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09] This is one of our author's observations upon life. Men overpowered with distress, eagerly liften to the first offers of relief, ciose with every fcheme, and believe every promise. He that has no longer any confidence in himself, is glad to repóre his trust in any other that will undertake to guide him. " JOHNS.

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141 This Sexton was an ecclefiaftic of one of the inferior orders called the Sacrittan, and not a brother officer. I suppose the book from whence the poet took his subject was some old English novel, translated from the Italian, where the word 'Tagrittano' was rendered 'lexton.' WARB.

Dr. Warburton's assertion, as to dignity of a Sexton or Sacriftan, may be supported by the following paffage in Stanyhurit's Verfion of the fourth book of the Æneid, where he calls the Mallylian priestess,

" in foil Maffyla begotten,
“ Sexten of Hesperides finagog."


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