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The Origin of the Minstrel Jurisdiction in Cheshire, 112—113 Charter granted to the King of the Minstrels, - 112

The Charge to the Minstrels, . - - 109—Sec

Hints towards forming a correct Hist, of the MTnstreis, 108, to 113



6—8 106

Morris Dancers, in note ten,
Mamgan, Rex, &c. *
The Music at the Coronation of Henry the Fifth,
The Music of the Welsli, characteristic of its origin,

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Manuscripts of Btneddy Saint, and Acbau V Saint, ice.
Destruction of the Welfli Manuscripts,
Meilir, the Bard, * * ■*

Epigram upon Mead, - -

About the beginning of the nth century, Music and Poetry

were in the zenith of perfection in Wales, - - 38 Unlicensed, or inferior sort of Musicians, or Minstrels, The Ancient Mode of Measuring amo:ig the Britons, Dissertation on the Musical Instruments of the We'fli, Of the Music of the Hebrews in the time of David and

Solomon, — The Welsh Music,

„ O

In the reign of Henry the I Vth, the Welsh Muse revived,

to celebrate the Heroic exploits of O wen Glyndwr, 39—&c. The Seal of Owen Glyndxiir described. — - 42

Ode to Morvydd, tranflated from a Poem of Davydd ab Gtvilym, 44 . John Owen, the noted Epigrammatist, and Poet Laurent to Queen Elizabeth, - —

The Oak held in veneration - -

Description of a celebrated Onk-tice in Merionethshire* -
The colour of an Ovydd's garment,
A Poem by Owen Cyveiliog, Prince of Powis, —


Account of St. Patrick, - —
Pennillkn, Epigrammatic Stanzas, Poetical Effusions
and Pastorals,

, Past* Ode to the Sun, translated from a Poem of Davydd ab Giuilym, 43 Monody on Sim Ett, the celebrated Harper, — 44—&ci Alternate Singing with the Harp, —— 61—106


77 12


81 82 8i Si 84 84 84 84 87 95

Song on a Bird,

Siin Tudur'i Messages to his Sweetheart,

The three principles of Sohg,

The three primaries of Song;

The three intentions of Song, ■ ——

The three forts of Songsters, ■
The three essences of vocal Song, 1
The seven Liberal Sciences, —— —
The Tculuwr, or Family Songster, and his profession,

The three branches of vocal Song,

The three edifying Songsters, 1
The three inferior Songsters, or Minstrels,
Hone J.I Sams, and Acbau V Saint, MS

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Musical Instruments of Scotland mentioned,
Of the Traditional Songs of the Bards,
Heroic Songs efficacious in War, Note five in page -
To sing in turn at feasts appears to have been customary

among the Saxons, as well as to play on the Harp, — 106 Stanzas and Songs on various subjects, 62—&c<


The Ancient Triads of the (stand of Britain, 9—10—11 —12—76 The Trees and Plant! mentioned in Druidkal verses, — 4 The five Royal Tribes of Wales, and 15 Special Tribes, 3 t—26

Taliefin, the celebrated Bard, 18—Uc.

Names of some Ancient Tunes, —— 26—27—29—35 The accession of a Tudor to the throne was the happy

aera destined to recal the exiled Ans of Wales — 46—130

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English Stanzas in a similar style to the Pennillion,
Powel, the Harper, - -

John Parry, the Harper, - -

Prognostication upon the colour of the New Moon, Stc.
The three Amorous Princes of Britain, - —

The three Gradations, in poetical compositions, -
Of Prydydd, or Metrical Bard, - - 83—84

The Fibgorn, or Horn-pipe, - - 116

The Pibroch, - - - 117

The Pibau, or Pipes, used by the Welsli long prior to the

Irilh, and Scots, - - 95—114—116


Roderie the Great, revised the Welsh Laws, &c. - 26

Roderic, King of all Wales, divided his dominion into three

Principalities, — - - 31

Prince Rhys's entertainment consisted of Musical and Poetical

Contests, deeds of arms, and other (hows, *• 34

A Riddle on a Bee-hive, - ■» 76

Revenues of the Bards, - - - 33—86

Account of Dr. J. Davydd Rhys, -

Anecdote of Sir Roger Williams, and Marshal Biron, -
Account of John Richards, of Llanrtast, the famous Harp

Maker, and his predecessors in that Art, -
Ranulph Bonuen besieged at Rljuddlan by Prince Llewelyn,


