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Millennium, events on earth dur-
ing -- 355

Millennium, the 351-359

Milner, on falling stars 94

Milton, on Sabbath observance. -

177, 178

Missionary activity, Dr. Leon-
ard on 807

Missionary developments of cen-
tury 113

Missionary movement, a sign of

Christ's coming 112

Missionary movement, increased

activity of 113

Missions, open doors for 809

Missions, Pierson on open doors

for 310

Monarchies, the four universal-- 118
Monod, Bemont- and, "Medieval

Europe" 137

Mortal, the natural state of man 276

Mortality, universal 277

Moslems, Jerusalem as capital

for 830

Motley, on persecution in Nether-
lands 150

Mukaddasi, on Jerusalem as last

gathering place of nations 828

Myers, on history of Greece 208

Nations, anger of 107

Neander, on first-day collections- 166
Neander, on manner of baptism, 201

Nebuchadnezzar, dream of 39-41

Nebuchadnezzar, exploits of, Bero-

sus on 120

Nebuchadnezzar, palace of, Ising

on 35

Nebuchadnezzar, stone records of 43
Necromancy, divine warnings

against 267

Netherlands, persecution in, Mot-
ley on 150

New birth, Bible an agency of 15

Newcomb, on falling stars 95

New earth, the 364-370

New Jerusalem, descent of 356

New Jerusalem, the 364-367

Newman, Cardinal, on rites bor-
rowed from paganism 169

Newton, Sir Isaac, on prophetic

study 304, 305

"Nineteenth Century and After,"

on new spirit in East 344

"Nineteenth Century and After,"
on preparation for war.. 339, 341

Nineveh, Rawlinson on 27

Nineveh, site of, Gibbon on 29

Nineveh, the witness of 27

Olmsted, on brilliancy of falling

stars 97

Olmsted, on shooting stars 95

Origin of evil 257-263

Ottoman empire 826

Ottoman power, fall of, Firth on- 343
Our day, gospel for 247

Paganism, rites borrowed from,

Cardinal Newman on 169

Palestine as battle field, Encyclo-
pedia Britannica on 825, 326

Palestine as great center, "Fort-
nightly Review" on 345

Palestine, as political storm cen-
ter 345

Palestine, as religious storm cen-
ter, "Spectator" on 345

Papacy, a persecuting power 137

Papacy, change of times and

laws by 158

Papacy, claims of 155, 156

Papacy, counterpart of little

horn 145, 147

Papacy, end of supremacy of 139

Papacy, extinction of, Canon

Trevor on 141, 142

Papacy, fall of, Jurieu on -- 140, 141
Papacy, France strikes against.. 140
Papacy, great words of, Elliott

on 147

Papacy, image to the 251

Papacy, law changed by, Melanch-

thon on 154

Papacy, orders of, to destroy

heresy 150

Papacy, persecution by, Lecky on 150
Papacy plucked up Arian king-
doms 129

Papacy, power of, Leo XIII on-- 149

Papacy shall wear out saints 149

Papacy, sign of authority of 156

Papacy, supremacy of 129

Papacy, supremacy of acknowl-
edged 132, 133

Papacy, time of its supremacy..

131, 132

Papal authority, mark of 251

Papal claims in encyclical letter

of Leo XIII 149

Papal persecution, Baudrillart on 151

Papal persecution, Lecky on 150

Papal persecutions, "Western

Watchman" on 151

Papal power, Sunday the mark of 252

Papal power, work of the 250

Papal supremacy, beginning of, 132

Papal supremacy, end of 139

Papal supremacy officially recog-
nized 133

Parable of the fig tree 115

Parable of the rich man and Laz-
arus 284, 285

Parable of the ten virgins, 348, 349

Parton, on Lisbon earthquake 80

Peace and safety 107

Peace prophecies 338

Persecution after Christ's death. 235
Persecution for Sabbath observ-
ance 178

Persecution in Netherlands, Mot-
ley on 150

Persecution in time of the end.. 73
Persecution, papal, Baudrillart on 151

Persecution, papal, Lecky on 150

Persecution, signs of end follow


Persecution under Papacy— 149-158

Persecutions, papal, "Western

Watchman" on 151

Persia, rise and fall of 322-324

Phalerius, king urged by, to se-
cure Jewish sacred books, 187, 188
Piers on, Dr., on open doors for

gospel 810

"Plain Talks," on Sunday ob-
servance 251

Pleasure, passion for, M. Gomte

on 109

Pleasure, passion for, sign of

Christ's coming 109

Plutarch, on Alexander 45

Plutarch, on Alexander's con-
quests 121, 122

Political unrest 106, 107

Polybius, on dominion of Rome, 208
Pope Gregory, on Sabbath observ-
ance . 174

Pope Innocent II, orders of, to

destroy heresies 150

Pope Leo XIII, encyclical letter

of 149

Pope Leo XIII, on power of

Papacy . 149

Pope taken prisoner, Joseph Rick-

aby on 141

Pope, titles assumed by, Ferraris

on 149

Pope Vigilius, date of reign of,

Schaff on 137

Popes, a new order of 135

Popes declared saints 137

Popes no longer declared saints.. 137
Popes, temporal power of, Conroy

on 129

Potter, on use of a mark, or sign 250
Present-day conditions, meaning

of 105-115

Press, the Mighty (poem) 317

Pride, cause of Satan's fall 258

Prince of Tyre 258

Printing, Gutenberg's first types. 314

Printing, Luther on art of 318

Printing press, a gospel agency.. 318
Printing press, illustrations of..

