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A Letter from the Right Hon. R- d R , I g; to the Right Hon. the

Earl of *****
St. James's Place, 08. 18, 1760. stand you avow yourfelf to be the

author of. As I have the honour My LORD,

to enjoy a considerable share of the | Received, by the last post from duke of B- d's confidence, and 1 Ireland, an inclosed printed pa- by my employment, as his principal per, which I am given to undere fecretary, may be supposed to be


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n. T Have read the ingenious Dia- buman kind; yet I have not exceeded I logues of the Dead : ) find (page even in that virtue. 139) that I am an exile, and guilty I am not fettled in Switzerland, of some excesses in writing. I am as he believes. I live in my own obliged (and perhaps for the honour lands in France ; retreat is becom. of my country) to say I am not an ing to old age, and more becoming exile, because I have not committed in one's own poffeffions. If I enjoy the excesses the author of the Dia- a little country-house, near Geneva, logues imputes to me. . my mannors and my castles are in

No body raised his voice higher Burgundy; and if my king has been than mine in favour of the rights of pleased to confirm the přiviledges of

my my lands, which are free from all As to religion, I think and I hope tribute, I am the more addicted to he thinks with me, that God, is my king.

neither a Presbiterian, nor a LutheIf I was an exile, I had not ob-' ran, nor of the Low Church, nor of tained from my court many a past- the High Church; but God is the port for English noblemen. The fer- father of all mankind, the father of vice I rendered to them intitles me the noble author, and mine. to the justice I expect from the noble Castle of Fornex author.

in Burgundy.

I am, &c.

I-I N 's Answer to the above. SIR,

ters. The favours done you by | Have received the honour of your your king are an honour to him,

letter, dated from your castle of but add little luftre to the name of Fornex in Burgundy, by which I Voltaire. find I was guilty of an error, in call- I intirely agree with you, that ing your retirement an exile. When God is the father of all mankind; another edition Mall be made of my and should think it blasphemy to Dialogues, either in English or confine his goodness to a sect; nor French, I will take care that this do I believe that any of his creatures error shall be corrected; and I am are good in his fight, if they do not very sorry I was not apprised of it extend their benevolence to all his sooner, that I might have corrected creation. These opinions I rejoice it in the edition of a French transla. to see in your works, and shall be tion of them just published under very happy to be convinced, that my inspection in London. To do the liberty of your thoughts and you justice is a duty I owe to truth your pen, upon subjects of philofoand myself; and you have a much phy and religion, never exceeded better title to it, than from the pass the bounds of this generous prinports you say you have procured for ciple, which is authorised by reveEnglish noblemen: you are intitled lation as much as by religion ; or to it, Sir, by the high sentiments of that you disapprove, in your hours respect I have for you, which are of sober reflection, any irregular not paid to the priviledges you tell fallies of fancy, which cannot be me your king has confirmed to your justified, though they may be excused lands, but to the noble talents God by the vivacity and fire of a great has given you, and the superior genius. rank you hold in the Republic of Let

I have the honour to be, &c.

To the Authors, &c.

[From the Pub. Ledger.)


the performance of any new piece, which THE great scarcity of Comic Genius in bore the name of a Comedy. I went

the writings of the Drama, which has therefore to the first night of the Yealous been apparent among us for so long a pe- Wife, a Comedy written by Mr. Colman, riod, could not but ferongly excite my cu- Author of many of the humorous essays, riolity to attend with the very earliest to published under the title of the Connoisseur.

I went,

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