The History of the Ingenious Gentleman, Don Quixote of La Mancha, Band 1

Hurst, Robinson, and Company London; and Archibald Constable and Company, Edinburgh, 1822

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Seite 78 - What giants?" quoth Sancho Panza. "Those whom thou seest yonder," answered Don Quixote, "with their long, extended arms. Some of that detested race have arms of so immense a size that sometimes they reach two leagues in length.
Seite 294 - For neither Spain nor Araby could another charger bring So good as he, and certes, the best befits my King. But that you may behold him, and know him to the core, I'll make him go as he was wont when his nostrils smelt the Moor.
Seite 311 - Christian knights; and now I dare say,' said Sir Ector, 'thou Sir Launcelot, there thou liest, that thou were never matched of earthly knight's hand; and thou were the courtliest knight that ever bare shield; and thou were the truest friend to thy lover that ever bestrode horse; and thou were the truest lover of a sinful man that ever loved woman ; and thou were the...
Seite lvi - I think few will sympathize with the critic who deems it possible that an individual, to say nothing of a nation, should have imbibed any contempt, either for. that or any other elevating principle of our nature, from the manly page of Cervantes. One of the greatest triumphs of his skill is the success with which he continually prevents us from confounding the absurdities of the knight-errant with the generous aspirations of the cavalier. For the last, even in the midst of madness, we respect Don...
Seite 291 - Our breasts are not so timorous, nor are our arms so weak, Nor are our veins so bloodless, that we our vow should break, To sell our freedom for the fear of Prince or Paladin, — At least we'll sell our birthright dear, no bloodless prize they'll win.
Seite 305 - Then said the archer, bending low, " The king's commandment take, And see thy soul be ordered well with God that did it make : " For lo ! thine hour is come, therefrom no refuge may there be." Then gently spake the Lady Blanche, " My friend, I pardon thee ; " Do what thou wilt, so be the king hath his commandment given ; Deny me not confession — if so, forgive ye, Heaven...
Seite 295 - cried the Lords — but when they looked again, They saw Ruy Diaz ruling him with the fragment of his rein ; They saw him proudly ruling with gesture firm and calm, Like a true lord commanding— and obeyed as by a lamb. And so he led him foaming and panting to the King — But
Seite 80 - I intend to tear up the next oak, or holm-tree, we meet ; with the trunk whereof I hope to perform such •wondrous deeds, that thou wilt esteem thyself particularly happy in having had the honour to behold them, and been the ocular witness of achievements which posterity will scarce be able to believe.
Seite 284 - Don Bellaneo of Greece ; wherein are described the strange and dangerous adventures that befel him, with his Love towards the Princess Florisbella, daughter to the Soldan of Babylon.
Seite 254 - What is the title of the book?" asked Don Quixote. " ' The Life of Gines de Passamonte,' " answered the other. " Is it quite finished ? " asked the knight. " How the devil can it be finished and I yet living ? " replied the slave. " There is in it every material point from my cradle, to this my last going to the galleys." " Then it seems you have been there before,

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