Advance Chapter from Contributions to Economic Geology: Short Papers and Preliminary Reports, 1909. Metals and nonmetals, except fuels : copper, Issue 430, Part 2

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U.S. Government Printing Office, 1910 - Copper - 66 pages

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Page 65 - Geological Survey, Washington, DC The priced publications may be purchased from the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office, Washington, DC Those marked "Exhausted" are not available for distribution, but may be seen at the larger libraries of the country.
Page 19 - There are two centers of alaskite porphyry, and each is a center of ore deposition. The important copper deposits consist of large masses of pyritic ore, surrounded in most places by alaskite porphyry but here and there extending into shale. The ores are...
Page 58 - The fine sericite schist and schistose arkose at the base of the Cambrian are followed by the hard conglomerate and quartzite that form the higher ridges and peaks of South Mountain. ORE DEPOSITS. The copper ore is associated chiefly with the basic lavas, but in a few places is found in the porphyry. It is further restricted chiefly, if not entirely, to the large greenstone mass, previously referred to as a large flow apparently underlying the porphyry, for copper is not known to occur in the narrow...
Page 66 - Seven Devils," Idaho. In Min. and Sci. Press, vol. 78, p. 125. 1899. The copper deposits of the Seven Devils. In Twentieth Ann. Rept, pt. 3, pp. 249-253. 1900. Copper deposits of Snake River and Powder River, Oregon. In Twenty-second Ann. Rept., pt. 2, pp.
Page 65 - HF, and ULRICH, EO The copper deposits of Missouri. In Bulletin 260, pp. 233-235. 1905. 40c. BALL, SH Copper deposits of the Hartville uplift, Wyoming. In Bulletin 315, pp. 93-107. 1907. BOUTWELL, JM Ore deposits of Bingham, Utah. In Bulletin 213, pp. 105-122. 1903. 25c. Economic geology of the Bingham mining district, Utah. Professional Paper 38. 413 pp. 1905. Ore deposits of Bingham, Utah. In Bulletin 260, pp. 236-241. 1905. 40c. BUTLER, BS Copper. In Mineral Resources US for 1908, pt. 1, pp. 185-226....
Page 45 - Lindgren, Waldemar, Notes on copper deposits in Chaffee, Fremont, and Jefferson counties, Colo. : Bull . US Geol. Survey No. 340, 1908, pp.
Page 13 - ... comprises the Kennett formation (Middle Devonian) , which consists chiefly of black fissile shale, with scattered lenses of light-gray limestone and numerous gray or yellowish beds of tuffaceous material. Overlying the Kennett formation unconformably is the Bragdon formation (Mississippian) , which consists chiefly of black and gray shales, with thin interbedded layers of tuff and sandstone and bands of conglomerate. Above the Bragdon is the Pit shale, of Middle and Upper Triassic age, consisting...
Page 62 - On the lower eastern slope of Jacks Mountain are several old caved-in shafts in the greenstone. The rock brought out is amygdaloidal and massive greenstone highly altered to epidote and quartz. Some amygdules are filled with specular hematite and epidote. Mineralization is indicated by copper stain, but native copper was not observed. No recent work has been done at this place. ORIGIN OF THE ORE. The segregation of the copper in its present form is undoubtedly secondary. The native copper is associated...
Page 66 - LINDGREN, W., and GRATON, LC A reconnaissance of the mineral deposits of New Mexico.
Page 66 - W., GRATON, LC, and GORDON, CH The ore deposits of New Mexico. Professional Paper 68. 361 pp. 1910. PHALEN, WC Copper deposits near Luray, Va. In Bulletin 285, pp. 140143. 1906. RANSOME, FL Copper deposits of Bisbee, Ariz. In Bulletin 213, pp. 149157. 1903. 25c. The Globe copper district, Arizona. Professional Paper 12. 168 pp. 1904. 70c. Geology and ore deposits at the Bisbee quadrangle, Arizona.

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