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which were made to affect them by that Being who formed the soul at first, who knows its inward frame, and how to please and ravish it in all its most secret powers and faculties. If the Apostle Paul was caught up into the third heavens, saw such glorious scenes, and heard such unspeakable words, as it is not possible for man to utter; what must the complete enjoyment of future glory be, when all the purposes of divine grace in the salvation of man shall be fully accomplished, and the whole company of the redeemed shall meet together in the celestial mansions, to mingle their grati. tude and joys in one, and to join in the same rapturous song of praise to Him that sitteth upon the throne and to the Lamb for ever and ever!

Thus have I attempted, my friends, to give you a faint description of the glory into which the people of God will be received upon their leaving this sinful and wretched world. This shall be the end of their faith, hope and patience,—the glorious issue of all their trials and afflictions, of their labours and their sorrows.

They shall enter into rest. He who conducted them through life, shall afterwards receive them to glory. Some may have longer to remain in this world than others; some may have a greater share of afflictions to endure,-severely tossed on the sea of human life, and threatened with its raging billows, but in heaven all the redeemed of God shall safely land at last, and find an abundant recompence for all the labours and sufferings of the present state.

Their sun shall no more go

down ; neither shall the moon withdraw its light ; but the Lord shall be their everlasting light, and the days of their mourning shall be ended.

Happy art thou, O believer, who hast the well-grounded hope of divine conduct through life, and of glory at the end of thy journey. What though Providence may sometimes, with respect to thee, wear a dark and frowning aspect ? what though thy way to glory may be often blocked up with briars and thorns ; -though the dearest of thy earthly comforts should be removed, or unexpected trials should arise to shake thy faith and constancy ?- It is still the hand of a Fa

ther that guides and upholds thy steps. It is an infallible pilot, who has undertaken to conduct thee through the rocks and shelves of this dangerous ocean: and however dark or stormy the passage may be, the glories of Immanuel's land, to which thou hast the assurance of being brought at last, will make ample amends for all the dangers and hardships to which thou hast been exposed.

But what comfort can this subject yield to those, who are living without God and without hope in the world? What comfort can it yield to those, who are satisfied with their part and portion in this present life ?—who never felt the need of a heavenly Guide, nor sought in good earnest a title to that weight of glory that awaits the faithful at the end of their journey ? Alas! are there not many such in every corner of the land, and in

every assembly? Do not the tempers and lives of multitudes too plainly declare, that they have neither part nor lot in this matter, and that they are comparatively few in any place, or in any age, who can say, upon equally good grounds with the pious Psalmist, “ Thou shalt guide me


“ with thy counsel, and afterward receive “ me to glory.”

If persons live in the neglect of their souls and eternity,-if they are “ earth

ly, or sensual, or devilish,”-if sin in one shape or other has dominion over them,-if they choose the company of the licentious and profane, and join with them in the laugh at serious godliness :-Or, supposing them outwardly decent, if they have no relish for spiritual exercises,--no love to vital religion, no experience of the enlightening, quickening, and transforming influence of divine grace ;—what shall I say? I dare not flatter such with a false and groundless hope: I dare not say, “ Ye shall “ have peace though ye walk after the

imaginations of your own hearts. " Rather would I endeavour, if possible, to alarm you with a sense of your danger. -You live in an evil and ensnaring world ; yet are as secure as if you stood in no need of any counsel or aid. You are assuredly going on the broad way to destruction, yet as easy and unconcerned as if certain of future glory. O the blindness and infatuation that have

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seized the minds of men, who, amidst a thousand trifling cares, never seriously attend to the one thing needful --who never think by what means they may be brought to the possession of eternal life or how they shall screen themselves from the storm of divine vengeance which their transgressions have provoked, and which at any time may burst upon

their defenceless heads. Flee then speedily and without delay, from this impending danger, to your Lord and Saviour ; and under the shadow of his

mercy, seek for peace and safety. Think, if you now refuse advice and resist persuasion, how you will meet and endure the

day of vengeance of your God.” Then he, who is now waiting to be your merciful Saviour, will come as an inexorable judge; then he, who would now “ gather you as a hen gathereth her chic“ kens under her wings,” will drive you from his presence with irresistible fury ; and will pour out upon you the tempest of his indignation and jealousy, without remedy, without mitigation, and without end. O think of all this before it is too late! Consider, and lay to heart, in


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