The Edinburgh Annual Register, Band 10

Walter Scott
John Ballantyne and Company, 1821

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Seite 43 - Mayoralty, with all our heart, with all our mind, with all our soul, and with all our strength...
Seite 350 - Her tragic paragons had grown ; They were the children of her pride, The columns of her throne. And undivided favour ran, From heart to heart, in their applause, Save for the gallantry of man, In lovelier woman's cause.
Seite 288 - An Act to authorize the Issue of Exchequer Bills, and the Advance of Money out of the Consolidated Fund, to a limited Amount, for the carrying on of Public Works and Fisheries in the United Kingdom, and Employment of the Poor...
Seite 349 - Whose image brought th' heroic age Revived to Fancy's view. Like fields refresh'd with dewy light When the sun smiles his last, Thy parting presence makes more bright Our memory of the past ; And memory conjures feelings up That wine or music need not swell, As high we lift the festal cup To Kemble — fare thee well...
Seite 350 - For ill can Poetry express Full many a tone of thought sublime, And Painting, mute and motionless, Steals but a glance of time. But by the mighty actor brought, Illusion's perfect triumphs come, — Verse ceases to be airy thought, And Sculpture to be dumb.
Seite 44 - And whereas the Senate of the United States have approved of the said arrangement and recommended that it should be carried into effect, the same having also received the sanction of 'His Royal Highness, the Prince Regent, acting in the name and on the behalf of His...
Seite 52 - He would deliver the jury his solemn opinion, as he was required by act of parliament to do ; and under the authority of that act, and still more in obedience to his conscience and his God, he pronounced this to be a most impious and profane libel. Believing and hoping that they, the jury, were Christians, he had not any doubt but that they would be of the same opinion.
Seite 236 - Sketch that, and show it to me." The words, from the experience of his sagacity, never failed to inspire me with hope of success. It was then sketched. Sometimes, when I was fond of a particular part, I used to dilate on it in the sketch; but to this he always objected. "I don't want any of your painting — none of your drapery! I can imagine all that. Let me see the bare skeleton.
Seite 11 - If people should not be called to account for possessing the people with an ill opinion of the government, no government can subsist. For it is very necessary for all governments that the people should have a good opinion of it...
Seite 317 - The examination of a coral reef during the different stages of one tide, is particularly interesting. When the tide has left it for some time it becomes dry, and appears to be a compact rock, exceedingly hard and ragged ; but...

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