The Tempest

Independently Published, 29.10.2019 - 301 Seiten
This Bard comedy ( ends without a death) -- maybe his last solo effort -- is quite a challenge for set designers, stage effects specialists, and makeup artists. It starts off with a shipwreck, magically brought about; it continues with some aerial stunts ... I can't imagine that Ariel could remain grounded! -- Caliban must be a hulk that causes some incredulity! A chess game appears out of nowhere! A magic circle interns several royals in a narrowing loop! I don't think today's audience can be called on to suspend too much disbelief! What plot there is sees the supplanted Duke of Milan (turned magician!) wreak revenge on the bad guys up to a point --- where he finally relents and forgives. Obviously it's not the plot that has earned this play its "masterpiece" description.

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