The American Journal of Science

J.D. & E.S. Dana, 1889

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Seite 5 - Do not all fixed bodies, when heated beyond a certain degree, emit light and shine, and is not this emission performed by the vibrating motions of their parts?
Seite 13 - ... books could teach about every branch of knowledge, was judged by himself and by the public to be the fittest interpreter to it, of the physical science of this day.
Seite 16 - I should need to abbreviate and injure in order to quote ; but did ever a learned physical treatise and collection of useful tables begin like this before? "I was born at Parma, and when I got a holiday used to go into the country the night before, and go to bed early, so as to get up before the dawn. Then I used to steal silently out of the house, and run, with bounding heart, till I got to the top of a little hill, where I used to set myself so as to look toward the East.
Seite 13 - England, of whom it was observed, that, "if he had but known a little law, he would have known a little of everything." He uses the then all-powerful Edinburgh Review for his pulpit, and from it fulminates the condemnations of the church on the innovating memoir of the heretical Young. "This paper," he says, "contains nothing which deserves the name of experiment or discovery ; and it is, in fact, destitute of every species of merit . . . first is another lecture, containing more fancies, more blunders,...

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