315, 316

Printing press, the mighty 817

Prophecies of Christ's coming 52

Prophecy, Armageddon foretold in

2 346, 347

Prophecy concerning Babylon

31-33. 40

Prophecy fulfilled, Farrar on 36

Prophecy fulfilled to Joseph 26

Prophecy fulfilling. Marquis of

Salisbury on 338

Prophecy of Daniel 7 117-129

Prophecy of Daniel 8 205-211

Prophecy of Daniel unsealed 304

Prophecy, of increase of knowl-
edge - 806

Prophecy of Matthew 24 65-77

Prophecy of the judgment. Reve-
lation 14 239

Prophecy of Tyre 80, 31

Prophecy of 2300 years fulfilled 229-287

Prophecy, study of, John Adol-

phus on 305

Prophecy, the sure word of 25

Prophecy, witness of the cen-
turies to ..' 25-37

Prophetic outline of world's his-
tory 39-49

Prophetic period, a great 219-227

Prophetic study, Sir Isaac New-
ton on 304, 305

Prophetic word, testimony of his-
tory to 35-37

Protestants, persecution of, the

"Western Watchman" on 151

Ptolemy's canon, authenticity of,

Hales on 225

Ptolemy's canon, Lindsay on 225

Pullus, on manner of baptism 202

Punishment, everlasting 289, 292

Purification of the earth 359

Pythius, the Lydian, Herodotus on 823

Railroads, construction of, Wal-
lace on 313

Rawlinson, on Alexander's do-
minion 324, 325

Rawlinson, on Cyrus's conquests. 121
Rawlinson, on division of Alex-
ander's kingdom 122

Rawlinson, on Nineveh 27

Reformation a progressive work. 255
Religion, abolition of, by French,

Hutton on 140

Resurrection, baptism the me-
morial of 199

Resurrection of the just 59, 61, 852

Resurrection of the wicked 62

Resurrection, the second, Satan

freed at 262

Resurrections, the two 288, 289

Rich man and Lazarus, parable

of 284, 285

Rickaby, on Berthier entering

Rome 141

Ridpath, on fanaticism of Jews.. 67
Righteousness and justification..


