Quarterly Bulletin of the Brooklyn Public Library, Bände 1-3;Band 7

The Library, 1908

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Seite 234 - Year 1796,' in which the charge of speculation against Alexander Hamilton, late Secretary of the Treasury, is fully refuted. Written by Himself."— EDS.
Seite 216 - King Arthur, of his noble knights of the Round Table, their marvellous enquests and adventures, the achieving of the Sangreal, and in the end the dolorous death and departing out of this world of them all.
Seite 193 - I. Of the Origin and Design of Government in general, with concise Remarks on the English Constitution.
Seite 56 - A History of Our Own Times, from the Accession of Queen Victoria to the General Election of 1880.
Seite 182 - Novanglus and Massachusettensis, or Political Essays, published in the years 1774 and 1775, on the principal points of controversy between Great Britain and her colonies. The former by John Adams...
Seite 56 - ENGEL'S (CARL) Music of the Most Ancient Nations ; particularly of the Assyrians, Egyptians, And Hebrews; with Special Reference to the Discoveries in Western Asia and in Egypt. With 100 Illustrations. 8vo. 16s. ENGLAND (HISTORY or) from the Peace of Utrecht to the Peace of Versailles, 1713—83. By LORD MAHON (now Earl Stanhope). Library Edition, 7 Vols. 8vo. 93«.
Seite 6 - PETROLEUM MINING AND OIL-FIELD DEVELOPMENT. A Guide to the Exploration of Petroleum Lands, and a Study of the Engineering Problems connected with the Winning of Petroleum. Including Statistical Data of important Oil Fields.
Seite 200 - Essai philologique sur les commencemens de la typographie à Metz et sur les imprimeurs de cette ville, puisé dans les matériaux d'une histoire littéraire, biographique et bibliographique de Metz et de sa province (par Teissier).
Seite 44 - KAUTZSCH (E.). AN OUTLINE OF THE HISTORY OF THE LITERATURE OF THE OLD TESTAMENT. With Chronological Tables for the History of the Israelites, and other Aids to the Explanation of the Old Testament.
Seite 198 - Hitopadésa, ou L'instruction utile, recueil d'apologues et de contes , traduit du sanscrit , avec des notes historiques et littéraires et un Appendice contenant l'indication des sources et des imitations, par M. Ed. LANCEREAU, membre de la Société Asiatique. i vol. 5 fr. On trouve dans ce volume beaucoup de fables et de contes qui ont passé dans les littératures modernes , particulièrement dans la nôtre. SOUS PRESSE : Nouvelles françaises en prose , du XIII siècle, avec Notices et notes...

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