Sciences originated with the Bards, Druids, and Ovadcs, 3-7-93 A Series of Bards, and whom they were Bards to, 13—88

Swowdon the Parnassus of Wales, — - j

Ttum Bach, the celebrated Harper,
Of Tenures of Lands, —» ■ " - — ■ *

Three Things proper for a man to have in his house,
The three primary Triad of Tens, -
The three Things commendable in a man, ——

The choice Things of man,

Tabwrdd, or Tablet, —— ■
The Sofhar, or Trumpet; God gave direction to Moses
fur making that Instrument,

Golden Torques a badge of Britifli nobility,

The Bards and Druids had an extraordinary veneration for the number Three,'


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Urien ab Cyn-varch, King of Reged, The three Universalities of the World, Ulphus's Horn,

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86 117

104 112


Unbeniaeth Prydain, the Monarchal Song of Britain,


The Hallelujah Victory gained by the Britons,


Anciently, the Weljb inhabited all this Island, - 69—122 Of the Music of the Welsh, *—-l» 38—54—55—12* The Wei sh language anciently common to all Britain, 69—122

The Beauties of the Welsli Language, 53—54

The three lawful Weapons, ——— 80

The three foundations of W'itdom, 81

The Hospitality and Liberality of the Welsli, as described by

Giraldus, —— ■' 95

Waits, or Serenaders; fee the 8th Note in page ■ 108

Wassail Cup of the Apostles, &c. 118

The Horn of the Bailiwick of Wtrral Forest,, — 121 The Welsh formerly had Six kinds of Musical Instruments, 12a The farourite style of Music of th» Welsh, — 121—&c.


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Her Most Gracious Majesty THE QUEEN.
His Royal Highness The PRINCE OF WALES.
His Royal Highness The DUKE OF CLARENCE.
His Royal Highness The DUKE OF GLOUCESTER.


Dutches! of Athol.

Duke of Argyle.

Lady Audley.

Bishop of St. Asaplt.

Lady Afhbrook.

Lady Elizabeth Ashbiirnhsm.

George Anson, Esq.

Hon. Mrs. Anson.

Mrs. I. Anson, Oakedge Hall.

Miss Ante!.

Mrs. Angerstein.

J. P. Andrews, Esq. Brompton.

Miff Aynscombe.;

Mrs. Atkinson.

Miss Anguish, Great Russel.strect.
Dr. Arnold.
Mrs. Armstrad.


Marquis of Buckingham.

Marchioness of Buckingham.

Lord Bagot.

Lady Bagot.

Marquis of Blandford.

Dutchess of Beaufoid.

Lord Bulkeley.

Lady Bulkeley.

Countess of Buckinghamshire.

Lady Bligh, Hereford-street.

Lady S. Bligh.

Bodleian Library, Oxford.

John Bury, Esq.

Miss Burt.

Mr. Barham.

General Burgoyne.

Lord Berkeley.

Duke of Buccleugh.

Capt. Baker.

Miss Barry.

Miss C. Barry.

Lady Beauchamp.

Sir Henry Bridgeman. 'e
Miss Bridgeman.
Dr. Bever.
Mr. Bolton.

Mrs. Bowyer, Vere-street.
Dr. Burney.

Mr. Burney, Organist, Salop.

Mrs. Wilbraham Bootle, Bloomibury-fquare.

Miss E. Bootle.

Mr. Buller-Yard, Hereford-street, Oxford-street.

Mr. Brown, Organist, Litchfield.

Dr. Warren, Bishop of Bangor.

Lady Bampfield.

Hon. Daines Barrington.

Miss Baillie, Bedford-square.

Mrs. Barton, St. Andiew's-court, Holborn.

Mr. Buckholme.

Dutchess of Cumberland.

Lord George Cavendish.

Lady De Clifford.

Lord Viscount Courtenay.

The Honourable Miss Courtenay.

Miss Camac, Queen-square.

Mrs. Colhoun.

Lady Clive.

Mrs. C. Cholmondeley.

Rev. Mr. Carter, Bythavarn, Denbighshire.

Miss Calcraft.

Mr. Collins, Swansey, Glamorganshire.

Miss Crokatt.

Mrs. Chaplin.

Miss Clarke.

Countess of Carlisle.

Lady Aug. Campbell.

Miss Clive.

Hon. Miss Carey.

Mrs. Cook.

Miss Cox, Queen-square, Westminster.

Cymmrodorion Society, London.

Miss Cropp, Brook-street.

