Text-book of Hygiene: A Comprehensive Treatise on the Principles and Practice of Preventive Medicine from an American Stand-point

Davis, 1894 - 553 Seiten

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Seite 340 - Every year thousands undergo this operation ; and the French ambassador says pleasantly, that they take the small-pox here by way of diversion, as they take the waters in other countries.
Seite 538 - ... cases prescribed for securing the best sanitary condition of the said vessel, its cargo, passengers, and crew; and said consular or medical officer is required, before granting such duplicate bill of health, to be satisfied that the matters and things therein stated are true; and for his services in that behalf he shall be entitled to demand and receive such fees as shall by lawful regulation be allowed, to be accounted for as is required in other cases.
Seite 340 - The children or young patients play together all the rest of the day, and are in perfect health to the eighth. Then the fever begins to seize them, and they keep their beds two days, very seldom three. They have very rarely above twenty or thirty in their faces, which never mark; and in eight days' time they are as well as before their illness.
Seite 521 - States, or cross the boundary line between the United States and any foreign country, except in such manner as may be prescribed.
Seite 539 - Treasury to prevent the Introduction of contagious or Infectious diseases Into the United States...
Seite 537 - The breath of a consumptive does not contain the germs and will not produce the disease. A well person catches the disease from a consumptive only by in some way taking in the matter coughed up by the consumptive. Consumption can often be cured if its nature is recognized early and proper means are taken for its treatment.
Seite 400 - To keep a privy-vault disinfected during the progress of an epidemic, sprinkle chloride of lime freely over the surface of its contents daily. Or, if the odor of chlorine is objectionable, apply daily four or five gallons of Standard Solution No.
Seite 302 - Give all your attention and effort to restore breathing by forcing air into and out of the lungs. If the breathing has just ceased, a smart slap on the face or a vigorous twist of the hair will sometimes start it again, and may be tried incidentally, as may, also, pressing the finger upon the root of the tongue.
Seite 401 - F.) when the object in view is to disinfect food or drink which is open to the suspicion of containing the germs of any infectious disease. During the prevalence of an epidemic of cholera it is well to boil all water for drinking purposes. After boiling, the water may be filtered, if necessary to remove sediment, and then cooled with pure ice if desired.

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