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intreating his blessing and assuring him of the prayers of his Irish coni


We fear that the master of the ceremonies to his Holiness will find fault with one passage, where the congratulators say "gancta genua cupidissime osculati" — we passionately 'kiss your holy knees. It is contrary to etiquette to kiss the Pope's knees. The Irish Roman Catholic prelates ought to have known this. They should have carried their lips lower than the knees, and have kissed his Holiness's slipper" sanctum calceamentum cupidissime osculati.The translator (if one who departs so widely from the original deserve the name of a translator) has very ingeniously rendered “ osculati," embracing;"- and, by way of making the most of it, he translates "cupidissime," heartily and affectionately.' Cunning is a quality very different from wisdom. The tampering of the Maynooth translator with the plain sense of the Latin, fully proves the conscious duplicity which actuated the fabricators of the original and the framers of the English version. On this subject, however, we beg to call the particular attention of the Protestant public to the following letter of our valuable correspondent Crito, who has obligingly sent us a copy of the epistle, together with the remarks which follow it. We print both *the Latin and the English, with particular attention to orthography and punctuation.

To the Editor of the Protestant Advocate. Sir,--A curious specimen of Latin composition, and of English transJation lately issued from the Royal Roman Catholic College of Maynooth, and was published, August 19, 1814, in the Freeman's Journal, that official register of the acts of the Romish hierarchy of IRELAND; and I send it to you, as a precious relic of true Milesian literature, unrivalled, I will venture to say, io point of subject and of style, by any of the classical collections of the Protestant universities of Oxford, Cambridge, or Dublin. Cedro digna, it seems worthy to be preserved in the archives of the Protestant ADVOCATE ; *TWUA Eis ael, " for a perpetual possession."

" Pope Pius VII. "A Letter of Congratulation from the Irish Roman Catholic Prelates to

his Holiness Pope Pius the Seventh. Sanclissimo Domino Nostro Pio To his Holiness Pope Pius VII.

Divina Providentia PP. VII. the [Roman Catholic] Prelates of Archiepiscopi et Episcopi Hiler- Ireland, wishing Prosperity. niæ Felicitatem.

Spes denique revixit Christianis, " The hope of Christians at last of reparata est incoiuinitas Ecclesiae has revived, and the Catholic church


Catholicae, Salvo Te, qui Chris-., has regained its siate and integrity, TUM non magis auctoritate quam in your well-being, goou and glorious patientia repraesentas, atque divini. man of God, Pius the Seventh, our tus ex iis erepto miseriis, quibus, Sovereign Pontif, who, by resiget vestrae Sedis Majestas et tua,, nation, not less than ly chieftaincy, rum virtutum afflicta indignissime have brought home Christ to our tenebatur, Sancte et Gloriosissime. view'; and in your most provident al Pontifex Domine Pie Septime Vir deliverance from those afflictions Dei. Quod ut evenisse singulis, which, through one and the same Nationibus gratum est,

quae-, outrage, abased and held captive cunque ad cvertendam Domina-, the supremacy of your holy functiouem toedio Servitutis

tion, and the majesty of your perrant; ut bonis jucundum oinnibus;, sonal virtues. To all the several Catholicis vero exoptatum,atque in- nations, which, weary of their engepuis desiderii ac voti fuit: ita 110- slavement, had burst forth into lis, Beatissime Pater, qui primi exertion for the overthrow of des. omnium, vastata Re Publica Chris., potism, this event has proved gratetianorum, ite doluimus, ut vei Po- ful; to all the good, all maiter of puli illius Romani tui fletibus non delight; as, for the Catholics, it minor de Te responderet gemilus nos- had been the grand object of uniter; quique praenuntiavimus haud versal wish, and demand, and pray: diotornam futuram istam tantam er. But to us, Ho'y Father, who, crudelitatem; qui dimum solenni in that desolation of the Christian obtestatione interdicimus, ne quis, commonw=

