, 242
the human body is a, 28

unshrinking, throush the, 9 Furnaced, has been fierily. 314 Furnish forth the marriage tables, 147 Furrow ez straight ez he can, draws

his, 356 stands, and to the last of carth his,



of them, cannon in, 42 Front-door and a side-door, have a,

Frost, comes a. 164

is my crown, the, 284
so full of

I 19
the old year is ending in the, 290
Frosty, but kindly. 357

Caucasus, thinking on the, 191 Froth, sea was all a boiling seething,

Froward, peevish, when she is, 454
Fron, 146

and we smile, 141
and yesterday's, 442
the inurderer's, 384

upon Saint Giles's sins, 367 Frowned not, fair science, 257 Frowning sky, from forth the, 28 Froze the genial current of the soul,

Frozen home, milk comes, 190
F. R. S. and LL.D., I
Equit. 146, 147

any ears, their, 355
biominy ambrosial, 414
in yarnered. 337
of that forbidden tree, 93
taking form and bearing, 461
till like rije, 228
their century: 31

were scarce worth peeling, the, 386 Fruitless fire, suvelleri in a, 160 Fruits, no, no flowers, 285

of love, the flowers and, 223 Fruit-tree tops, all the, 268 Fry, driving the poor, 133 Fudge, in vain we call old notions, 386 Fuel. 147

fresh beauty for its. 233
Full dress, when daring in, 408

for sound and foam, too, 18
for weeks thegither, 37
I was na, 307
man, reading maketh a, 326
of briers, 37
of deceits, are, 82
of emotion, when the heart is so,

of jealousy, love
of icy, my songs were, 148
of mirth, little inmate, 175
of supper, being. 393
or no, the moon shine at, 193
the moon is, 57
the moon is at her, 268

without o'erflowing, 8.4 Full-blossomed on the thorny stem,

143 Full hot horse, like a, 9 Fullness of perfection lies in him, 168 Full-weight-dollar debts with, to pay,

06 Fumble with the sheets, after I saw

him, 359

straishter, nor draw a, 249
Furrowed face, his, 225
Furrows of care, the, 349
Further gone than he, his neighbour,

go, could no, 309

I don't want to go no, 431
Fury, comes the blind, 123

full of sound and, 411
in that beastly, IOI
like a woman scorned, nor hella, 324
of a patient man, beware the, 298
Oppose iny patience to his, 298

thing that feet's teir, 132 Furze, brown, long heath, 354 F16?re, 1.47

give colour and form, let thy, 127
has duces of glory, your, 409
hone links her to the, 258
shame, relief from, 89
should won the angel virtue in the.

state, the secrets of the, 376
the, the past, 222
yet that scattold sways the, 417

your dreams of the. 409 Future's heart, lea;s beneath the, 115

portal, nor attempt the, 281 Futurity, fixed on, 86 Fussy-ll'uzzy, 14

is, 240


G lies under ground, 168
Gaberdine, 147
Gain, and the people's, 276

but for, 345
it gets, know for the, 206
love were clear, 232
of a few, for the, 297

Gain or but subserves another's, 160

some private ends, to, 95 Gained a hundred fights, he that, 167

a point, feel I had, 197
most, learning hath, 31

no title, who, 385 Gaining some hard-fought field, of, 409

the crown, nearer, 278 Gains for all our losses, there are, 470

may be great. 379

or loses, what, 306 Gait, an easy. 186

like the forced, 309 Galatians, a great text in, 71 Gale, 147

and catch the driving, 278
comes on, sonorous as the, 52
it's a stiff, 320
note that swells the, 293
that scents the evening, 402

the lightning and the, 133 Gall, 148

alone you must drink life's, 152
in the slanderous tongue, 42

though ink be made of, 466 Gallagher, his father was a. 348 Gallant craft, a beautiful and, 66

is this that haughty, 231 Gallantly streaming, were so, 17 Gallantry, no more to do with, 61 Galled, but what encumbered, 76 Gallery of family portraits, man with

the, 124 Gallop, that still eternal, 324

withal, who doth he, 407
Gallows, with a thief to the, 407
Gambols, your, your songs, 468
Game, 118

a few more brace of, 208
for love, a quiet, 234
in life as in a football, 222
never seeing noble, 70
or fish, wild-fowl or venison, 36
speculation is a round, 379
the rigour of the, 175
war's a, 430

was n't worth a dump, 77
Gammon, texts with trading, 247
Gander, she finds some honest, 255
Gangrened, 148
Gaol a ship is worse than a, 359
Gaoler, is as a, 41

to his pity, his injury the, 192
Gap of time, this great, 370
Gapes for drink again, 101
Gaping age, to a, 278

who never leave, 133

wide, that the graves all, 282
Gaps, fill their, 252
Garbage floats, down Tiber, 184
Garden, 148

for parsley, as she went to the, 254
had been, to mark where a, 342
in her face, there is a, 343
made, God the first, 64
was a will, the, 450

Gardener, 148

Adam was a, 2 Gardeners, no ancient gentlemen but,

150 our wills are, 28 Gardens, our bodies are (our), 28

shut the, 345 Garland, the remains of the, 100

the sweetest, 395 Garlands dead, whose, 17 Garlic, live with cheese and, 399

roach and dace, 32
Garment no more fitting, is a, 375
Garments, his vacant, 165

which it wore last year, 381
Garnish, eye of heaven to, 152
Garret. 148
Garrick's a salad, our, 349
Garrison hung but on him, 113
Garter, familiar as his, 161

for the sake of a ribbon, star, or, 42
Garters, gold, scarfs, 49
Gasp, follow thee to the last, 243
Gasping on the brink, and I, 439

the foam of his, 386 Gate, 148

alone, at the, 148
and see through heaven's, 292
as he would beat down the, 206
boots it at one, 84
lock the latticed, 345.
matters not how strait the, 126
my dog howls at the, 95
no iron, 31
now at heaven's, 210
sings, at heaven's, 210
sings hymns at heaven's, 210
the house with the narrow, 187
the old poor at the, 149
thick wall or moated, 385

through glory's morning, 105 Gates are mine to close, the, 276

are mine to open, the, 276
iron, obstruct the prisoner's gaze,

kneel at thy, 126
of death, hail him at the, 61
of hell, as the, 218
of mercy on mankind, shut the, 368
of mercy shall be all shut up, 260

with iron, I barred my, 284 Gather by unseen degrees, 167

them in, I, 357

ye rosebuds while ye may, 343 Gathered be at last, shall, 441

together, can never be, 173
together, the eagles be, 184

up their treasure, have, 367 Gathering her brows, 465

in, dey all comes. 359 Gaudy, rich, not. II Gave, blessed be he who took and, 164

ere charity began, his pity, 305
me fame, use, 421
me up to tears, and, 399
she only, 265

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