Righteousness, God's law the

standard of 188

Righteousness, the gift of Christ

193, 194

Righteous taken to heaven 858

Righteous, translation of living,


Righteous, with Christ a thou-
sand years 62

Roman Empire divided 47, 127

Roman Empire, Gibbon on 209

Roman Papacy, rise of, to su-
premacy 129

Romans, power of, Strabo on 46

Rome, Alexander's plans for con-
quest of, Plutarch on 44

Rome, Bishop of, head of church. 133

Rome divided 48

Rome, dominion of, Polybius on. 208

Rome, greatness of, Lucan on 209

Rome, in prophecy and history— 123-125, 208
Rome, might of, Horace on 208

Rome, ode of Horace on 47

Rome, power of, Cardinal Man-
ning on 125

Rome, power of, Gibbon on 46

Rome, power of, Hippolytus on-- 46
Rome, prophecy of, in Daniel 2, 45, 46

Rome, prophecy of, fulfilled 125

Rome, prophecy of, fulfilled, Hip-
polytus on 126

Rome, rise of, in West 44

Rosebery, Lord, on Armageddon.- 339
Rosse, astronomical observations

by 100

"Run to and fro," Wright on
meaning of 311

Sabbatarian Baptists . . 179

Sabbath, and the first day 164-166

Sabbath, at time of exodus 160

Sabbath, change of, "Abridgment

of the Christian Doctrine" on- 156
Sabbath, change of, "Dictionary

of Christian Antiquities" on-- 166

Sabbath, change of, Hiscox on

166, 167

Sabbath, change of, 14 Library of

Christian Doctrine" on 154. 155

Sabbath, Conybeare and Howson

on: 165

Sabbath, example and teaching of

Jesus regarding 162

Sabbath, given at Sinai 161

Sabbath, how changed 167

Sabbath in Alpine valleys, Gol-

dastus on 175

Sabbath in England, Stennet on.. 179
Sabbath in Europe, Dr. Chambers

on 177

Sabbath, in time of disciples 163

Sabbath keepers in Norway, Key-

ser on 175

Sabbath keepers in Scotland,

Lang on 174

Sabbath keepers in Scotland,

Skene on 175

Sabbath keeping, action of Coun-
cil of Laodicea on 173, 174

Sabbath keeping after New Tes-
tament times 173-181

Sabbath keeping among Moravians 180
Sabbath keeping, Bampfield died

for 179

Sabbath keeping, persecution for,

Bogue on 178, 179

Sabbath keeping, Roger Williams

on 180

Sabbath, Killen on change of 169

Sabbath observance, Bower on 174

Sabbath observance, Brerewood

on 173

Sabbath observance, Charles I on. 177
Sabbath observance, John Milton

on 177, 178

Sabbath observance, Pope Gregory

on 174

Sabbath observance, Sozomen's

Ecclesiastical History on 174

Sabbath, persecution for keeping. 178

Sabbath, seventh-day, record of--


Sabbath, the sign of God's author-
ity 258

Sabbath, the Bible 159-170

Sabbath, through Israel's his-
tory 162

Saints, eternal home of 361, 367

Saints, Papacy to wear out 149

Saints, time of resurrection of 352

Salisbury, Lord, on policy of help-
ing Turkey 331

Salisbury, Marquis of, on prepara-
tion for war 842

Salisbury, Marquis of, on proph-
ecy fulfilling 338

Sanctuary, Christ's ministry in-- 216
Sanctuary, cleansing of- 211, 213-217

San tee, L. D., poem by 108

Satan, binding of 353

Satan, cause of fall of 258

Satan, end of reign of 262

Satan, judgment upon 261-263

Satan, the loosing of 356

Satanic agencies at work 341-343

Satanic agencies. Sir Edward

Grey on 342

Saved, home of the 861-370

Schaff. on date of Tiberius's reign. 230

Schaff, on Vigilius made Pope 135

Second coming of Christ 51-63

Second coming of Christ, see

Coming of Christ.
Segur, on observance of Sunday

by Protestants 251

Seventh-day Adventists, origin of

--- -- 243, 244

Seventh-day Baptists in America

170, 180

Seventh-day Sabbath, Bible rec-
ord of 160-164

Seventy weeks, events of 229

Seventy weeks, starting point of

221, 222

Signs in the heavens 74

Signs of Christ's coming 74-77

Signs of Christ's coming, given

in Matthew 24 65, 66

Signs of Christ's coming, in in-
dustrial world 110

Signs of Christ's coming, in social

world 109

Signs of the end 65

Signs of the end, signal to watch. 102

Signs of the last days, 73, 74

Signs upon the earth 74, 105

Sinai, law of God given anew at. 186

Sinai, Sabbath given at 161

Sin, the end of 358

Sin, the origin of 257

Sin, the wages of 289

Skene, on Sabbath in Scotland175

Sleep of the dead 280-282

Sophocles, on universal mortality ^g

"S~ouT" ~ancT " spirit," Scriptural

use of 283

Soul, immortality of Z76

Soul, living, Dr. Clarke on

Soul, the "living," comments on- Z8S
Sozomen's Ecclesiastical History,

on Sabbath observance 174

Spangenberg, on Sabbath-keeping

Moravians '. 180

"Spirit" and "soul," Scriptural

use of 283

Spirit, death declared to have no

power over 269

Spirits, angels as ministering 295

Spiritualism, ancient and modern


Spiritualism and Theosophy, Mme.

Jean Delaire on 272, 273

Spiritualism, first declaration of


Spiritualism, modern, originated

in Fox family 269

Spiritualism, modern, Prof. Wal-
lace on 265, 268

Spiritualism of East, taught by

Mrs. Besant 273

Spiritualism, progress of, Mrs.

Underhill on 269

Spiritualism, satanic agencies of- 271

Spiritualism tested by Greeley 269

Spiritualism, the climax of decep-
tion 272

Spiritualism, the dead not agencies

of 271

Spiritualism, warnings against 267

Spurgeon, on authorship of Bible 14
Spurgeon's experience with Bible 14
Stanley, Dean, on baptism of in-
fants 202

Stanley, Dean, on collection on

first day 166

Stanley, Dean, on manner of bap-
tism 202

Stanley, Dean, on Sunday, day of

the sun 170

Star shower, density of, Flam-

marion on 95

Stars, falling, a sign to the world 99
Stars, falling, brilliancy of, Olm-
sted on 97

