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A Street in Venice. Enter SALAN10, and SOLARINO.

Solarino. . . NOW, what news on the Rialto ?

Sal. Why, yet it lives there uncheck'd, that Anthonio hath a ship of rich lading wreck'd on the narrow feas, the Goodwins, I think they call the place ; a very dan

Vol. II.

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was my turquoife ; I had it of Leah, when I was a bachelor :[8] I would not have given it for a wilderness of monkies.

Tub. But Anthonio is certainly undone.

Shy. Nay, that's true, that's very true : Go, Tubal, fee me an officer, bespeak him a fortnight before. I will have the heart of him, if he forfeit ; for were he out of Venice, I can make what merchandize I will. Go, go, Tubal, and meet me at our fynagogue; go, good Tubal, at our fynagogue, Tubal.


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