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The Forest. Enter Clown and AUDREY.

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when he put it into his mouth ; meaning thereby, that grapes were made to eat, and lips to open. You do love this maid ?

Wil. I do, fir.
Clo. Give me your hand : Art thou learned ?
Wil. No, fir.

Clo. Then learn this of me ; To have is to have : For it is a figure in rhetorick, that drink, being poured out of a cup into a glass, by filling the one doth empty the other : For all your writers do confent, that ipfe is he now you are not ipfe, for I am he. , Wil. Which he, fir ?

Clo. He, fir, that must marry this woman: Therefore, you, clown, abandon, which is in the vulgar, leave the society, which in the boorish is, company-of this female,-which in the common is,--woman ; which together is, abandon the society of this female ; or, clown, thou perifheft ; or, to thy better understanding, dieft; or, to wit, I kill thee, make thee away, translate thy life into death, thy liberty into bondage : I will deal in poison with thee, or in baftinado, or in steel ; I will bandy with thee in faction; I will over-run thee with policy; I will kill thee a hundred and fifty ways ; therefore tremble, and depart.

Aud. Do, good William.
Wil. God reft you merry, fir.

(Exit. Enter Corin. Cor. Our master and mistress seek you ; come away, away. Cio. Trip, Audrey, trip, Audrey ; I attend, I attend.


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