Stars, falling, Chambers's Astron-
omy on 101

Stars, falling, described by Jesaup- 100
Stars, falling, glory of, Clerke on

-- 101, 102

Stars, falling, Humphreys on 96

Stars, falling, impression made

by, Milner on 99

Stars, falling, "Journal of Com-
merce" on 97

Stars, falling, nature of, Twining

on 96

Stars, falling, other displays of,

Humboldt on 99, 100

Stars, falling, Professor Langley

on 101

Stars, falling, Sir Robert Ball on. 100
Stars, falling, Thomas Milner on 94

Stars, shooting, Olmsted on 95

Stars, the falling 93-102

Stearns, Dr. Samuel, on dark day

89, 90

Stennet, on Sabbath in England- 179

Stephen, stoning of 234

Stoning of Stephen 234

Strabo, on desolation of Babylon. 34

Strabo, on power of Romans '46

Sun, darkening of 85

Sunday, day of the sun, Dean

Stanley on 170

Sunday, Dean Stanley on collec-
tion on 166

Sunday law, Constantine's 169

Sunday law, Constantine's, Web-
ster on 169, 170

Sunday, mark of paganism, His-

cox on 170

Sunday, mark of papal power 252

Sunday, Neander on collection on- 166

Sunday, not sacred, Dale on 166

Sunday observance by Protestants,

Segur on .— 251

Sunday observance, 1' Doctrinal

Catechism" on . 252

Sunday previous to Constantine, 169

Sunday rest, not of God 165

Sunday, sign of papal authority— 156

Tabernacle, service of earthly 214

Telegraph, first demonstrated 314

Telegraph, used in carrying gospel 318
Temple at Jerusalem, destruction

of, as predicted 70

Ten horns of beast, Daniel 7 127

Ten kingdoms, Daniel 2 46-48

Ten virgins, parable of 348, 349

Testimony of history to fulfilment

of prophecy 36

Theosophy and Spiritualism, Mme.

Delaire on 272

Thief on the cross, the 284

This Same Jesus 54-56

Thomson, on Tyre's departed

glory 31

Thousand years, diagram of 350

Thousand years, end of 289

Thousand years, righteous with

Christ 62

Thwaites, Clara, "The Last

Hour," poem 114

Tiberius Caesar, time of reign of

230 231

Time"of the end 303-317

Times and laws, Papacy to think

to change 153

Tradition and the Bible, Council

of Trent on 252

Translation of the righteous 59-61

Travel, revolution in 313

Trent, Council of, on tradition

and the Bible 252

Trevor, Canon, on revolt against

absolutism 141

Tribulation, the period of 73

Turkey, Lord Salisbury on help-
ing of 331

Turkey, position of, "Fortnightly

Review" on 333, 334

Turkish power, fall of, prelude to

Armageddon 348

Turks, doom of, Blunt on 333

Turks, end of, near, MacFarlane

on 88*

Twelve hundred and sixty years 131-137

Twelve hundred and sixty years,
end of 139

Twenty-three hundred days, dia-
gram of 220

Twenty-three hundred years, end-
ing of 285

Twenty-three hundred years of
Daniel 8 219

Twenty-three hundred years,
prophecy fulfilled 229-287

Twining, on nature of falling
stars 96

Two resurrections, the 288, 289

Tyre, desolation of, Bruce on 81

Tyre, glory departed, Thomson on 81

Tyre, prophecy concerning 80, 81

Underhill, Mrs. A. L., on prog-
ress of Spiritualism 269

Universal empires, four great 117 *

Unquenchable fire 292. 293

Valley of Hinnom, Hastings on.- 293
Van Dyke, Dr. Henry, on language

of Bible 21. 22

Veil, rending of 281

Vigilius, Pope, date of reign,

Schaff on 135, 137

Voltaire, on Lisbon earthquake— 80

Wages of sin 289

Wallace, Alfred Russel, on revolu-
tion in travel 813

Wallace, Alfred Russel, on Spir-
itualism 265, 268

War, god of. Lord Avebury on-- 112
War, preparation for, Marquis of
I Salisbury on ............. 342


War, preparation for, "Nine-
teenth Century and After"


War, preparation for, Queen Alex-
andra on 839

War, sign of end, "Church Mis-
sionary Review" on 848

Webster, Noah, on dark day 87

Webster, Prof. Hutton, on Con-

stantine's Sunday law 169, 170

Weeks, the seventy, starting

point of - 221, 222

Wesley, John, on judgment-hour

message 249

"Western Watchman," on perse-
cution of Protestants 151

Whittier, on dark day 86, 90

Wicked, before bar of God . 857

Wicked, destruction of 61. 358

Wicked, end of 287-298

Wicked, final destruction of-- 856-859

Wicked, resurrection of 62

Williams, on dark day in New

England 86

Williams, Roger, on Sabbath

keeping 180

Word, see Bible.

Word that creates, the 18

Wordsworth, on dawn of Refor-
mation 149

World-wide movement, a 289-245

Wright, on meaning of "run to
and fro" 811

Xenophon, on Cyrus 206

Xerxes' host, ^Sschylus on 828

Years, the 1260, of Daniel's
prophecy 131-187

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