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and had formerly been tampering with pery, and the pretender's bigotry to that things of that nature, even in the queen's religion, they talked of a new invented time, and while his party was excluded scheme of his, not to receive the prefrom power ; but upon their re-admission tender, whose principles were not to be had relinquithed that pursuit, and his con- changed, but his son only, who was to be federates therein, and became a good rub- educated a Protestant in the church of ject again. They urged, that the influence England, and the bishop to be his guarwhich the duke of Ormond had over him, dian, and lord-protector of the kingdom affifted by his own private ambition and during his minority. These and many revenge, might prompt him to many more speculations amused the nation at things contrary to his declared senti- that time ; and men, as usual, judged of meats, and inconsistent with that cunning things by the measure of their own affecand caution which in other cases he was tions and prejudices. mafter of. And to obviate the difficulty, arising from the bishop's aversion to po

[To be concluded in our next.]

A DESCRIPTION of the Manners, Religion, Customs, &c. of

the inhabitants of WHIdah on the Slave-Coast.

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men that a man is in the way. For this semblance to those of the Gold Coast, yet reason it is that the king is wholly attend their religion, and the grounds of their ed by women, no man being permitted to manners, are quite different. As to women, enter the walls of the palace, unless to re- while the latter content themselves with pair it, in which case the women are re- one, two, or three, and the persons of the moved to some distant part. When the highest quality are prohibited from exceedwomen go to take the air in the fields, which ing twenty wives, the Whidasians, even the they frequently do, some hundreds at a poorest, have forty or fifty. The great time, upon seeing a man they call out, Stand men keep three or four hundred, and freclear: upon which he falls on his face, quently twice that number; the king four continuing in that posture till they are or five thousand, but seldom fewer than palled by; for the nightest look would be three thoufand. No people on earth percriminal.

form the connubial rites with less cere: * Several travellers have, not unjustly, mony. All bargains, contracts, joincompared the manners of this people to tures, and portions, are entirely unknown the Chinese. The same laborious industry, to them. The negroes of the other coafts ceremonious civility, thievish inclinations purchase their women with cattle, fish, and in trade, and jealous affection to their other commodities; they are permitted to women, prevail. Their external respect dismiss her, if the proves not a virgin ; likewise to strangers has a resemblance. If here the practice is directly contrary, and the Whidanefe meet an European twenty their ideas totally different. As a fertile times in a day, the same ceremonies are woman is highly prized in Whidah, she repeated, the neglect of which is punished who has given proofs before marriage of with a fine. The late king of Whidah her fruitfulness, is always preferred; but carried this consideration of foreigners to it costs nothing to obtain her. When a such a height, that one of his principal offi- man likes a girl, he demands her of the bers was beheaded, for presuming to lift his parents, who never refuse their consent, cane in a menacing manner over the head of provided the be of a marriageable age, Cur. a Frenchman. The chief director of the tom requires that the parents conduct her French used all bis influence to mitigate to the house of the bridegroom. On her the punishment; but the king was inexo. arrival he presents her with a new dress, rable, por could anything less than his which is probably all the poffefses; for life atone for so heinous a crime as a every thing else the leaves behind in her breach of hospitality.

father's houfe. The husband then kills The Whidans have no equation of time, a Meep, which he eats in company with no distinction of hours, days, weeks, or his wife and her parents ; which is the on. Nated periods. They know the lowing ly time in her life that she is admitted to tine by the moon, or rather, they low as this honour. Some tankards of pito are soon as they have reaped; and their mar- drank, the parents return home, and the kets they keep every third day; no other marriage is thus concluded without any Rated festivals of any kind being known. other ceremony. A custom truly primitive However, without pen, ink, or the affil- and prudent in many particulars. A hurtance of an artificial arithmetic, they calcu- band is permitted to repudiate his wife late the largest sums with great accuracy, with as little ceremony as he marries her. ftate shares with great exactness, and per. He only thrusts her out of the door, and form the operations, not only of the first the separation is legal; but then it must elements, but of the more complex rules be upon certain proofs of her incontiof arithmetic, with a quickness that will nence. He also must pay the parents a often exceed the most expert European sum double the expence of the wedding. arithmetician, Des Marchais alledges, that Notwithstanding which, no women are the wiselt cannot tell you his age. If you more addicted to intrigues, for which they ask when such a man was born, he tells will run all hazards. This is a country, you it was about the time that such a ship, fays Des Marchais, that furnithes the most or such an European factor, came to Whi- copious materials for the annals of gallandah. From whence we may infes, that try:and no wonder, fince 50, or rather often their hiftory goes no higher among them three or four times that number, are confined 'than the living generation, . to the embraces of one single man,

Thaugh the customs of the inhabirants of Whidah have in general a Nrong se. [To be concluded in gar um.]

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