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For J U N E, 1761.


Bishop of Rochester, [concluded.)

* *3*HE secret committee of

Yo the house of commons,

appointed to examine into the plot, reported that

various methods were at N S X tempted, and various times fixed, for putting the design in execution. That the first intention was to have pro. cured a regular body of foreign troops to invade these kingdoms, at the time of the elections for members of parliament. But the conspirators being disappointed in this expectation, resolved next to make an attempt at the time it was generally believed his majesty intended to go to Hanover, by the help of such officers and soldiers as could pass into England unobserved from abroad, under the command of the duke of Ormond, who was to have landed in the river with a great quantity of arms, provided in Spain for that purpose. That the Tower was at the same time to have been seized, and the city of London made a place of arms: but that this design also Weing disappointed by many concutring June, 1761.

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See the note near the end of this life, relating to the dutchess of Buckingham. † All the evidence the commons proceeded upon was this : a scheme taken among Mr. Layer's papera; some letters Atopped at the post office; the papers taken at the


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