Annual of Scientific Discovery: Or, Year-book of Facts in Science and Art


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Seite 395 - Book of Facts in Science and Art, exhibiting the most important Discoveries and Improvements in Mechanics, Useful Arts, Natural Philosophy, Chemistry, Astronomy, Meteorology, Zoology, Botany, Mineralogy, Geology, Geography, Antiquities, etc.
Seite 403 - HOME BOOK AND POCKET MISCELLANY. Containing a Choice Selection of Interesting and Instructive Reading for the Old and the Young. Six vols. 16mo, cloth, 3,00.
Seite 403 - We do not know how it is possible to publish so much good reading matter at mch a low price. We speak a good word for the literary excellence of the stories in this work ; we hope our people will Introduce it into all their families, in order to drive away the miserable flashy-trashy stuff so often found in the hands of our young people of both sexes.
Seite 273 - ... both consumed by a given weight of animal within a given time, and required to yield a given weight of increase. The...
Seite 401 - Anecdotes: and such is the wonderful variety, that it will be found an almost Inexhaustible fund of interest for every class of readers. The elaborate classification and Indexes must commend it especially to public speakers, to the various classes of literary and scientific men, to artists, mechanics, and others, as a DICTIONARY for reference, in relation to facts on the numberless subjects and characters introduced.
Seite 402 - CYCLOPEDIA OF ENGLISH LITERATURE. A Selection of the choicest productions of English Authors, from the earliest to the present time. Connected by a Critical and Biographical History. Forming two large imperial octavo volumes of TOO pages each, double column letter press ; with upwards of 300 elegant Illustrations.
Seite 274 - ... consumed by a given weight of animal, within a given time, and the amount of increase obtained from a given weight of food. The results, which formed the subject of the present communication, afforded further illustration of some of the points brought forward...
Seite 161 - From Newfoundland to Ireland, the distance between the nearest points is about 1,600 miles ;* and the bottom of the sea between the two places is a plateau, which seems to have been placed there especially for the purpose of holding the wires of a Submarine Telegraph, and of keeping them out of harm's way. It is neither too deep nor too shallow ; yet it is so deep that the wires but once landed, will remain for ever beyond the reach of vessels...
Seite 401 - OF ANECDOTES OF LITERATURE AND THE FINE ARTS. Containing a copious and choice selection of Anecdotes of the various forms of Literature, of the Arts, of Architecture, Engravings, Music, Poetry, Painting, and Sculpture, and of the most celebrated Literary Characters and Artists of different Countries and Ages, &c. By KAZLITT ARVINE, AM, Author of " Cyclopaedia of Moral and Religious Anecdotes.
Seite 401 - There is scarcely a paragraph in the whole book which will not interest some one deeply ; for, while men of letters, argument, and art cannot afford to do without its immense fund of sound maxims, pungent wit, apt illustrations, and brilliant examples, the merchant, mechanic and laborer will find it one of the choicest companions of the hours of relaxation.

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