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under the corpse he found four nefs is over all his works. Give beetles, which he immediately con- me leave, Sir, to add, that the readjectured to be the gravediggers; ing the history and memoirs of fothis was further confirmed about a reign academies of sciences, must week after, when, within the mole, necessarily remove a conceit too he saw three or fourscore whitish common of the vast superiority of maggots, unquestionably the issue the English in scientific abilities and of the beetles, who had there pro- improvements, to a contempt of vided them with plenty of fuften- foreigners, like the narrow question ance in their infantine state. Fur- of Nathanael, Can there any good thing ther, by repeated experiences, this come out of Nazareth ? On the other indefatigable naturalist has been hand, as there may be foreigners, frequently entertained with the light though I believe very few, infected of beetles, from the same parental with like national prejudices, I ftorge, interring moles, frogs, birds, would refer them to our transactions fishes, &c. and concludes with this and other publications, as shining pious observation: that animals, proofs that the poet did not flatter when become unfit for the uses an- his country when he says, its nanexed to their life, immediately tives are after their death acquire others; In genius and substantial learnand thus even in their destruction,

ing high, concur to the universal design of the Her sons of glory many. Creator, whose wisdom and good

I am, Sir, &c.


Şome Account of the New Farce, acted at Drury-Lane, called the


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yet on a hint from my lord of doub- the assaults of the nobleman; on ling that sum, if he should like her which Harwood, Frankly, and Wil. on fight, the nobleman is desired to liams, who had been concealed in amuse himself in another room, the adjacent room, come to her res. till she comes.

cue, and discover her to be Maria, The young woman next appears, and Tricket to be her uncle, who, by to whom Gullwell introduces his means of the forged will abovelordship, and under a pretence of mentioned, of which villany more the coming of more company, puts ample proofs have appeared in the them into a room together to settle letter delivered by mistake to Wilthe terms of her engagement.-In liams, had defrauded her out of the interim, one Tricket enters in goool. Of this sum Gullwell, the apparent confusion, and mention- adviser of this act of baseness, aping a letter which he had sent to pears for his affistance in it to have Gullwell in the morning, but which received 10001.-But on both con. had not come to hand, acquaints senting to refund the money to the the audience by his conversation, lady, in consideration of Tricket's that he and Gullwell had been con- relationship to her, and the imporcerned in the forging of a will, for fibility of punishing Gullwell, withthe discovery of which he is now out exposing the uncle, they both alarmed.-Gullwell however makes are suffered to escape unhurt. And him somewhat easy on that head, the farce concludes with the union when the young woman runs in of Harwood and Maria. Prieking and calling for help from

The different Effects of the Social GLASS, on different Men.

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per." The glass moves, Ned catches pretty piece of uninformed machithe first subject that offers, and di- nery, or mute puppet, after drinkverts the whole company for the ing three dishes more spoke like an next two hours.

angel; and rallied even lady HarThere are other topers whose riot with such a spirit and delicacy, wit partly depends upon the wine, that she was the admiration of the and partly upon their time of meet- whole company." ing. Some, what quantity soever When I left them, I fell into a they drink, cannot be merry till variety of reflections upon this the clock is turned of twelve ; and speech; trying if I could resolve it others, who have fat in a fort of into some natural cause or reason. lethargy all night, are roused into I begin to consider that the animal an air of extreme gaiety, by a thun- spirits in the softer sex might be of dering bounce at the tavern-door, a finer and more delicate texture, and the exhilirating voice of past two than those in the male part of our o'clock. The morning watchman has species; and therefore did not rethe same effects upon the parts of quire such fpirituous liquors to ex. these people, as the liberal glass has alt them as ours do, but received upon others; their senses, that that brisk and lively turn, which feemed to have been fled, rally at the difposes the brain to mirth and wit, call of the staff, and they feldom from more gentle and temperate leave the field without a complete vapours. I was confirmed in my victory. Wine is said to be a great notion by considering the diffebetrayer of fecrets, and in no case rent operations of wines upon difmore apparently than in this, that ferent constitutions among our own you may keep company with some sex; the middle part of mankind men of referved tempers for the are not to be excited to their gaiespace of many years, without ever ties but hy the strength of Port, fufpecting that they have any thing over which a beau would languish in them, and after a hearty bottle with the head-ach ; the polite and discover them to be wits.

elegant are obliged to the French Such are the obligations one sex vineyards for all their humour, and has to the powers of this juice, and the robust sailor scorns to be moved the fashion of our country does not to his rough gallantries by any lipermit us to know whether it quor that has not suffered a distillamight not have the same effect up- tion, on female understandings. How. But of the tribe of wine-bibbers ever, I cannot help taking notice of none are more indebted to the an observation I lately heard in grape, and none have been more company with some ladies; they grateful to their benefactor, than were talking very civil things, as the poets. Horace, who was himthey usually do of their absent ac- self a great lover of his glass, inquaintance ; when one of them faid, sinuates by way of excuse, that it that, “ Lady Harriot the other day was impossible to be a good poet was mighty satirical after the tenth without it, and lays it down as a dish of tea, and that Miss Betty, maxim, that the works of a waterwhom she ever looked upon as a drinker must be as poor and spirito


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