Rev. Mr. Clowes, St. John's Manchester.

Miss Cornelisan, Queen-Ann-street, East.

John Courre, Esq. Itton-court, Monmouthshire.

Cecilian Society, Litchfield.

Mr. Cozens, Leicester-street.

Mr. Crotch, Oxford.

Mr. Cooke, Organist of St. George's, Bloomsbury.

Lord Dynevor, Dynevor-Caslle, Caermai thenshire.
Duke of Devonsliire.
Dutchess of Devonshire.
[• Earl of Donegal.
Mr. Drake, Bedford-square.
Mrs. Drake.

Rev. Mr. Davis, Merton-College, Oxford.
'Rev. Mr. Davies, Sussex.
Honourable Mrs. Damer.
Sir John Dick.
Lady Frances Douglas.
Lord Duncannon.
Mr. Deane, All Souls, Oxford.
Miss Dealtry.
Marquis De Morant.
Rev. Mr. Dawson, Dublin.
Countess of Derby.
Mrs. Davenport.
Miss Dolben.
Mr. Davies, Bond-street.
Miss Dumergue.
Mr. Dance.

Rev. Walter Davies, Oxford.
Mr. Douce, Gower-street.
„ _ E
Mr. Evan Evans, Telynwr, Wynstay.

Mr. Evans, King-street, Cheapside.
Mr. Evans, Ely Place, Holborn.

Earl of Eglingttmne.
Hon. Miss Eardley.
Earl of Exeter.

Rev. Mr. Evans, Montgomeryshire.

Miss Evans, Llanymynech, Montgomeryshire.

Mr. Edwards.

Mr. Edward Edwards, Gwyddelwern.

Miss Edwards.

Miss Earle, Berkshire',

Miss C. Earle.


Viscountess Fielding.
Lady Forteseue.
Miss Forteseue.
Countess of Faucouberg.
Lady Ford.

Lady Margaret Fordyce.
Hon. Thomas Ficzmaurice.
Lady Mary Fitzmaurice.
Philip Lloyd Fletcher, Esq.
Mrs Finch.

Miss 1 lower, Shellingford, Berkshire.

Mrs. William Field, Chatham-place, Black-Friars.

Honourable Miss Fox, Albermarle-street.

Mrs. Fowke, Wimbleton.

Miss S. Franco.

— Ford, Esq.

Marchioness De Grey.
Lord Grey De Wilton.
Earl Grosvenor.
Countess Gower.
Lady William Gordon.
Hon. Mrs. Grattan.
Lady L. Gray.
Miss Gerrard, Queen-square.
Colonel Cosmo Gordon.
Mr. Gordon, Bristol.

Sackville Gwynne, Esq. Glanbran, Caermarthenshire.
Mrs. Greville.

Miss Grosvenor, Cavendifli-square.
Miss Glover.

Mrs. GifFard, Staffordshire.
Miss GifFard.

Mr. Gerhard, Organist, Wrexham.

Hon. William Grimllon.

Mrs. Grimston.

Rev. Mr. Griffith, Bangor.

Gwyneddigion Society, London.

Robert Graham, Esq. Chelsea.

Mr. Gunn.


Mrs. Hunt, Stratford-upon-Avon.

Mrs. Bond Hopkins

Mrs. Jai vis Hill, Salop.

Mils Harding, at Whuelands, Chelsea.

Mr. Harford.

Mrs. Hoare.

Dr. Hays, Oxford.

Rev. Canon Holcombe, St. David's.

Miss Harrison, Leigham, Devonshire.

Rev. Jeffrey Holland, Teyrdan.

Humphreys, Esq. Llwyn.

Miles C. Hildyard, Stratton-street.
Mr. Hinchliff.

Miss Heywood, Portland Place.
Mr. Harper, Harley-strcet.
Mr. Hall.

Miss Hammersley, Pali-Mall.

Captain Hamilton, Marlborough-street.

Mr. Hann, Bath.

Mr. Robert Hughes.

Mr. John Humphreys.

Sir John Hawkins.

Miss Hornlby, Oxford.

John Harding, Esq. Laugharne, Caermarthenfliirc. Mrs. Horfley, Clarges-street.


The Imperial Library, Vienna,
Lady Irwin.
Miss Ingram.

Thomas Johns, Esq. Havod, Cardiganshire.

Lloyd Jones, Esq. Maes Mawr.

Thomas Jones, Esq. Wigmore-street.

Mr. Thomas Jones, Llangollen.

