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veya hala of Spain, since the: Gammencement of the present War with France is 14. Letter from a Merchanty lately arrived from Spain, to a Perfon og

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that I have no occafion to comment furN the perufal, in the public papers, ther upon them; but refer you to Role's

of a letter from a right honourable Antigallican's letters, fo lately published, person to be in the city, I could not help . III. His majesty's fhip the Experiment epochaing at that part, where he says, was chared off the coaft of Spain, by the " And this founded on what Spain had al- Telemachus privateer, of near double her ready done, not on what that court may force : but by the gallant behaviour of farther intend to do." I'make no doubt, captain Strachan and his crew, the French that a certain person has a long time were almost all cut td pièces when the fmothered his refentment against that Telemachus ftruck, and captain Strachan court, for reasons best known to himfelf; ftood, afterwards for the Spanish coast, but now, to use his own emphatic ex- when he sent his boat with his matter and pression on another occafion, " The four men alhore to fand fome of the Spanith meafure being full," that just re. prisoners, and bring him off fome necelsentment has been shewn by him in a man- faries. The boat was immediately de. ner becoming the minifter of the people. tained, and the officer and crew thrown That juft resentment only wanted to be into prison; the governor altedging, that as firmly supported, as it was feafonably the French ship was an illegat capture, exerted, to have accomplished all the ends though the came off from the tand where of the prefent war, by punishing all our me lay at an anchor, and pursued, and enemies, and that Spain long bas been, is, first engaged the Experiment. The marand fill may be, an infidious enemy to us, ter is but a few weeks ago 'returned here admits of no doubt : or if it foculd, let the from bis long imprisonment. Thas the following facts, among many others, as Spaniards have dealt with a British man naked and plain as they are incontestibly of war, as well as with a Britih privatrue, and can be authentica'ed, give a full teer, Is this infult to the Brivifh fag to proof to the enemies of our late minister, be borne, when that flag awes the whole of the conduct of the Spaniards towards, world ? . Great Britain, even from the very com- IV. About June, 1760, the Saltath mencement of the present war against floop of war chaled op 'thore a French France.*".

row-boat a few leagues to the eastward 1. I mall first mention the affair of St. of Almeria bay, and some time after the Lucar, a Spanish port, about seven leagues took a French row-boat off Mahon, and from Cadiz. There were eleven fail of pue a midshipman and fourteen mien on English vessels in that harbour, who failed board, and some time in the following out with Spanish pilots on board, and at month came to anchor in that bay. This the mouth of that river, between the two Spaniards detained her, and made the mea necks of land, and in soal water, they prisoners: upon which the captain of the were followed by a French privatcer, and Salrath, finding his prize not come out, brought back. Great application was sent his boat with the master and five mer, made by the late Sir Benjamin Keene to to know the reason; who, on coming the court' of Madrid, but to no purpose ; on shore, were threatened by the Spanish they were deemed good prizes, altho' soldiers to be fired at, unlefs they hauled taken within the land.

their boat ashore, to a port a quarter of a Il.' The next was the affair of the Anmile from thence, which they refused to tigallican, and her prize the Penthievre; do; infifting, as British fubjces, they had and the treatment the late Sir Benj. Keene, a right to Spanish protection : whereupon our then amballador' at Madrid, received they seized the boat's crew, (as well as the on that occasion, are facts so well known, prize) and purithem in the common priand ro recent in the minds of every one, fon, where the master was ftruck and


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A Proposal for promoting Matrimony, and for rendering the Marriage-State

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Prebere quæro, inquit, ex iftis virginibus formofifsimas, dum pingo id quod polli. citus sum vobis, ut mutum in fimulacrum ex animali exemplo veritas transferatur. Ille autem quinque delegit. Neque enim putavit omnia quæ quærere ad venustarem, uno in corpore se reperire poffe ; ideo quod nibil fimplici in genere omnibus ex partibus perfectum natura expolivit. Cic. Lib. 2. de Inv. cap. 1.


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