al, were the foremost to Te oppresso, praerogativam Sacro. express such sorrow, that the very sanctae Potestatis intercip.ret, non lamentation of your beloved people solum communis attulit fructum of Rome was fully re-echoed by our laetitiae, sed et victoriae jam nostrae sighs, on your account; who dared laudem aliquam conjunctam atque 1o in imat“, that such enormous. cobaerentem admirabilibus trium- barbarity must be short-lived; who phis Tuis. Itaque quorum Fides tibi, solemnly protested against any usurB. P. in luctuosissimo Rerum teme pation on your inviolable right, dupore joyicla constitit, jam licebit ring such captivity; this event has caritalem et gaudia nostra' amli- introduced more than a return of tiosius in publica felicitate profiteri, the commin joy. It has realized "Dexter A lua Domine magnifi- even the peculiar merit of a victory, eata est in Virlule : Dextera tua humble indeed, yet allied with and DOMINE percussit inimicum. Et in attendant upon that admirable trimultitudine gloriae tuae deposuisti umph, in wbich you reign. In the adversarios luos: Flavit Spiritus extremity of all misfortune, we have Tuus et operuit cos mare.”

proved our adherence to you, as on:

conquered; we, therefore, shall be privileged to avow, with somewhat of ostentation, our attachment, and our jubilee, in this conjuncture of all happiness -" Thy right hand, O Lord, hath wrought for itself renown in mightiness. - Thy right hand, O Lord, hath beaten in pieces thine enemy; and, in thy multiplied grandeur, thou hast laid them low, who warred against Thee. Thou breathedst thy storm, and a

sea covered them." « Proximum est post tuam vene

“ Next, after the homage to your rationem, B. P. ut amplissimum boliness, the illustrious senate of your Senatus Tui Ordinem faustis accla. cardinals will demand our best and mationibus prosequamur. Sed vero most honouring acclamation. But, an vlla oratio nostra, aut ulla om- in truth, neither would any en• nino laus par sit tam divinae con- comium that we could utter, nor slantiae declarandae ? Qui cum a any possible expression of praise be Tuo sinu avulsi in alios alii carceres enough to set forth the heroic perse: et diversa exsilia includerentur, adeo verance of that body.--Torn away non potentiae, non injuriis, non from your paternal embrace, imcontumeliis submiserunt animum ot mured in separate prisons, confined praeclara jam apud omnes nomincn- to distant places of banishment, far tur magnitudo animi illorum, fides, from crouching under the trial, they gravitas, pietas, innocentia. Im- have gained throughout the world mensa nempe laus, quam de ruina an eminent consideration for mag. honorum suorum tanquam ex incen- nanimity, allegiance, principle, duty dio ereptam, firmam sibi compara- and incorruptible character. In a verunt ad memoriam saeculorum word they have purchased an exomnium.

ceeding renown, and they have saved and rescued this renown from the ruin and conflagration which overwhelmed their exterior dignities. Such renowa must endure, and be

worshipped in times to come. “ Nunc liceat apud Te, B. P. gra- Through the intervention of your tulari Venerabilibus Collegis nostris holiness, we now beg to congratuEpiscopis Italicis, qui et confessionis late our venerable colleagues, the titulo, et fidei erga Tuam SANCTI. Bishops of Italy. They also have

TATEM splendidissimo crimine aeru- encountered misery, and privations, mnas, squalorem, minas cum vi et and terror. They have felt lawless exsilio perpessi jam recreantur. Nec authority and expatriation. Their praetereundus Clerus ille vester Ur. claim is thatof confessors for the faith; bicus et Romanus fortis et sanctus, their imputed crime, a splendid one quos aut in insulam deportatos aut assuredly, had been allegiance to in Rhaetiam abstractos tyranni in your holiness But, ere ths, they potens furor persecutus est. Fruen- will have experienced a consoling tor bi reduces tua Beatissime Pa• change. Nor can we omit to menTER, reducis eximia clementia. Fa- tion your invincible and reverend ma certe illastri suo ipsi merito per- clergy of Rome, and of the states, fruentur. Scilicet multiplici ex- persecuted, as they have been by perimeoto compertum est virtutem the frantic excess of tyranny, will CHRISTI non posse obsolescere in Ec- deportation into Corsica, or banishclesia Catholica : eundemque in Te ment to the Valtelline. These lattaisque vigere spiritum etiam nunc ter on their return will, undoubtedcontemptorem Mortis, qui et olim ly, share a distinguished partiality in Sanctis Martyribus triumphave- of your holiness, now restored. As rit: “ ubi spiritus Christi sit, ibi to fair fame they will fally possess it, it libertatem esse" consciam immor- for they have deserved nobly. The talitatis.