Mr. John Jones, Henblas, Llanddervel.

Mr. Rhys Jones, of Blaenau.

Mr. R. Jones, Organist, Salop.

Dr. Jones, Denbigh.

Sir Hildebrand Jacob.

Mr. Owen Jones, Thames-street.

Mr. Rowland Jones, Greenwich.

Mr. T. Jones, Telynwr.

Mr. Jones, Sudbury, Staffordshire.

Mr. Johns, Edgeware-Road.

Mrs. Jordan. ^

Lord Keppel.

William Kiflan, Esq. Ireland.

R. P. Knight, Esq.

Edward Knight, Esq.

Major Kenrick, Nantclwyd.

Mr. Knot, All Souls College, Oxford.

Miss Kynnersley.

Mr. Kammel, Halfmoon-strect.


Lady Leicester.
Sir John Leicester, Baronet.
Henry Leicester, Esq.
Charles Leicester, Esq.
Lady Sophia Lumley.
Marquis of Lothian.
Dean of Lincoln.
Sir Edward Littelton.
Lady Lake,

Miss A. Liddell, Ravensworth-Caftlc.

Sir Watkin Lewes.

Miss Ludford, Queen-square.

Lady Loyde.

Lady Lumm.

Edward Lloyd, Esq. Cevn, Denbighshire.

Mrs. Lloyd, of Maesmor.

Maurice Llwyd, Esq. Pale.

Rev. Mr. Llwyd, Caerwys, Flintshire.

Mr. Lewis, St. James's Palace.

Mr. Laurie, Bartholomew Close.

Rev. James Lambert, Cambridge.

Capt. Loyde, Horse Guards

Bell Loyde, Esq. B6dvach,

Mrs. Lewis, Harley-street.

Miss Lloyd.

Miss Long, Bishopsgate-street.

Lewis, Esq. Llanddyvnan; Anglesey,

Mr. Loutherbourg.

John Lloyd, Esq. Havod Unnoi.

Richard Lloyd, Esq. Vron Heilog, Denbighshire* *

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Earl of Moira.
Duke of Marlborough.
Countess of Mansfield.
Earl of Macclesfield.
Lord Milford.
Count Malzan.

John Morgan, Esq. Tredegar, Monmouthlhire.
Rev. W. Mason, the EngliQi Bard.
Thomas Mytton, Esq. Shipton, Shropshire.
Mrs. Mac-Nemara.
Mr. Marshall.

Mils Albinia Mathias, Scotland Yard.
Richard Middleton, Esq. Chirk Castle.
Mr. Martin, Marlborough-street.
Counsellor Maddocks, Vron Yw.
Mrs. Montague, Portman-square.
John Manby, Esq.
Mrs. Musters.
Miss Maclane.

Miss Modigliani, Old Windsor.

Miss Meredith.

Mr. Middiman.

Rev. Mr. Morgan.

Mr. Mackenzie, Gower-flreet.

Mr. Malchair, Oxford.

Mr. Matthews, Oxford.

Miss M. Moffate, Queen.fquare.


Fred. Nicolay, Esq. St. James's.

Mr. John Nichols, Red Lion Passage, Fleet-street.

Mr. Needham, Abington-street.

Mr. J. Noel.


Hon. Miss S. Ongley.
Miss Oatway.

Mr. Offley, New Burlington-street.
Miss Owen, at Whitelands, Chelsea.
Mr. Owen, Dublin.
Mr. Gwilym Owain.


Earl of Powis, Powis Castle, Montgomeryshire.
Bishop of Peterborough.
Thomas Pennant, Esq. Downing.
Mrs. Pennant.

Miss B. Parsons, Great George-street, Westminster.
Mr. Page.

Miss Parsons, Oxford.
Captain Porter.

Miss Philips, at Whitelands, Chelsea.

Miss Powis, Berwick, Shropshire.

Mrs. Peiisei

Alderman Pugh.

Rev. Mr. Pugh, Wrexham.

Rev. Mr. Pugh, Garthmaelan.

Mrs. Proctor.

Mr. Povoleri, Harley-slreet.

Mr. Edward Parry, Cateaton-street.

Mrs. Thomas Pechell, Duke-street, Grosvenor-square.

Mrs. Prescott.

Mrs. Potts, John-street.

Mrs. Potts, boiwell-court.


Tones, Viscount Raaelagh.
Earl of Radnor.
Dutchess of Richmond.
Lord Ravensworth.

