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ple, and there, before the whole congregation, shame her with what he faw o'er night, and fend her home again without a hufband. • I Watch. We charge you in the prince's name, ftand.

2 Watch. Call up the right master constable. We have here recovered the most dangerous piece of lechery that ever was known in the commonwealtha

I Watch. And one Deformed is one of them ; I know him, he wears a lock.

Conr. Masters, mafters, - 2 Watch. You'll be made bring Deformed forth, I warrant you.

Conr. Masters,

1 Watch. Never speak ; we charge you, let us obey you to go with us.

Bora. We are likely to prove a goodly commodity, being taken up with thefe men's bills.

Conr. A commodity in question, I warrant you. Come, we'll obey you.


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A Church. Enter Don Pedro, Don JOHN, LEONATO, Friar, CLAUDIO, BENEDICK, Hero, and BEATRICE

Leonata. COME, friar Francis, be brief ; only to the plain form of marriage, and you shall recount their particular duties afterwards.

Friar. You come hither, my lord, to marry this lady? Claud. No.

Leon. To be marry'd to her, friar : you come to mar. ry her.

Friar. Lady, you come hither to be marry'd to this


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