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View of Walhorn near Rosenlaui.

Landscape taken on Wengernalp.

View of the Eiger taken from the Wengernalp.

View of the Jungfrau taken from the Wengernalp (very good).

Grand Glacier of Grindelwald.

Lesser Glacier of Grindelwald.

View of the Almhouses at Grimsel.

Avalanche of Stones near Grimsel.

View taken on the Glacier of the Aar (very good).

Grand Glacier of the Rhone (very beautiful).

General View of the Glacier by the Rhone (very beautiful).

View of Oberlegesten, Valley of the Rhone.

Valley of Viesch.

The Glaciers and Cottages of Viesch.

Village of Viesch.

The Church of Viesch.

View of Brieg, and the Simplon (very good).

Chateau of Brieg.

General View of Brieg.

Bridge of the Masta (very good).

The Edge of the Declivity of the Glacier of
Aletsch (very beautiful).

Village of Kemen, near the Glacier of Aletsch.

The Church of Viege, after the Earthquake.

Panorama of Sion (beautiful).

Ruins of the Chapel and Chateau of Sion.

View of the Valley of the Rhone at Sion.

Chapel of All Saints at Sion.

Mountain of the "Seminaire'' at Sion.

Vane of the Church of Lausanne

Panorama of Lausanne (beautiful).

The Alarm Tower of Fribourg.

The Pass of the Sarine.

Chapel of Notre Dame de Bon Secours at

A Fountain at Fribourg.
Suspension Bridge at Fribourg.
Panorama of Fribourg, No. 1.
Panorama of Fribourg, No. 2.
Panorama of Fribourg, No. 3.
The Banks of the Sarine at Fribourg.
The Linden Tree of Morat, and the Hotel

de Ville of Fribourg.
View of the Valley of the Sarine.
A Cottage at Clarens, Lake of Geneva.
Statue of Jean Jacques Rousseau, at Geneva.


THE LONDOK STEREOSCOPIC COMPANY avail themselves of this opportunity to submit the following series of Selections, which comprise everything that can be desired by those desirious of possessing a collection of these exquisite works of Art.


A beautifully-finished Stereoscope, with all the recent improvements, mounted on an elegant engine-turned stand, and ornamental base, with a choice collection of albumen and collodion binocular views, from Padua, Milan, Venice, Pisa, Florence, the Rhine, Switzerland, Pompeii, &c, also celebrated works of Art from the Paris Exhibition and Crystal Palace at Sydenham, together with a varied amusing collection of "Wilkie'Mike photographs, embracing almost every variety of human life, with a polished box, suitable for any nobleman or gentleman's drawing-room table. The box, arranged to contain the instrument and pictures, with crest engraved on the same if required, 20 Guineas.


A collection, embracing all the preceding subjects, but proportionably decreased in number, with an elegant mahogany Stereoscope and stand, and box for slides, 10 Guineas.


An elegant selection from the above, with mahogany Stereoscope and box, without stand, 5 Guineas.

The above will be carefully packed and forwarded on receipt of remittance or check, stating which Selection is preferred.

Selections, with Instrument, for 21s. can be made if desired.


Description and Prices of Sir David Brewster's Lenticular Stereoscopes.

s. d.

1.—Japanned Tin Stereoscope, open at sides, front and bottom 2 (5

2.—Plain Mahogany do. open in front and at bottom, with box eye pieces, from 3 G

Ditto, with brass eye-pieces, and superior lenses 5 t>

3.—Polished do. do. with email door in front, open at bottom, and brass

adjusting mounts 7 ti

4.— Do. do. Walnut or Sycamore Wood, ground glass at bottom,

brass mounts

5.— Do. do. do. sides curved

6.—Polished Mahogany Stereoscope, with horizontally shifting eye pieces

7.— Do. Rosewood do. do. do. do.

8.—Beautifully Polished Mahogany do,, brass shifting and adjusting eye pieces,

reflecting flap at bottom, and small ivory spring to retain the slides

9.—Very Superior Rosewood or Mahogany, with patent adjusting screw and rack

work, sliding eye pieces

10.— Do. do. beautifully curved

11,— Do. do. with all the above appliances, in beautifully

polished ebony, ivory patent screw, &c

12.—Beautifully inlaid Papier Mache' (a magnificent Wedding present)

13.—Book Stereoscopes, adapted for the pocket, carrying a dozen slides, if required...

14.—-Just Out.—An elegant new Patent Spring Folding Stereoscope (adapted for



Tinted Papers, representing Morning, Noon, Evening, and Night, for colouring Transparencies, Is. the set of Jour.


s. d.

