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liam Beauchamp Proctor, bart. láte knight Bute, to be one of his principal secretaries of the thire for Middlesex. Sir John Gib- of state ; his lordship was this day sworn, bons, bart. late member for Stockbridge, and took his place at the board accordingly. Francis Blake Delaval, Esq; late member A Frenchman, who calls himself Monf. for Andover. Charles Frederick, Efq; Sur- Courcel, having had the address to obtain veyor-general of theOrdnance. And, George letters of recommendation from Prince FerWarren, Efq; late member for Lancaster. dinand, was received in London, as a 'per

This day lord Pultency, and general son very proper to be employed in our Cornwallis were elected members, to repre- service; but his conduct being narrowly sent the city of Westminster in parliament, watched, he was found to be a spy of the without oppofition.

French court, entrusted with a very large This morning about eight o'clock, Dar- sum of money, to purchase shipping for the kin, alias Dumas, the famous highway- use of our cnemies. man, was executed at Oxford, for robbing

THURSDAY, March 26. Mr. Gammon, an apothecary in Weit. Orders were given out at the Cockpit, Smithfield, upon the king's highway, near Whitehall, for the removal of the secre. Nettlebed, in that county, 'He prayed a tary's office from Whitehall, to the apartfew minutes at the foot of the ladder, ments late the duke of Cumberland's, ac whilst the executioner was tying the cord, St. James's. and then went up very briskly, took off his This day came on at Guildhall, the elecneckcloth, unbattoned his collar as well as tion of representatives, to serve the city of his waistcoat, put the rope about his neck, London in parliament, when Sir Robert begged several times that the spectators Ladbroke, knt. Sir Richard Glyn, bart. would hang upon him immediately, and William Beckford, Esq; and the hon, Thotelling the executioner that he would give mas Harley, Esq; were declared by the a lignal for turning the ladder, instantly sheriffs to have the majority of hands, but dropped a white handkerchief; but without a poll was demanded by the friends of Sir waiting a moment, threw himfelf off. He Samuel Fludyer, bart, which began immehung upwards of an hour, when a large diately. body of bargmen attended, and, the in

'SATURDAY, March 28. ftant he was cot down, triumphantly car. Advice was this day received from Plyried him off to St. Thomas's parish, dug a mouth, that the Vengeance frigate, capt, grave, and, after cutting his body open, Nightingale, arrived there last Tuerday, filled it with quick-lime, and then buried and brought in the Entreprenant, from it; as they said, they were determined he Bourdeaux, richly laden, for Domingo; should not be diffected.

has ports for 44 guns, but mounts only 26 TUESDAY, March 24. i twelve and fix pounders, and 203 men, Capt. Howe, of his Majesty's ship the besides passengers : the engaged the VenBiddeford, has taken the Chamillant, a geance a considerable time, and had 15 French Sloop-privateer of four carriage, men killed, and 24 wounded; and the and two swivel guns, and fifteen men. Vengeance had fix killed, and 27 wound

Capt. Brogrove, of the King's Noop Al. ed: both ships are much damaged. The bany, rook on the 16th inftant, off the ine Vengeance also brought in with her the of Wight, the Hazard, a small French pri- Tyger privateer of St. Malo's, of four vateer. .

guns, and 45 men, which the took on the The Grace armed cutter, commanded 23d inst, off the Lizard. by lieut, Macbride, has taken a French The Comette frigate, of 32 guns, and Thallop privateer of 24 men, 2 carriage, 250 men, prize to the Bedford man of war, and 6 swivel guns.

capt. Dean, is also arrived at Plymouth. WEDNESDAY, March 25.

The Bedford saw her safe into the Sound, His Majesty having appointed the earl of and went to sea again.

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