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demical style, called Dominus, and in common language was heretofore termed Sir. This was not always a word of contempt ; the graduates al fumed it in their own writings; fo Trevisa the historian writes himself Syr John de Trevisa.. JOHNS.

[8] Some words of an old ballad. . WARB.

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9 There is much of nature in this petty perverseners of Rosalind; The finds faults in her lover, in hope to be contradicted, and when Celia in sportive malice too readily seconds her accusations, the contradicts herself rather than fuffor her favourite to want a vindication. JOHNS.

[1] That is, as the kiss of an holy saint or hermit, called the kits of charity. WARB.

[2] This is finely expressed. Shakespeare means an unfruitful fifterhood,' which had devoted itself to chattity. For as those who were of the fisterhood of the spring were the votaries of Venus ; those of summer, the votaries of Ceres; those of autumn, of Pomona ; fo these of the 'fifterhood of winter' were the votaries of Diana : called, of winter,' because that quarter is not, like the other three, productive of fruit or increase. WARB.

[3] Why a cover'd ? Because a goblet is never kept cover'd but when cmpty, Shakespeare never throws out his expressions at random, WARE.

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