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CARD-playing, observations on ELECTRICITY, and the universe,

167 the mechanism of 346 CARTHAGINIANS, their conduct ENSURING the ships of enemies, compared to that of England an essay upon

175 550 “Essay written on a drum-head CHARACTERISTICS of the pre

267 sent political state of Great EsTIMATE of the manners, &c. Britain

283 of the times, vol. II. 308 CHARLES I. account of his life EXPLANATORY defence of ditto and writings, by Mr. Harris

501 320 Expedition, secret, a farce 75 Chiron, or the mental optician - against Rochefort fully 244 stated

.83 CHYMISTRY, elements of the theory and practice of, by Mr.

F. Macquer Commerce and the arts, a vin- Fancy, an irregular ode 162 dication of

352 FARMER. See Surgery CONJUGAL love and duty, fee Farriery, the art of, by Mr. SERMON.


- 46 CONSIDERATIONS on industry Fevers, a treatise of, by Mr.

348 Ball CONSTANTIUS, emperor, an FISTULA lachrymalis, observa

abridgment of his reign 342 tions on, by Mr. Pott 377 Corn and grain, the causes of Folly of appointing men of their prefent high prices 72 p arts to great offices 268

Fordyce, historia febris milia

ris D.

FRANKEL. See Sermon.

FREDERIC the great in the temDEMONIACs in the New Testa ple of glory

353 · ment, the case of, by Dr. Free, Dr, See Salters. Lardner.

333 FREETHINKER, the political 71 DictioNARY, English and Swedish, by Dr. Serenius 421

Iconological, of images, figures, fymbols, &c. 522 Gospel history, credibility of Doubts, occasioned by the se- Dr. Lardner's supplement to cond volume of the estimate it, vol. II.

42 of the manners, &c. 400 Ditto, vol. TIT. . 188 Douglass. See Impotence . Gooch, Mr. See Surgery. DRAMA, remarks on the state Gout, the management of 347

441 Green. See Sermons.




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HABEAS corpus, enquiry into LADIES of Great Britain, an adthe nature of

441 dress to them Haller's disputationes phyficæ LAMENTATIONS of Jeremiah, a 68 collection of odes

153 Harris. See Charles.

LANGRISH. See Small-pox . Henrietta, by the author of LARDNER, Dr. See Gospel, De

the female Quixote, 2 vol. 122 moniacs. . HISTORY ecclesiastical of Eng- Legation divine, of Moses, part

land, by Dr. Warner 89 II. in 2 vol. History of the four last years of Leisure philosophical, or the the queen, by Dr. Swift 249 study of man

265 HOMER. See Poor

LELAND. See Philip. Hommes, les, unis par les ta- Letter from a porter in the lens 148 city

175 Hooke. See Senate.

a fixth to the people of HORREbow. See Iceland. England, 79, a review of ditto,






from Copenhagen, 160

to the mayor of ICELAND, the natural history of

164 by Mr. Horrebow 32 to the right hon. IDOLATRY, the rise, progress, concerning the militia 166 and decay of 343 to the bishop of

N h IMPOTEnce in men, and barren

ness in women, the nature L a seventh to the people of and causes of, by Dr. Doug England

350 lass

525 Letters two adapted to the INOCULATION, a poem 345 present juncture 206

an account of, by Dr. to the estimator of the Schultz : 386 manners, &c.

404 INSCRIPTIONS, Roman, a col

to the king of Prussia, lection of, in verse 326 by a man of quality 528 Ireland disgraced, &c. 173 Lettre familliari, &c. di Mare ISABELLA, or the fatal marriage, tinelli

144 a play

75 London bridge, the history of ITALY, a chronicle of the affairs

525 432



MACQUER, see Chymistry.

Madness, remarks on Dr. BatKNIGHTS, a new scene for the tie's treatise on, by Dr. Monro i comedy of 170

224 KNOWLES, admiral, his conduct Magazines, public, a scheme set in a true light 438 for erecting

168 ΜΑΣΕ


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Male Coquette

76 an irregular, on Fancy MANKIND, inquiries into the

168 nature and constitution of

to the king of Prussia

- 164 MANNING, see Bread.

