Recollections of the Deccan, with misc. sketches and letters, by an officer of cavalry [signing himself Junius].


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Seite 100 - Under the pressure of the cares and sorrows of our mortal condition, men have at all times and in all countries called in some physical aid to their moral consolations, — wine, beer, opium, brandy, or tobacco.
Seite 24 - The two maxims, of any great man at court are* always to keep his countenance, and never to keep his word.
Seite 103 - OF all things, an indiscreet tampering with the trade of provisions is the most dangerous, and it is always worst in the time when men are most disposed to it: that is in the time of scarcity.
Seite 64 - There were sooty artificers, evidently fresh from the forge or the workshop ; and one individual, I remember — either a miller or a baker — who, wherever he passed, left marks of contact on the garments of the company. The most prominent group, however, in the assemblage, was a party of Irish labourers, employed on some neighbouring canal, who had evidently been apt scholars PRESIDENT'S LEVEE.
Seite 66 - ... be divided from performance, should come to Washington. He will there read a new page in the volume of human nature ; he will observe how compatible is the extreme of physical liberty, with bondage of the understanding. He will hear the words of freedom, and he will see the practice of slavery. Men who sell their fellowcreatures will discourse to him of indefeasible rights ; the legislators, who truckle to a mob, will stun him with professions of independence; he will be taught the affinity between...
Seite 105 - ... settles, and alone can settle, that price. Market is the meeting and conference of the consumer and producer, when they mutually discover each other's wants. Nobody, I believe, has observed with any reflection what market is, without being astonished at the truth, the correctness, the celerity, the general equity, with which the balance of wants is settled. They who wish the destruction of that balance, and would fain by arbitrary regulation decree, that defective production should not be compensated...
Seite 69 - Why, then the world, and all that's in't, is nothing; The covering sky is nothing; Bohemia nothing; My wife is nothing; nor nothing have these nothings, If this be nothing.
Seite 53 - During those months, whoever was in fear of his enemy lived in full security ; so that if a man met the murderer of his father or his brother, he durst not offer him any...
Seite 75 - Heaven) nearly as much right to sentence a child to education as a criminal teethe gallows. Nevertheless, as a curious example of the difference in national taste, it may be observed, that though in England judges and juries can anywhere be found to condemn the body, they would everywhere be observed to shrink at the very idea of chastening the mind ; they see no moral or religious objection to imprison the former, but they all agree that it would be a political offence to liberate the latter. Although...
Seite 64 - ... seen. Their morals and their manners were alike detestable. A cold and callous selfishness, a disregard of all the decencies of society, were so apparent in feature, word, and action, that I found it impossible not to wish that their catalogue of sins had been enlarged by one more — hypocrisy. Of hypocrisy, however, they were not guilty. The conversation in the cabin was interlarded with the vilest blasphemy, not uttered in a state of mental excitement, but with a coolness and deliberation...

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