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ignorance, sin, and corruption, “ under “ which we labour and groan, being bur“ dened,” we shall be better able to judge of the perfection and extent of divine love.-Love, Christians, is the exercise and the happiness of heaven. There love will be perfected ; and perfect love casteth out fear. New and surprising discoveries of the love of God will be made to the saints through the countless ages of eternity. New emanations of bliss will continually flow from this boundless source, to render happy, and to augment the enjoyment of those who are the objects of redeeming love. And still this love will remain undiminished, still this love will continue an unfathomable and inexhaustible ocean, after millions of millions of happy creatures have through as many ages been drinking of its life-giving streams. The innumerable company of the ransomed of the Lord, gathered out of all nations, and kindreds, and people, and tongues, shall at last be made perfect in one, in one body, under one head; and experiencing the full effects of redeeming mercy, shall all, without one jarring note, unite

in celebrating the wonders of redeeming love, in singing eternal songs of praise to Him who sitteth upon the throne, and to the Lamb that was slain,

From what has been said, learn to entertain just and honourable thoughts of God. Receive your notions of his character and perfections, not from the erring and uncertain opinions of men,-not from your own presumptuous hopes or desponding fears, but from his infallible declarations. Above all, contemplate the character of God as revealed in the gospel of Jesus Christ, in which he

appears clothed with all the authority and majesty of a righteous Judge, and at the same time wearing the mild and

graceful aspect of a loving and gracious Father. Beware, however, of despising the riches of his goodness, or of abusing his grace by turning it into lasciviousness, and thence of taking encouragement to go on in a course of wilful sin and disobedience. Do

you dare foolishly to imagine that God will not punish sinners, and that he has uttered threatenings


which he never purposes to execute ? 0 trust not to such a deceitful, such a presumptuous thought. Remember that God is just and holy as well as merciful; and that if “ because sentence against their “ evil works be not executed speedily, 66 therefore the heart of the sons of men 6 is the more fully set in them to do evil ;” if they are not led by the Lord's goodness to repentance, the certain consequence will be, that judgment will at length overtake them, and at a time when they are not aware.

Was it not thus with the people before the flood? God granted them a reprieve for the space of one hundred and twenty years; but when at the end of that period they still continued impenitent, the flood came and destroyed them all. Was it not thus with Israel in the wilderness ? The Lord bore with them for a season, but at length, in the day of provocation, he sware in his wrath that they should never enter into his rest. See that


refuse not the offers of a God of love; “ for if the word spoken by

angels was stedfast, and every trans


gression and disobedience received a “just recompence of reward ; how shall

if we neglect so great salva$ tion ?”Amen.

66 we escape,



HEBREWS xii. 14.

Follow holiness, without which, no man shall see the Lord.

The term holiness bears different significations in Scripture. Sometimes it implies no more than absence, or want of sin and impurity, or, speaking generally, a separation from all moral imperfection. In this sense, our blessed Lord is described, as being “ holy, harmless, and 66 undefiled.” It is at other times fre- . quently put in opposition to gross sin and wickedness, as in the following passage : “ Let us cleanse ourselves from all « filthiness of the flesh and spirit, per

fecting holiness in the fear of the Lord.”

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