Bulletin - United States Geological Survey, Ausgaben 205-207


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Seite 99 - The Professional Papers, Bulletins, and Water-Supply Papers treat of a variety of subjects, and the total number issued is large. They have therefore been classified •into the following series: A, Economic geology; B, Descriptive geology...
Seite 3 - Cnboides zone of Europe is seen in New York not only in the Tully limestone, but in the shaly strata for several hundred feet above. Therefore, if we wish to express precise correlation in our classification of American rocks, the line between Middle and Upper Devonian formations should be drawn at the base of the Tully limestone, to correspond with the usage of French, Belgian, German, and Russian geologists, who include Frasnein, Cuboides Schichten, and correlated zones in the Upper Devonian.
Seite 10 - Texas was confined to collecting from the Buda limestone near Austin, while the task of determining the geologic relations of that formation and mapping its areal extent has been done by Mr. RT Hill.
Seite 9 - HILL, RT On the occurrence of artesian and other underground waters in Texas, eastern New Mexico, and Indian Territory, west of the ninety-seventh meridian; a report on irrigation, etc.
Seite 99 - Papers treat of a variety of subjects, and the total number issued is large. They have therefore been classified into the following series: A, Economic geology ; B, Descriptive geology; C, Systematic geology and paleontology; D, Petrography and mineralogy; E, Chemistry and physics; F, Geography; G, Miscellaneous...
Seite 2 - But whatever its mode of union may ultimately prove to be, the amount of water in analcite corresponds to the simple molecular ratio which is shown in. the ordinary formula of the species. One molecule of analcite holds a certain definite number of water molecules, and Friedel's observations are not incompatible with the idea that these are retained with varying degrees of tenacity. This idea is suggested by the various series of fractional ion experiments which have been made from time to time by...
Seite 5 - J are not ultimate verities to be blindly accepted. They are simply expressions which represent composition and a wide range of established relationships, and which serve a distinct purpose in the correlation of our knowledge. Properly used, with due recognition of their limitations, they are helpful, and suggest possibilities of research; misused, they may become mischievous. They now satisfy most of the known conditions, and that is a sufficient warrant for their existence. POLLUCITE. On account...

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