Sir Fred. Rogers, Blachford, Devonshire.
Lady Rogers.

R. Richards, Esq. Lincoln's Inn.

Mr. Roberts, Brentford.

Mr. Edward Rand, Telynwr, Lleweny.

Mr. Thomas Roberts, Telynwr, Llanrwst.

Mr. William Roberts, Telynwr, Llanddervel.

J Roberts, Esq.

Mrs. Roberts.

Mr. J. Richards, Llanrwst.

Mrs. Rivers, Ivy-Bridge, Devonshire.

Mrs. Ryder, Modbury, Devonshire.

Mr. Richards, Chymist, Plymouth.


Earl of Surrey.
Lord Summers.
Lady Shelburne.
Sir Robert Smyth.
Lady Smyth.

Robert Salisbury, Esq. Cotton Hall.
Mrs. Salisbury.

Comte de Starhemberg, Imperial Ambassador.

Earl of Stamford.

Countess Spencer.

Sir Edward Smythe, Acton Burnel.

Lady Smythe.

Philip Stephens, Esq. Admiralty.
Mr. Salisbury, Lincoln's Inn.
Rev. Mr. Stoddard, Landdervel.
Mils D. Scott, Salop.
Mr. Sharp, Fulham.

Mr. Gran. Sharp, Garden Court, Temple.
Mrs. Strata, Cockspur-street.
Mrs. Stanhope.

Mrs. Scott, Bod-alog, Merionethshire.
Pendergast Smyth, Esq. Kildare-street, Dublin.
Lady Sheffield.

Miss Smythe, Portman-square.

Miss Seward, Lichfield.

Mr. Stafford Smith.

Mr. Save), Lichfield.

Mr. Stuart, Leiceller-fields.

William Sayer, Esq. Victualling Office.

Mr. Stanley, Organist.

Bishop of Salisbury, (Hon. Dr. Barrington).

Miss Saunders, Oxford-street.

Mrs. Shoulters.

Miss Schutz, Welbeck-street.


Thomas Mansel Talbot, Esq. Penrice-Castle, Glanwrganflure.

Mrs. Tayler, Barham Wood, Hertfordstiire.

William Trenchard, Esq.

Mr. Tudor, of Garth, Montgomeryshire.

Thomas Tyrwhitt, Esq. Welbeck-street.

Mrs. Trelawney, Cornwal.

Miss Tuchet, Berner's-street.

Mrs. Tomkins.

Mr. Tierney, Lincoln's Inn.

Mr. Twiss.

Mr. J. Turner.

Mr. Tracy.

Miss Thurlby.

Miss Trevanion, St. James's street.

Rev. Mr. Thomas, Kinglwood, Wiltfliirc.


Earl of Uxbridge.
Miss Unwin.
Lord Vernon.

Evan Lloyd Vaughan, Esq. Cors-y-Gedol.

Sir Frederick Vane.

B. Vaughan, Elq. Finsbury-square.

Rear Admiral Vernon.

Sir Robert Vaughan, of Nanneu.

Salisbury Vaughan, Esq. of Rug.

Vaughan, Esq. Queen Ann Street.


Sir Watkin Williams Wynn, Baronet.

Lady Warburton, Chesliirc.

Countess Waldegrave.

Sir George Warren, K. B.

Dr. Watson, Bishop of Landaff.

Thomas Wyndham, Esq. Arlington-street.

Sir Edward vVilliams.

Miss Jane Williams, Llanidan, Anglesey.

Rev. David Williams.

Miss Emma Williams.

Albany Wallis, Esq.

Rev. R. Williams, of .Vron.

Wynne, Esq. Garthewin, Denbighshire.

Mrs. Woodington, Salop.

Rev. John Williams, Guydir, Caernarvonfliire.

Robert Wynne, Esq. Plas Newydd.

Rev. John Walters, Jesus College, Oxford.

Mr. Wickin, Lichfield.

Lady Worsley.

Earl of Warwick.

Wynn, Esq. of Coed Coch.

Mils Whitebread.

Mr. Walker, Great George-street.
Mr. Edward Williams.
Mr. Wills, Hailey-street.
Mrs. Willmot.
Mr. Charles Wesley.

Rev. Mr. Walters, Llandough, Glamorganshire.
Rev. Peter Williams, Llanrhug, Caernarvonshire.


Mrs. Charles York, Gower-street.

Rev. Mr. Youde, Plas Madoc, Denbighshire.

Dr. Yale.

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