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Gryphon Books, 1907 - 272 Seiten

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Seite 164 - AT evening when the lamp is lit, Around the fire my parents sit; They sit at home and talk and sing, And do not play at anything. Now, with my little gun, I crawl All in the dark along the wall, And follow round the forest track Away behind the sofa back. There, in the night, where none can spy, All in my hunter's camp I lie, And play at books that I have read Till it is time to go to bed. These are the hills, these are the woods, These are my starry solitudes...
Seite 96 - Life ! we've been long together Through pleasant and through cloudy weather; 'Tis hard. to part when friends are dear — Perhaps 'twill cost a sigh, a tear; — Then steal away, give little warning, Choose thine own time; Say not Good Night, — but in some brighter clime Bid me Good Morning.
Seite 103 - The children were to come soon after ten in the morning, and stay till twelve ; they were then to go home, and return at one ; and after reading a lesson, they were to be conducted to church. After church they were to be employed in repeating the catechism till halfpast five, and then to be dismissed with an injunction to go home without making a noise, and by no means to play in the street.
Seite 127 - I have no name : I am but two days old." What shall I call thee? " I happy am. Joy is my name." Sweet joy befall thee! Pretty joy! Sweet joy but two days old, Sweet joy I call thee: Thou dost smile, I sing the while Sweet joy befall thee.
Seite 61 - ... should not conceive of wrong. Obedient, as bark to helm, not by sudden strain or effort, but in the freedom of its bright course of constant life; true, with an undistinguished, painless, unboastful truth, in a crystalline household world of truth; gentle, through daily entreatings of gentleness, and honourable trusts, and pretty prides of child-fellowship in offices of good ; strong, not in bitter and doubtful contest with temptation, but in peace of heart, and armour of habitual right, from...
Seite 133 - Midsummer Night's Dream; or, rather, like an old literary Darby and Joan: I taking snuff and he groaning all the while, and saying he can make nothing of it which he always says till he has finished, and then he finds out he has made something of it.
Seite 99 - Billy is better than a horse, and such like : instead of that beautiful interest in wild tales which made the child a man, while all the time he suspected himself to be no bigger than a child.
Seite 114 - It was an affecting sight. Several of the grown-up youths had been tried at the last assizes ; three were the children of a person lately condemned to be hanged ; — many thieves ! all ignorant, profane, and vicious beyond belief ! Of this banditti we have enlisted one hundred and seventy ; and when the clergyman, a hard man, who is also the magistrate, saw these creatures kneeling round us, whom he had seldom seen but to commit or to punish in some way, he burst into tears.
Seite 136 - March 11, 1808. DEAR GODWIN— The giant's vomit was perfectly nauseous, and I am glad you pointed it out. I have removed the objection. To the other passages I can find no other objection but what you may bring to numberless passages besides, such as of Scylla snatching up the six men, etc., — that is to say, they are lively images of shocking things. If you want a book, which is not occasionally to shock, you should not have thought of a tale which was so full of anthropophagi and wonders. I...
Seite 15 - ... of children, warning them at the same time against thistles and thorns. And I devise to children the banks of the brooks, and the golden sands beneath the waters thereof, and the odors of the willows that dip therein, and the white clouds that float high over the giant trees. And I leave the children the long, long days to be merry in, in a thousand ways, and the night and the moon and the train of the Milky Way to wonder at, but subject nevertheless to the rights hereinafter given to lovers.

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