Plain Mahogany box to hold Stereoscopic slides 5 0

Plain Mahogany hox to hold Stereoscope and slides 10 0

Finely Polished Rosewood do. do. lined 31 6

The Stereoscopes can be mounted on telescopic brass stands for greater convenience of viewing

the objects, from 15s. to 21s. each, extra. They are made so that the Stereoscope can

be detached at any lime it is required separately.

Shippers and the Trade supplied.


Single Portraits of all sizes and beautifully Coloured.





A Complete Set of Apparatus,

For taking Portraits or Views Stereoscopioally, Price, £5 5s. The above Set is of the most perfect character, and supplies the Photographic Tourist with all the requisite Materials.

A Complete Set of Stereoscopic Apparatus, with

View and Portrait Lens,

Price, £10 10s.

The Apparatus, &c., of this Set is of a more finished character than the

above, and the Camera clamped with brass, packed in strong case, and is

admirably adapted for export to India, or other warm climates.

Photographic Camera,

With beautifully mounted double Achromatic Lens, taking Pictures and

Portraits 4j by 3|, with all the requisite Apparatus and Chemicals

packed in box, with lock and key.

Price, £5 5s.

Next Size Larger, taking Portraits 6J by 4J.
Price, £10 10s.

The Lenses of the above Sets of Apparatus are warranted, and for sharpness and accuracy in their performance, are unsurpassed.

s. d.

Nitrate of Silver 3 11 per oz.

Iodized Collodion 8 0 per lb.

Plain do 7 0

Iodizing Solution 1 0 per oz.

For detailed List of Apparatus and Chemicals tee Photographic Catalogue.

[merged small][graphic]

Stop screw, by which the instrument is set to any convenient height.

Hinge .joint, on which the instrument is moved to any required angle.

Adjusting pulley to regulate colour and light.

The Colour reflector from which tints, as of Moonlight, Sunrise, Midday, and Sunset.

can be reflected on transparent pictures. The eye pieces in which the optical arrangements are placed, and adjusted to variation?

in focal distance, in the different conditions of sight.

A. P. Shaw, Printer, i0, Devonshire Street, Blshoptgatc, City

July, 1856.


ABBOTT'S (rev. J.) Philip Musgrave; or, Memoirs of a Church of England Missionary in the North American Colonies. Post 8vo. 2s.Qd.

ABERCROMBIE'S (john, M.D.) Enquiries concerning the Intellectual Powers and the Investigation of Truth. Fourteenth Edition. Fcap. 8vo. 6s. 6d.

Philosophy of the Moral Feelings. Tenth

Edition. Fcap. 8vo. 4s.

Pathological and Practical Researches on the

Diseases of the Stomach, the Intestinal Canal, the Liver, and other
Viscera of the Abdomen. Third Edition. Fcap. 8vo. 6s.

ACLAND'S (ret. Charles) Popular Account of the Manners and
Customs of India, Illustrated with Numerous Anecdotes. Post8vo. 2s.6d.

ADDISON'S WORKS. A New Edition, with a New Life and Notes. By Rev. Whitwell Elwin. 4 Vols. 8vo. In Preparation.

^ESCHYLUS. (The Agamemnon and Choephorce.) A New Edition of the Text, with Notes, Critical, Explanatory, and Philological, for the Use of Students. By Rev. W. Peile, D.D. Second Edition. 2 Vols. 8vo. 9s. each.

Jesop's FABLES. A New Version, chiefly from the Original Greek. By Rev. Thomas James, M.A. Illustrated with 100 Woodcuts, by John Tenniel. 21s( Edition. Post 8vo. 2*. 6d.

AGRICULTURAL (the) Journal. Published (half-yearly) by the Royal Agricultural Society of England. 8vo. Ids.

AMBER-WITCH (the). The most interesting Trial for Witchcraft ever known. Edited by Dr. Meinuold. Translated from the German by Lady Duff Gordon". Post 8vo. 2s. 6d\

ARABIAN NIGHTS. A New Translation. By E. W. Lane.

With Explanatory Notes, and 600 Woodcuts. Medium 8vo. 2is.

ARISTOPHANES. The Birds and the Clouds. Translated from Suvers by W. R. Hamilton, F.R.S. 2 Vols. Post 8vo. 9s.

ARTHUR'S (little) History of England. By Ladt Callcott. Eighteenth Edition, Woodcuts. 18mo.

AUNT IDA'S Walks and Talks; a Story Book for Children. By a Lady, Woodcuts. 16mo. 5s.

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