OPPRESSION displayed, or the MAPHÆUS's Canto burlesqued b aronet and miller, a tale 268

435 OTTOMAN empire, an account Marine fystem of Great Bri- of

260 tain, a plan for regulating it Oxford, bishop of, see Sermons,

by captain Blake MARTIN, Mr. new principles of

P. geography and navigation

281 Paris, a physical case from 66 Memoirs of a young lady of fa- PHILIP, king of Macedon, his mily

170 life, by Dr. Leland, vol. 1. of the last war in N.

273 America

79 Ditto, vol. 2. Men, great, who died joking, PHILOSOPHICAL transactions for reflections on

158 1757 MetasTASIO, see Poesie. Physical transaction, a late exMIDWIFERY, a remarkable case traordinary one

71 in it .

67 Pictures, &c. belonging to Military arguments, &c. by king James II. a catalogue of an officer 355. Reply of the

353 country gentleman, &c. ibid. Pitt, Mr. vindication of hiin A final answer to the country gentleman and officer 360. Pleasing, the art of, a poem The officer's answer to the

344 country gentleman's reply Poems, on several occcasions, by ibid. Mr. Thompson

415 MORDAUNT general, proceed

a collection of, or the ings in his trial 86 double folly

431 c- Considerations on ditto Poesie del signor Metastasio 165

423, 511 . N.

Police, an account of, by Mr.

176 Nature, the book of, or the Poor, a treatise on employing

history of insects, by Dr.Swam- them by Mr. Bailey 439 merdam

507 Port, see Fistula. Navy, hints for regulating it Price, see Review.

441 Proje'r d'un ordre tactique 358 NEGOCIATIONS, the principles ProstItUTES, a proposal to ren

: 54 der effectual a plan to remove Novels, a collection of 349 them, by Saunders Welch 526

PROTESTANT, memoirs of, 2 vols O.


PROVENCE, the history of the Odes, to the queen of Poland kings and counts of, abridg'd






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Prussia, memoirs of Frederic Sermons by the bishop of OxIII. king of 99 ford

130 PULLEIN, fee Silk.

by the bishop of London, vol. iv,

218 SHERIDAN, his oration 51

SHIRLEY, major general, his QUAKER, the conversion of one 'conduct

. . 176. Silk, a treatise on the culture.

of, by Mr. Pullein 17

Sketches, or essays on various Reeves, see Farriery.

fubjects, by Lancelot Temple, Reflections, moral and criti Efq;.

380 cal, on several subjects 207 SMALL-Pox, plain directions conRegistry of lands, an essay on, cerning, by Dr. Langrish: by Mr. Afgil 249

244 REMARKS on Mr. Douglafs's Smollet's, Dr. history of Eng

treatise of the hydrocele 523 land, vol. iv. REPORT of the general officers Son, the natural, a play 147

concerning the expedition 81 Spirit, national, a source of po. Reflections on ditto 83 litical liberty

348 Review of the principal quef- Stage in Ireland, the case of tions and difficulties in mora

171 lity by Mr. Price 361, 461 Supper, the Lord's, a difcourse

on, in opposition to Dr. Warburton


Surgery, cases and practical réSABLE, Miss Sally, history of 28 marks in, Mr. Gooch 101 Salters, articles proposed to

select cases in, by Me their consideration by Dr. Farmer

110 Free

350 SWAMMERDAM, fee Nature, Remarks on ditto 446 Swift, see History, Schultz, Dr. see Inoculation. SeAMen, a proposal for the encouragement of 441

T. SENATE, Roman, essays on, pub

lifhed by Mr. Hooke 468 Temple, Lancelot, see Sketches, Sereneus, see Dictionary. THOMPSON, see poems. Sermon on conjugal love, by Dr. Brett

Fast, by Mr. Franklin



by Mr. Agate 248 Vernon, admiral's ghost 163 by Mr. Davis 209 Views of London and Westby Mr. Aston 271 minster Bridges

265 Thanksgiving, by Mr. ULLOA, see America. Frankel

419 UPHOLSTERER, or what news, by Mr. Wefley 495 a farce



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