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[blocks in formation]

can rise in the morning, 442

cities, far from, 68

from grave to, 162

Lothario, that haughty gallant, 231
Gayest soul on earth, was the, 148
Gaze, obstruct the prisoner's, 262
on thee. I. 285

with averted, 121

Gazed, and still they, 456

on the face of the dead, we stead-
fastly, 313

Gazelle, 148

Gazes on the ground, and, 130
Gazing fed with, 124
Gem, 149

of countless price, 73
Gems, 149

in sparkling showers, 107
General joy of the whole table, 172
so likes your music, the, 273
't was caviare to the, 45
use, concur to, 117
Generalities, 149
Generation, that each, 54

the cold lair of my dark, 284
Generations dead, said of all the, 228
Generous glass, inspired to wake, 152

open, sincere, whose temper was,

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

Gently and humanly, 454
but use all, 379

scan your brother man, 188
she is sleeping, 105

steer, who in his verse can, 162
to hear, 198

Gents, a word not made for gentle-
men but. 294

Geographers in Afric maps, 252
Geometric scale, he by, 6
George, and if his name be, 275

the Fourth could reign, as long as, 3
the Third may profit by their ex-
ample, 414
Georgius Primus' reign, in, 31
German, 151

Germany or Spain, 135

Gesture in every dignity and love, 161
Get a fish-hook in, 133

at one end, what the boys, 135

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

her camp-fires, before us, 281 in the morning, 132

of glances bright. 23

of sunshine, the parting. 111 of their snowy robes, the, 339 unrecked of, 354 Gleamed upon my sight, when first she, 302 Gleaming, at the twilight's

ast, 17 our days come roaring and, 138 Glee, laughed out in her innocent, 440 laughed with counterfeited, 93 puzzling with a deal of, I Glen, cam' down the lang, 458 Glib and oily art. I want that, 321 Glide, in the church-way paths to, 282 how mirth can into folly, 136 Glideth by the mill, more water, 435 Gliding free, rivers, 228 Glimmer, only waiting till the, 429 Glimpses of the moon. 268

so might I .. have, 293 Glisten, 152

in the ray, earth shall, 159 Glisteneth, all is not gold that. 158 Glisters, all is not gold that, 158

gold, nor all that. 158 is not gold, all that, 158 Glittering and sounding generalities,

the, 149

eye, with his, 117 in gold, 106

Glitters, all, as they say, that, 158

out again, then, 376

in the west, 109

Globe, all that tread the, 74 in this distracted, 331 itself, the great, 428

over the surface of the whole, 112 round, search the, 194

elate, o'er thrones and. 385 Gloom, amid the encircling, 214 long as there lingers, 219 shrieking through the, 61 Gloomy as usual, 124

or bright, be it, 116 Glories fall, where lights like, 264 its earthly, 419

of this world, some for the, 44 Glorified, till they stand, 255 Glorious charter, deny it who can, 47 day for America, a, 8 I'll make thee, 124

in a pipe, 408

Tam was, 191

to write, it may be. 466

works. Parent of Good, thy, 461 Glory, 152, 153

and shame, through, 236

[blocks in formation]

the way to, 104

the wild cataract leaps in, 382
to, arise, 58

trailing clouds of, 25
trod the ways of, 140
unknown to, 410
vain pomp and, 310
wails manhood in, 326
we steer, 't is to, 286

which is brighter than the sun, 437 your future has deeds of, 409 Glory-dazzled world, to tell the, 432

[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

calls virtue, when, 227

cast all your cares on, 9

could have, doubtless, 10 daughter of the voice of, 73 defend the right. 338 do the holy will of, 207 do we come from, 25 doth is best, that what. 374 each moment, give to, 227 ef you want to take in, 431 endures forever, surely, 380 erects a house of prayer, wherever, 87

for, for the cause, 19

for power, nor paltered with eternal, 418

for spite, as if they worshipped, 302 for use had given, powers which,


freedom to worship, 464

gave her peace, 323

given to, 56

gives us to see the right, as, 337 gives wind by measure, 209

give us men, 259

God, archangel call archangel, and,


had I but served my, 357

[blocks in formation]
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