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U N 9 *UNTROUBLED. adj. 1. Not disturbed Shak.-A harsh and untunable sound. Bacon.—His

by care, sorrow, or guilt.- Quiet untrou- barth untunable pipe. Tatler. bled soul, awake ! Shak. 2. Not agitated; not con * T. UNTUNE, V. a. 2. To make incapable fused; free from pallion. Our Saviour meek, and of harmony. Take but degree away, untune that with untroubled mind. Nili. 3. Not interrupted ftring. Shak.- And mufick shall untune the sky. in the natural course.-Untroubled nature doth her- Dryden.--Untun'd the musick, and disus'd the felf fuffice. Spenser. 4. Transparent ; cleat ; not voice. Prior. 2. To disorder. Th' untun'd and madded. Bodies clear and untroubled. Bat. jarring senses. Shak.

UNTRUE. adj. False; contrary to reality. * UNTURNED. adj. Not turned.-New By what condruction fhall any man make those crimes invented, left unturn'd no stone. Dryden. comparisons true, holding that diftinction untrie. No stone hath been left unturned. Woodward. Hooker.-That a vefsel filled with ashes will re- * UNTUTORED. adj. Uninstructed ; unceive the like quantity of water that it would taught. Some stern untutor's churl. Shak.— Their bave done if it had been empty, is utterly untrue: sense untutor'd infancy may know, Prior. Bacon. 2. Falfe; not faithful.

* T. UNTWINE. v. a. 1. To open what is I cannot break fo sweet a bond,

held together by convolution. Unless I prove untrue.

Suckling. But fince the fifters did so soon untwine -The meri inglorious knights, the ladies all un. So fair a thread, I'll strive to piece the line. true Dryden.

Waller. * UNTRULY, adv. Falfely; not according 2. To open what is wrapped on itself. It turns to truth. - It was their hurt untruly to attribute finely and softly three or four turns, caused by so great power unto false gods. Hooker.-On thefe the untqining of the beard by the moifture. Bać. mountains it is generally received that the ark 3. To separate that which clafps round any thing. tested, but untrily. Raleigh.

All the Syren songs of Italy could never untwine * UNTRUSTÍNESS. n. f. Unfaithfulness.- from the mast of God's word. Ascham. Gravity covered much untrusliness of heart. Hayw. * TOUNTWIST. v.a. To separate any things

UNTRUTH. *. f 1. Falsehood; contra- involved in each other, or wrapped up on themriety to reality. 2. Moral falsehood ; not vera. felves.-Untwiping his deceitful clew. city

The interest of prince and people cannot be un-
He who is perfect, and abhors untruth, twifed. Taylor.
With heavenly influence inspires my youth.

Untwisting all the chains that tie
Sandys. The hidden foul of harmony.

Milton. 3. Treachery ; want of fidelity.

No, I'll untwift you. Dryden. Tarred hempen I would,

ropes cut small and untwilled, are beneficial for So my untruth had not provok'd him to it, lands. Mortimer. The king bad cut off my head with my bro Untwijl a wire, and from her gums ther's.

Shak. A set of teeth completely comes. Swift. *. False affertion. No untruth can possibly avail. * To UNTY. v.a. (See UNTI£.] To loose. ---It Hooker-So notorious an untruth. Atterbury. is too hard a knot for me t'untie. Shak.- Unlac'd

UNTUNABLE. adj. Unharmonious ; not ber ftayo, her night-gown is unty'd. Young, musical. My news are harsh, untunable, and bad. * TÓ UNVAIL. v. a. To uncover; to strip of Vol. XXIII.

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