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For M A Y, 1761.


Bishop of Rochester.

* **RANCIS Atterbury, vindication of that great reformer induced

Yo bishop of Rochefter, was bishop Burnet to rank the author among

the fon of Dr. Lewis At. chofe eminent divines who had diftinterbury, an eminent di- guilhed themfelves by their admirable de. vine of the church of Eng. fences of the Protestant religion.

land; and was born at During his stay in the university, he is Middleton, or Milton Keynes, near New. generally thought to have borne no inconport Pagnel, in Buckinghamshire, the 6th of fiderable part in the controversy between March 1662, where his father was rector doctor Bentley and the honourable Charles he had his education in grammar learning Boyle, (afterwards earl of Orrery) concerne at Westminster school ; and from thence in ing the genuineness of Phalaris's epistles, 3680, was elected a Audent of Christ's which the former gentleman had denoun. Church college in Oxford, where he foon ced fpurious ; though Mr. Atterbury's diftinguithed himself for the politeness of name was not made use of on that occas bis wit and learning, and gave early proofs 'fion. At what time he entered into holy of his poetical talents. In 1684, he took orders is not certainly known; but in 1693, the degree of batchelor of arts, and that upon the death of his father, he made apof matter three years after; about which plication to the earl of Nottingham, to fuce time he made his first effay in controversial ceed in the rectory of Milton, which he writing, in a piece intitled, An answer to then called the height of his ambition and fome confiderations on tbe spirit of Martin Lx wishes, as being the place of his birth ; ther, and the original of the reformation. It but in this expectation he was disappointe was a very learned performance, and writ- ed, that preferment being given to doctor ten with great spirit and vivacity, entirely Wooton. sefuting all the objections brought against He had been long tired of a college life, Luther's do&rines and manners. This and passionately degred to be in a more ac May, 276s.


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