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Gmcerriirtg God's Permission, Pag* 71

The Difference between God's Government of

all Events, and Neceffity and Fate, 76 That the Exercise of a particular Providence,

consists in the Government of all Events, 80

Chap. 4. (~>Oncerning the Sovereignty of V. j Providence, 84 Concerning God's Absolute Power, 86 That true Absolute Power can do no wrong, explained at large, 8 7

The unsearchable WIsdom of Providence, 9 8 Infinite Wisdom can do no wrong, 101 That the Wisdom of Providence mufl be as unaccountable, as the Wisdom of the Creation, 105 That the wise Government of the World, requires secret and hidden Methods of Providence, '- 1n That ive are ignorant of a great many Things, without the Knowledge of which, it is impossible to understand the Reasons of Providence, 126 In what Cafes the Unsearchable Wisdom of God is a Reasonable Answer to the Difficulties of Providence, 141

Chap. 5. 'mT~HE Justice and Righteousness I of Providence, 157 That the Juiiice of Providence does not consist in hindring all ABs of Injustice and Violence, 158

. God

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