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he will prolong the time, and return words of grief, and complain of the time. Many therefore have refused to lend for other men's ill deal. ing, fearing to be defrauded: yet have thou patience with a man in poor estate, and delay not to shew him mercy.

Deliver all things in number and weight; and put all in writing that thou givest out, or receivest in. Lose thy money for thy brother and thy friend, and let it not rust under a stone to be lost. Be not hasty in thy tongue, and in thy deeds slack and remiss. Be not as a lion in thy house, nor frantic among thy servants. If thou set thy servant to labour, thou shalt find rest : but if thou let him go idle, he shall seek liberty. Send him to labour, that he be not idle ; for idleness teacheth much evil. Set him to work, as is fit for him: but be not excessive toward any; and without discretion do nothing. If thou have a servant, entreat him as a brother: for thou hast need of him, as of thine own soul: if thou entreat him evil, and he run from thee, which way wilt thou go to seek him? Whereas thy servant worketh truly, entreat him not evil, nor the hireling that bestoweth himself wholly for thee. Let thy soul love a good servant, and defraud him not of liberty. Be not ashamed to inform the unwise and foolish, and the extreme aged that contendeth with those that are young: thus shalt thou be truly learned, and approved of all men living. Learn before thou speak, and use physic or ever thou be sick. When thou hast enough, remember the time of hunger: and when thou art rich, think upon poverty and need. Go not in a way wherein thou mayest fall, and stumble not among the stones. Be not confident in a plain way.

Do nothing without advice : and when thou hast once done, repent not. Whatsoever thou takest in hand, remember the end, and thou shalt never do amiss. Laugh no man to scorn in the bitterness of his soul: for there is one which humbleth and exalteth.

From the same.

Speak, young man, if there be need of thee: and yet scarcely when thou art twice asked. Let thy speech be short, comprehending much in few words; be as one that knoweth and yet holdeth his tongue. If thou be among great men, make not thyself equal with them; and when ancient men are in place, use not many words. Before the thunder goeth lightning: and before a shamefaced man shall go favour. Observe the opportunity, and beware of evil; and

be not ashamed, when it concerneth thy soul. For there is a shame that bringeth sin: and there is a shame which is glory and grace. Accept no person against thy soul, and let not the reverence of any man cause thee to fall. Who will justify him that sinneth against his own soul? and who will honour him that dishonoureth his own life. Be not ashamed to confess thy sins, and refrain not to speak, when there is occasion to do good. For by speech wisdom shall be known: and learning by the word of the tougue. Look that thou hedge thy possession about with thorns, and bind up thy silver and gold. And weigh thy words in a balance, and make a door and bar for thy mouth. Rise up betimes, and be not the last : but get thee home without delay. There take thy pastime, and do what thou wilt: but sin not by proud speech. And for these things bless him that made thee, and hath replenished thee with his good things.

From the same.

Miss not the discourse of the elders : for they also learned of their fathers, and of them thou. shalt learn understanding, and to give answer as

need requireth. Despise not the discourse of the wise, but acquaint thyself with their proverbs : for of them thou shalt learn instruction. If thou hast gathered nothing in thy youth, how canst thou find any thing in thine age? If thou be among the indiscreet, observe the time; but be continually among men of understanding. Strive not in a matter that concerneth thee not; and sit not in judgement with sinners. My son, med . dle not with many matters: for if thou meddle: much, thou shalt not be innocent: and if thou follow after, thou shalt not obtain, neither shalt thou escape by fleeing Be not called a whisperer, and lie not in wait with thy tongue : for a foul shame is upon the thief, and an evil condemnation upon the double tongue. Be not ignorant of any thing in a great matter or a small. If thou hast understanding, answer thy neighbour; if not, lay thy hand upon thy mouth. Be not an hypocrite. in the sight of men, and take good heed what thou speakest. Rehearse not unto another that which is told unto thee, and thou shalt fare never the worse. Whether it be to a friend or foe, talk not of other men's lives; and if thou canst without offence, reveal. them not. If thou hast heard a word, let it die with thee: and be bold, it will not burst' thee. Winnow not with every wind, and go not into every way : for so doth the sinner that hath a double tongue. Be sted fast in thy understanding; and let thy word be the same. Be swift to hear; and let thy life be sincere; and with patience give answer. Consult not with a fool; for he cannot keep counsel. Do no secret thing before a stranger; for thou knowest not what he will bring forth. Open not thine heart to every man, lest he requite thee with a shrewd turn. Consult nut with one that suspecteth thee: and hide thy counsel from such as envy thee. Neither consult with a woman touching her of whom she is jealous; neither with a coward in matters of war; nor with a merchant concerning exchange; nor with a buyer of selling; nor with an envious man of thankfulness; nor with an unmerciful man touching kindness; nor with the slothful for any work; nor with an bireling for a year of finishing work; nor with an idle servant of much business: hearken not unto these in any matter of counsel. But be continually with a godly man, whom thou klowest to keep the commandments of the Lord, whose mind is according to thy mind, and will sorrow with thee if thou shalt miscarry. And let the counsel of thine own heart stand: for there is no man more faithful unto thee than it. For a man's mind is sometime wont to tell him more than

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