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A Genealogical Account of SPENCER, Duke of MARLBOROUGH.

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whoin, however, he had no male derland was sworn of the new priry: issue. He afterwards espoused the council, and appointed lord licutelady Anne Churchill, fecond daugh- nant of Ireland: but his bad ftate ter and coheir of the great John of health not permitting him to visit duke of Marlborough.

that kingdom, he resigned the of. Considering his natural and ac- fice, was conftituted lord privy-feal, quired talents, which were very ex- and, in the sequel, vice-treasurer of traordinary, this alliance, and his Ireland. He afterwards attended connexion with the treasurer, the the king at Hanover; and, on his earl of Godolphin, could not fail to return, was appointed one of the raise him to the most important of- principal secretaries of state. In fices of the state. He was appointed the year 1718 he was declared lord her majesty's envoy extraordinary president of the privy-council; next and plenipotentiary, to make the year appointed first commissioner of compliments of condolance on the the treasury, and, upon his resign+ death of the emperor Leopold, and ing the place of president, his maof congratulation to his son and suc- jesty constituted him groom of the ceffor the emperor Joseph ; and to stole, and first gentleman of his bedendeavour, by the queen's media- chamber. He was now known to tion, to compose the differences be- be the first in the king's favour and tween his Imperial majefty and his confidence. He acted as one of Hungarian subjects. This embaffy the justices in his majesty's absence, he performed with equal ability and and was installed knight of the success. He was carefled at the Garter in the year 1720. He conImperial court, where he received, tinued at the head of public affairs, as 'à present, the emperor's piąure, which he managed with integrity adorned with diamonds. From and ability, till the day of his death, Vienna, he accompanied his father- which happened in the year 17 22. in-law the duke of Marlborough to He was a nobleman of an engaging the courts of Berlin and Hanover, character, with a good capacity well where he met with a most distin- cultivated, a lover of the arts, and guished reception from the late king a patron of genius, By his second of Prussia, and the elector of Hano- lady he had four sons, of whom the yer, who afterwards ascended the eldest, Robert lord Spencer, died in throne of England.

his infancy. He was succeeded by In the year 1707 he was appoint. Robert, his fecond fon, earl of Suned one of the commiffioners for derland, who died unmarried, at treating of an union with Scotland; Paris, in the twenty-eighth year of (worn of her majesty's privy-council, his age. Then the title devolved to and nominated one of her principal the third son, Charles earl of Sunsecretaries of state: but when the derland; who, by the death of Wilwhig-interest declined at court, he liain marquis of Blandford, only fon was removed from this employment. and heir of Francis earl of GodolHowever, immediately after the ac- phin and his wife Henrietta, dutchefs cession of George I. the earl of Sun- , of Marlborough ", succeeded to that

* The bonours of John duke of Marlborough were, in the ycar 1705, limited by alt of jarliament to his daughters, and she boirs male of tbeir bodies fucceflovely.

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