History of Cass County, Illinois

William Henry Perrin
O.L. Baskin & Company, 1882 - 357 Seiten

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Seite 186 - Then out spake brave Horatius, The Captain of the gate : 'To every man upon this earth Death cometh soon or late; And how can man die better Than facing fearful odds, For the ashes of his fathers And the temples of his Gods...
Seite 105 - The muffled drum's sad roll has beat The soldier's last tattoo; No more on life's parade shall meet That brave and fallen few. On fame's eternal camping ground Their silent tents are spread, And glory guards, with solemn round, The bivouac of the dead.
Seite 182 - Let knowledge grow from more to more, But more of reverence in us dwell; That mind and soul, according well, May make one music as before, But vaster.
Seite 141 - Though the mills of God grind slowly, yet they grind exceeding small; Though with patience he stands waiting, with exactness grinds he all.
Seite 33 - All — but a few apostates, who are meddling With merchandise, pounds, shillings, pence, and peddling ; Or wandering through the southern countries, teaching The ABC from Webster's spelling-book ; Gallant and godly, making love and preaching, And gaining by what they call "hook and crook," And what the moralists call overreaching, A decent living.
Seite 173 - Of all the men Whom day's departing beam saw blooming there In proud and vigorous health ; of all the hearts That beat with anxious life at sun-set there ; How few survive, how few are beating now ! All is deep silence, like the fearful calm That slumbers in the storm's portentous pause ; Save when the frantic wail of widowed love Comes shuddering on the blast, or the faint moan With which some soul bursts from the frame of clay Wrapt round its struggling powers.
Seite 17 - The contractor will furnish, on the requisition of either of you, the rations that may be necessay for the supply of the Indians while attending the treaty. Your compensation will be at the rate of eight dollars per day for the time actually engaged in treating with the Indians; and that of the secretary, whom you are authorized to appoint, will be at the rate of five dollars a day. "I have the honor to be, with great respect, "Your obedient servant, "GEOHGE GRAHAM, "Acting Secretary of War.
Seite 102 - ... the principles of piety and justice and a sacred regard to truth; love of their country, humanity, and universal benevolence; sobriety, industry, and frugality; chastity, moderation, and temperance; and those other virtues which are the ornament of human society and the basis upon which a republican constitution is founded...
Seite 38 - Sec. 1. Be it enacted by the people of the State of Illinois, represented In the General Assembly, That all that tract of country within the following boundaries to wit: Beginning at a point in the...
Seite 183 - The sweet remembrance of the just, Like a green root, revives, and bears A train of blessings for his heirs, When dying nature sleeps in dust.

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