result of manifold persecution has been to place in evidence this truth, that, the mighty power of Christ in the Catholic church cannot be worn out by the force of time; that in you, and those united with you, the same energetic spirit still survives, which of old gave defiance to death, and trampled it down in the blessed marlyrs; that, “wheresoever dwells the spirit of Christ, there also his freedom abides," which knows his

immortalicy to be its own. “ Attollat jam ipsa Urbs, Sanc- " Let Rome, the asylum of catorum hospita, Religionis art, de- nonized saints, and the last strong pressum a gladiatorio Servitio caput, hold of religion, lift henceforth the seseque impune meminerit illam head, which a sanguinary and ignoa se, aequa ara foederis Christiani ble domination had weighed down. perpetua constituta sit-obi Aposto- She may now, with safety recollect, li aeternum sedeant jura dicturi po- . that within her precinct the federal polis. Exsultent Martyrum cineres, altar of Christianity is established et Apostolorum monumenta laeten.. for everlasting ; that apostiles sit. tor: vesiraque, Socii Conditores. there enlhroned to deliver judgment non interiturae sub Christo civita., to the nations, until the world shall, tis, Petre ac Paule, ad istam lae-, end, Let the ashes of her mariyrs : titiam ossa commoveantur, restituto exult, and her apostolic shrines give Pro Septimo vestris et suis Sedibus. token of rejoicing. And you, the

partners in founding an imperishable goveroment under Christ's sway, O Peter and Paul! shall not even : your relics be agitated by this joy, for the re-establishment of Pius the Sevenih in the place of his home,

and of your repose ? Gratuletur etiam sibi felix Bri And, glorious Britain, alo, TANNIA, quamvis a Fide nostra dis- though divorced from our faith, well sentiens, tropaeis onusta et rea voi may she feel proudly under her bure. tagen, quippe cui id firmum immo. then of trophies, and in the enjoy-, tumque omni tempore iosederit, ut ment of her high ambition. Her obstaret grassanti impotentiae, de principle had been to repulse the bellaret Tyrannos, pacem reprae- strides of despotism, to vanquish, sentaret orbi terrarum. Enimvero usurpation, to give back peace to baec princeps desperanti jamn de vita the world at large.

the world at large. This p:inciple Saeculo et imperatrix signum extu- never dec'ined nor tottered during lit Libertatis atque Concordiae. the protracted struggle. It is but Haec eadem Duces maximos aerarii justice to asiert, that Britain, as the infiniti prodiga et sanguinis suorum, prominent leader, and the presiding exercitusque invictos quaquaver, spirit was that one, which rai-ed the som misit; etiam legiones fortissi- standard of unanimity and enfranmas Catholicorum nostrorum : quoc chisement to an utterly despairing rum in Ægypto, Italia, Lusitania, world; that she prodigally expended Hispania, Galliaque ipsa facta com- her immense resources, and the memorabuntur. Huic igitur im- blond of her population in sending perio tantam haberi oportet a Ca- forih, and in every direction, retholicis gratiam, quanta ab homini- nowned generals, and invincible arbus ipsis debeatur Liberatoribus mies, of which brave Irish Cathohumani generis; eamque Te, B. P. lic legions [fornied a parl,] whose gratiam pro omnibus Unum optime achievements in Egypt, Italy, Por, et nobilissime relaturum confidi. tugal, Spain, and in the heart of

France, will stand forward in history. The measure of Catholic gratitude due to such an Empire is no other


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