First Deficiecy Appropriation Bill for 1937, Hearings Before the Subcommittee of ... 75-1, on H.R. 3687


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Seite 120 - ... accruing therefrom. 2. The Commission may determine and publish fair and reasonable rates from the date of filing the petition therefor. 3. Upon rehearing, rates of compensation for the transportation of air mail by airplane, and the service connected therewith, over air-mail routes nos. 3 and 16, found to be not fair and reasonable from the date of the petition for review, and fair and reasonable rates determined and published. 4. Previous report. 206 ICC 675. Francis D. Butler and Seth W. Richardson...
Seite 106 - ... survey up to date. There is ample reason to suspect that the data compiled by the safety bureau of the New York Shipping Association leaves much to be desired in the way of completeness and honesty. Therefore, I request that there be included in the record the following excerpts from Bulletin No.
Seite 133 - In the second capacity, while not bound by the rule of res judicata, it was bound to recognize the validity of the rule of conduct prescribed by it and not to repeal its own enactment with retroactive effect. It could repeal the order as it affected future action, and substitute a new rule of conduct as often as occasion might require, but this was obviously the limit of its power, as of that of the legislature itself.
Seite 131 - Boston, 15 Pick. 198. 208. In fact the necessary investigation takes a long time, in these cases years ; but reasonable compensation for the years thus occupied is a constitutional right of the companies no less than it is for the future.
Seite 91 - ... a comparison shall be made between the actual purchase price of the foreign materials (excluding any material which at the time such article is entered, or withdrawn from warehouse, for consumption in the United States, may be imported into the United States from a foreign country, other than Cuba or the...
Seite 100 - Congress), are hereby made available for the fiscal year ending June 30, 1936, to the Department of Labor for expenses of the administration of this Act.
Seite 91 - Canada which is entered, or withdrawn from warehouse, for consumption in the United States, during any given half of any calendar year exceeds or will exceed 25 per centum of the combined total of the shipments of red cedar shingles by producers in the United States and the imports during the preceding half year, the President shall issue an order limiting for the six months immediately following the half of the calendar year in which said excess occurred, the quantity of red cedar shingles to be...
Seite 130 - In arriving at such determination the Commission shall disregard losses resulting, in the opinion of the Commission* from the unprofitable maintenance of nonmail schedules, in cases where the Com* mission may find that the gross receipts from such schedules fail to meet the additional operating expense occasioned thereby.
Seite 131 - The true rule would be, as in the case of other purchases, that the price is due and ought to be paid, at the moment the purchase is made, when credit is not specially agreed on. And if a pie-powder court could be called on the instant and on the spot, the true rule of justice for the public would be, to pay the compensation with one hand, whilst they apply the axe with the other...
Seite 100 - The sum herein authorized for each fiscal year shall be apportioned among the several States in the following manner: one-half in the ratio which the population of each State bears to the total population of all the States, as shown by the latest available Federal census: Provided, That no State shall receive less than three-fourths of 1 per centum of the money so apportioned; and one-half in the manner now provided by law for...

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