The Official Report of the Recent Arctic Expedition

J. Murray, 1876 - 96 Seiten

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Seite 48 - Buntings and Knots arrived. A number of the young of the latter were killed in July, but no nests or eggs were found. Early in June, Ducks and Geese passed, in small flocks of about a dozen, flying towards the NW, but owing to a heavy fall of snow, lasting three days, which covered the land more completely than at any other time during our stay, at least half the number returned to the southward, not pleased with their prospects so far north. " Two dozen small Trout were caught during the autumn...
Seite 54 - Both men and officers were unanimous in favour of the change and willingly put up with the misery of standing still in the cold with cold feet during the long halt needed for the purpose of boiling the water; and all agreed that they worked better after the tea lunch than during the forenoon.
Seite 72 - On considering the result of the spring sledging operations, I concluded that, owing to the absence of land trending to the northward and the Polar pack not being navigable, no ship could be carried north on either side of Smith's Sound beyond the position we had already attained; and also that from any attainable position in Smith's Sound it was impossible to advance nearer the pole by sledges.
Seite 47 - Naturalist to the Expedition; preferring that the report on the numerous scientific subjects to which he has directed his attention should emanate from himself: I will merely state here that no one moment has been lost by this indefatigable collector and observer. He has, moreover, by his genial disposition and ready help on all occasions, won the friendship of all, and I feel confident that their Lordships will highly appreciate his valuable services. I am only doing him justice when I state that...
Seite 3 - Accordingly both ships proceeded at full speed to the westward, racing in company for Cape York, with only about a dozen icebergs in sight ahead, floating quietly on a calmly mirrored sea, to dispute our passage.
Seite 62 - Separating these floes, as it were, by a broadened out-hedge, lay a vast collection of de'bris of the previous summer's broken-up pack ice, which had been re-frozen during the winter into one chaotic rugged mass of angular blocks of various heights up to 40 and 50 feet, and every possible shape, leaving little, if any, choice of road over, through, or round about them.
Seite 6 - Markham and myself proceeded in a boat to Littleton Island and Lifeboat Cove, the scene of the wreck of the "Polaris." The cache mentioned by Dr. Emil Bessels and Mr. Bryant of the " United States North Pole Expedition " as the depository of certain instruments and boxes of books, was very readily discovered, but contained nothing. Articles of clothing and numerous small caches containing seal and walrus meat were scattered about the small peninsula in the neighbourhood of the late winter quarters;...
Seite 61 - AB—were able to drag the sledges alongside. Three others, Edward Laurence, captain forecastle, George "Winston, AB, and Daniel Harley, captain foretop, manfully kept on their feet to the last; submitting to extreme pain and fatigue rather than by riding on the sledge increase the weight their enfeebled companions had to drag; and were just able to walk on board the ship •without assistance. The remaining eight, after a long struggle, had been forced to succumb to the disease, and •were carried...
Seite 51 - Parr, with two boats, and equipped for an absence of seventy days, was to force his way to the northward over the ice, starting off from the land near Cape Joseph Henry: three sledge crews under the commands of Dr. Moss and Mr. George White, accompanying them as far as their provisions would allow.

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